avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Hi all,

After a night of exhilirating NHL action, we have a 3 day break in both the NHL and the NHL Tips.

The NHL will return on Wednesday, December 27th at 7pm EST with 3 busy nights in a row – 11 games, 7 games then 11 games again.

We’ll be back with NHL tips by 12pm EST on the 27th, as we hope to keep going with our hot run in December and end the year with a bang.

In the meantime we’ve got a great community of people who comment on the site every day, and we thought that during the Christmas break we’d have essentially an open forum for you all.

So if anyone wants to discuss anything – be it talking about the NHL, betting strategies, the NFL or NBA action, what Santa got you for Christmas – go nuts.

Merry Christmas from both of us and thanks for visiting the site over the years and following our tips. It encourages us both to put that much more work into the tips, and make us all that much more money in the process!

Graeme & Scott

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Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I’ll get things started – who’s going to win each division this year do you all think?

For me I’m thinking:

Metro: Capitals will win. When they’re focused they are unreal and just 1 point off the lead right now despite a lot of complacency. I see a big run for them in the 2nd half of the season.

Atlantic: Tampa look unstoppable. Leafs miiight push them but have to go with Tampa.

Central: This is a very tight one but I think the Jets might sneak it. Their main issue is conceding goals. They are fantastic at home and have a great offense. Their ability to bounce back this season is fantastic. Solidify the defense and they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Pacific: The Knights are the hardest workers in the NHL but I think the Kings will ride them all the way. When the Knights make the playoffs or get close I think we’ll see them drop off. I’ll take the Kings on that one.

Johnny Hockey

Love the odds for the Caps 🙂 Merry Christmas guys – keep up the great work here! Enjoy the days with some good wine 🙂


Happy holidays man! Re: above comment, SC or division?

Johnny Hockey

Thx. Wish you some relaxing days 😉 Do you mean the odds? I meant the Odds for Caps to win the division.


Hi guys, thanks for all you do and all the best for the new year.

I agree with your Metro and Atlantic picks, those two teams are the class of their divisions. However, I have to go a different direction in the Central and Pacific.

First the Pacific: I watched the Caps-Knights game (LVK 3-0) and the Kings-Sharks (Sharks 2-0) games last night. I also saw the Bolts-Knights (Knights 4-3) game the other day. Watching the Kings-Sharks game was like seeing a 70s game compared to the speed and finesse at which the Knights and Bolts were playing. The Kings should be the class of the West but they don’t have the firepower or the speed to keep up with the fastest teams in the league. Sure, they have tight D and great goaltending, but if you’re not scoring 3-4 game against good teams you’re not going to go far in this league. Who else in the Pacific can keep up with the Knights, who by the way have recently knocked off the Caps, Bolts, Pens, Preds, Stars and Kings.

In the Central, I think the Preds may rise to the top at the end of the season. Like all teams (except Las Vegas) they have suffered some dips this season, but when they are focused and healthy they are getting production from all their lines and have a great blue line and netminder. Jets just haven’t show that they have the depth to hang in there and the Blues seem to be a hot mess right now and their goaltending is suspect. Just my opinions 🙂

To all of those who celebrate Christmas I wish you a peaceful and safe holiday filled with good cheer. To all, I hope the new year is safe and prosperous, especially for those of us who bet hockey 🙂


Hey there SDB,
This is a response to your previous comments on the game. Been watch’ the Leafs since the 70’s from Maple Leaf Gardens. Sure you can relate watch’n the ‘big bad Bruins’ from the Boston Garden.
Just like you I’ve seen lots of changes. I agree, I would not be disappointed if there were no more fighting. Speed & skill make it the greatest game to watch. We subscribe to NHL centre ice and love it! Something we didn’t have 40 yrs ago;) Always find your analysis and comments helpful. Happy Holidays!

christopher kiernan

Was just told about your site 3 weeks ago. Really enjoy your insights & it has helped tremendously to increase my success due to your information & take on value, momentum etc. ! Never played O/U unless you count Grand Salami bets years ago which probably lost at 95% rate! Don’t know if I am just the beneficiary of your HEAT for DEC. but continue your outstanding work. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with (Hopefully) more Happy Returns! Chris from NY

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Thanks Chris 🙂 And yeah the Grand Salami is not a bet to make if you actually want to win money. Although in saying that it’s a fun bet to make and I make it on occasion – can be fun on a night with a lot of games just sitting there watching a bunch of them cheering on goals.



