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Tonight is November 7th, 2014 and it’s the night we’ve all been waiting for as we get a preview of the 2014/2015 Stanely Cup Final. That’s right – it’s the Buffalo Sabres taking on the Edmonton Oilers!

That will be quite the game to watch. Me and Scott were debating the odds last night and finally decided the bookies would just randomly pick numbers out of the air. It seems they’ve did that by lasting the Oilers at fairly decent favourites at 1.74 odds against a Buffalo team who on their home stretch have beat the Red Wings and almost beat the Habs.

Bless the Oilers though because they try, they really do. We had Bruins -1.5 last night and the Oilers scared us constantly. Going up 1-0 and then leading 2-1 with 9 minutes left – thankfully classic Oilers prevailed, and the Bruins won 5-2.

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Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for November 7th, 2014:

Oilers vs Sabres Betting Tips:

We’d regret it big time if we didn’t go with the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

Oilers are 0-4-1 on the road. Ference is still out. I’ll give them credit – they battled hard against Boston. And honestly when Ference comes back there’s a good chance we blindly take the Oilers against the Rangers – especially if they lose tonight.

However Buffalo are playing some solid hockey at the moment on this home run. And going in as underdogs as this one – we have to go with them. It’d be dumb not to. Sabres have had a days rest, while Oilers are playing after the physical Bruins.

So go with the Sabres to win this one. If you want to bet the handicap, such as the Sabres -1, then you can do that at Sports Interaction (Exclusive: $20 Free Bet for Canadians) or for Americans try out Bovada and everyone else Bet365.com..

Hurricanes vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

These two teams played just 3 days ago. Carolina were on the road and beat the Blue Jackets 4-2. Now at home – we expect more of the same.

Carolina have picked up 3 wins in a row, and even Eric Staal has managed to get a goal. Blue Jackets are on a 6 game losing streak, and are missing Jack Johnson.

Take the handicap here. Hurricanes -1.5 at 3.00 odds.

That is all the NHL Betting Tips we have for today. With 5 games on the board, it’s a great night to play some Daily Fantasy Hockey.

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