avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Friday, May 16th, 2014

And then there were four.

We coined the Ducks-Kings series as the “series from bizarroland” yesterday and yeah – we got that. What a crazy game that was. Even better though was we had two massive wins yesterday. We tipped Goal Before 9:30 and cashed that in at 1.83 odds. The big one though was Kings in regulation at 2.75 odds.

A fantastic way to end that round.

Today we’re going to discuss the Habs vs Rangers series, and then we will do another post late Saturday night to go over the Blackhawks-Kings series.

Rangers vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

[b]Graeme:[/b] Well as a Habs fan you’d expect me to be biased and I am – but not in the way you’d think.

I’m Scottish, and that makes me a born pessimist. I’ve learned never to get my hopes up. Oh so many European Championships and World Cups where my dreams were shattered. So while all my friends, even Leafs fans, are going on about how the Habs will dominate the Rangers, and even as I sit here watching the Habs betting odds drop from 1.9 to 1.83 as the betting public push on them – I just can’t bring myself to believe.

Attempting to put emotions aside however, I have to go with the Habs.

Montreal have done an amazing job in getting this far. They absolutely DESTROYED the Lightning, and they eliminated the favourites to win the Stanley Cup, the Boston Bruins. Even moreso – they did that in Game 7, in Boston, in hostile territory.

Did the Habs get lucky? Sometimes sure – but they are still here on their own merit. They have a goalie who is putting in A+ performances, and at least 3 games in the series they dominated Boston. When the Habs are on, and they have been on a lot – they are amazing. The Rangers meanwhile have had both series go to Game 7. They struggled hard against Philly and were lucky to win. They beat Pittsburgh and you have to credit them for sure – but there was something up with the Penguins this year. Pitt went 7 games against the Blue Jackets. I don’t think beating them gets the respect as it would’ve a year or so ago.

So with that, I am going with:

Habs to win the Series: 1.83 odds

Bet that at http://www.carbonsports.ag.

Scott: If you are looking for a goal packed series, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This is going to be a tight series with very few goals. I’ll be betting under on the first game and the others for sure. The Habs won the season series 2-1 and during those 3 games they combined to score only 4 goals. Habs won the first game 2-0, Rangers the second 1-0 then the Habs took game 3 1-0. Both goalies are amazing and playing a rematch of the gold medal game when Price and team Canada beat Lundqvist and team Sweden.

Both of these teams are coming of a long and tiring 7 game battle so fatigue is going to show. Also these teams both beat out some powerhouse teams last round with the edge going to the Habs for slaying the Bruins but you can’t discount the fact the Rangers stormed back from being down 3-1 to win their series against the Penguins.

This is so tough to predict. It’s going to be a long series around six games but the winner will be The Habs. Home ice advantage will pay off for them in front of the rapid fans at the Bell Centre where they are 4-1 in the playoffs.

Habs to win the Series: 1.83 odds

Bet that at http://www.carbonsports.ag.

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stefan karlsson

i Don`t think Habs can fix those Rangers…they played tonight sooooo damn good .. they could turn down 25% off speed and skill and win any way .. the Rags plays the way Habs can`t handle so good … with the same medicine speed,great defence,hot goalie and stay out off the penaltybox .. but they were 100% better in everything .. so im chocked my self .. i thought the Habs would rule this game … but damn so wrong i have there … Rags suprised me with genius hockey signed Vigneault .. who is far better and the asshole (sorry) .. *Torts* .. but u are to me .. a proud swede whos lovin the game over there called NHL-Hockey … and hugs and tears from me to Domenic Moore what he had been through .. life is a bitch sometimes to everyone … belive me .. i know.

Hugs Steff


We’ll see – it’s just one game, and a rather bizarro game at that. Especially considering the teams, and their previous meetings during the regular season. Game 2 is massive for the Habs now though as they really need to take it by the throat and turn this series around.

Habs at 2.80 is a tremendous price right now and a massive overreaction from the bookies.

And thanks for following us all the way from Sweden 🙂 We have a lot of followers from Scandinavia.

stefan karlsson

I saw that they offer 2,35-2,50 at betsson,unibet and Nordicbet and around 1,80 in moneyline .. so 2,80 at your bookie i have put in a little bet and pray money on Habs att that fine odds *smile*.
The Habs must take next game .. if they don`t they are screwed .. it`s going to be a tight game and i hope Price can shake off the last game .. but 1 thing is clear .. it was a long time ivè seen Ranger soo good .. and i starting to think that we underestimate Rags and put Habs in the skyes becouse they manage to beat the Bruins .. and they did it with speed and good deff and goalie … but wait isn`t that Rangers signum .. hmmm and if i look closer att this Hank has more experience in all levels then Price and 45-55% to Rangers defence and 45-55% to Rangers in speed .. and besides that they have guys who haven`t find the rubber “puck” yet .. Stephan,Nash,Brassard .. but they come to life a little bit last game but still Zucc,St,Louis,Moore and Richie and Hag did a huge game last time and thankx good for Kreider and Pouliot they are so good.
End with that … soo exited to se what Kings can do about the Blackhawks today … @2,30 moneyline on the Kings and over5 and Jeff,Carter to score.

Have a good day my friend ..


You might be looking in the wrong place. “Winner – Including Playoffs” I see on Unibet Habs are 2.70 for example.

Key is Habs win Game 2 – that’s the main thing and get things back on track. And yeah Kings vs Blackhawks is very very interesting especially with the way Kings have been playing while Hawks have had a few games where they look like they’re phoning it in.

stefan karlsson

Ahh .. now i know what you mean.
Betsson offers @2,75 on that one and they are best in hockey betting.
But that one dosn`t feel right .. to risky because Rangers handle Habs so well .. but im pretty shore that this one goes to 7 games .. and they offer @2,95 that feels better.
Yeahh .. the Kings impress me with heavy attacking hockey with finess .. they runned over Sharks rather impressive and finnish the Ducks when they faced the seriouness in the situation when they lost 3-2 in games.