Thank you Graeme and Scott for taking time out of your guys’ day to provide us these tips! We all appreciate it a lot. It’s always fun chatting on here with everyone! Merry Christmas to everyone on here and Happy New Year! 2018 will be a great year!!! Cheers guys!

Does anyone watch football? Who do you guys think will win the Super Bowl this year?

Ps. Last night’s games and picks were awesome!

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I think the Steelers take it to be honest if they remain healthy. They just have so many offensive weapons and Big Ben has the experience. There are a lot of possibilities this year for sure though.


Both teams have zero defense, the AFC is such trash. Whoever wins the NFC will win the Super Bowl


Pats all the way! Tom Brady is the GOAT and he has shown that (with a little bit of help from the officials) he can achieve anything!

Juri Safoshin

Took some future matches:
Lean Stars dnb & Jets, all single bets.

GLTA and M Xsmas.



Thanks for your daily write ups and insights. It’s great that there are sites like this which allow open discussion and provide in depth analysis from the writers and readers alike.

Keep up the good work!

I’d like to open up discussion around “disappointment” – two questions:

1) who has been the most disappointing team in regards to style of play? (Remember, a winning team can still be boring to watch)

2) which team has been the most disappointing for their own fans? I.E. which fans expected a lot, but received very little in return?

3) most disappointing player OR signing/trade so far?

For #1, this would be Chicago.
For #2, I’d vote potentially Anaheim
And for #3, I’m really not sure. But I’ve watched a few Oilers games this year and McDavid just doesn’t seem to have the spring in his gameplay compared to last year.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

1: Personally I go with the Capitals. There’s so much talent on that team yet they just seem to coast in so many games and whether up 4-0 or down 2-0 they just seem to play the same style with no real changes to their pace etc. I mean with all that talent they’re not boring by any means but I hate watching them.

2: Actually a lot of contenders this season ha. While the Blackhawks & Oilers are contenders I think fans could sorta see the writing on the wall after the off-season trades – I’d go with the Penguins.

3: Jagr. I get that he “brings more to the table” than just the points but I’m disappointed with him so far there and Flames don’t need him. Would rather see Flames dump him and bring up someone like Klimchuk.


Good points well made!

Yes – you’re right, the Caps do get the job done in most games. Sometimes they need to jazz up their play a bit! With all the talent they have, I certainly would expect more variety.

Pens – again another good choice! Certainly after losing Fleury (who I personally consider a better ‘tender than Murray) there needed to be some kind of positive movement. Definitely a huge degree of disappointment from early on it seems.

Jagr is an interesting one – I believe CAL won a couple of games immediately after his signing but results tailed off – the buzz died maybe?? I respect his position and what’s he’s brought to the game over the years, he’s “a great”, but was Jagr really what’s Calgary needed? I’m not so sure.

Keen to know what other people think!


Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays S&G. Really like following your site.
Just like you guys, We were hit with a major snowstorm…live North of Belleville…so while there aren’t any games for a few days, it gives us more time to shovel snow:) Look’n forward to the World Junior tournament.
Go ?? Go!
Thanks for your continued comments and analysis:)


Thanks for all the great picks and info you guys give on a daily basis Graeme & Scott ?


Let me add that i used to be part of NHL Covers forum but your website is 100x better in every way . That forum was was full trolls and sarcarstic behavior and the moderators are worst than the members.
Since I’ve been here my winnings increase 25%