avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Well it was a rough night of tips last night but with two games the pickings were slim.

First it was the Red Wings scoring three unanswered goals in the 3rd period that pushed them to their 4-2 victory over the Capitals. The Caps are a team that is stacked and shouldn’t be having the struggles that they do. But here we are 9 games into the season and they are 4-3-2. It’s still early and there is plenty of hockey left but this is a team that has the pieces to be dominant all season long but just can’t seem to get it done.

Next it was the Predators who snapped the Oilers 4 game win streak as they won with ease 4-1. The Preds are looking awesome so far this year and lead the Central Division.

Tonight we have a nice night of hockey taking place with 10 games. The Kings are in Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins, the Ducks vs the Blues is going to be a great game between two Western Conference powerhouses and Islanders vs the Avalanche in a game packed with young and talented stars.

Don’t forget, on nights with lots of games on, Fanduel is a great way to enjoy the night of action. Pick a team of players who you think will rack up some points and watch the ticker to see who has scored.

Let’s get back to winning with the NHL betting tips for Thursday October 30th

Kings vs Penguins Betting Tips

This could be the game of the night with all of the superstars playing in one game

The Pens are scoring just over 4 goals a game this year which makes for some exciting hockey

The Kings are averaging over 2.5 goals a game yet still have a great 6-1-2 record thanks to the goaltending of Quick

With the over/under line set at 5 you have to like the chances of this game going over and we do

Bet the Kings vs Pens game Over 5 Goals for 1.73 betting odds at Sports Interaction (Exclusive: $20 Free Bet for Canadians) or for Americans try out Bovada and everyone else Bet365.com.

Islanders vs Avalanche Betting Tips

I still have a hard time believing the standings when I see the Avs so low. It’s only a matter of time until the turn things around.

For years now people have been saying that one day the Isles are going to be great and that time has come. They’re in first place in the Metro and are averaging about 4 goals a game.

But I think the Avs are the better team. Yes I know that the standings would suggest otherwise, but this team was great last year and added some key pieces in the offseason. This is going to be the game where they remind everyone that they’re a contender

We are getting 1.83 odds for the Avalanche To Win so let’s take them.

Value Bet: Bruins vs Sabres

Yes on paper this game looks like a total mismatch.

On one hand you have the beast Bruins the other the basement Sabres

But the Bruins are without Krug, Chara and possibly Marchand.

The Sabres always show up for these games, even though they have played this year already and the Bruins destroyed the Sabres 4-0.

But the Sabres at home against a banged up Bruins team and this is a bet worth making.

For some incredible value let’s go with the Sabres To Win for 3.00 odds at Sports Interaction (Exclusive: $20 Free Bet for Canadians) or for Americans try out Bovada and everyone else Bet365.com.

I may regret this bet but I like the value and chances.

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I know you’re a Habs fan, but you gotta like Vancouver tonight over the Canadiens. Habs playing 3rd in 4 nights on their West Coast swing. I think the Habs come out a little flat tonight and the Canucks win a low-scoring affair. Value play is on Vancouver in regulation at around 2.29 odds. Load up.


The analysis for the Montreal game makes sense from a betting perspective but I find it very hard to bet against my favourite team.

What do you guys do in situations likes this? In past, I would just stay away from the bet even though in my analysis, I like the other team.


When you’re getting into betting sports I’d always advise staying away from your favourite team(s) initially. Not just bias and emotion – but you tend to feel you know that team more, and thus you gauge picks based on that knowledge while you have less knowledge of the opponents.

I(Graeme) personally still avoid any games involving the Habs. I let Scott make that pick. Same goes for the Blackhawks.

Perhaps think of it in the terms of a similar team on a similar league standing. Replace the Habs with the Ducks or the Kings for example – probably the Kings with Quick would be more comparable with Price. How do you feel then?



Good points. I’ll stick to leaving them alone unless I see a tip from your guys. 🙂


I’m gonna look like an idiot if this doesnt come through, but I love hitting games like this hard.


J-Bomber, you were right about Montreal not winning, just off on the regulation part. Looks like the bookies had it right this time.


Last night sucked. Vancouver had the game in hand and a couple bad bounces and we are in OT. Knucks dominated the game, but Price played well. Stupid game lost me two parlays.


I hit the grand salami over 55.5 goals for tonight at 2.00 . I like the canadians to win ml at 2.15 on bet 365, or hit it inplay if van goes up for even better odds. I also liked your little interview from sports interaction, cool to hear their side.