avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, January 10th, 2015

There’s your hockey variance for ya. Team with the most goals per games this season against the team with the most goals conceded per game. Past two games between the two have been a blowout. Final score: Tampa Bay 2-1 Buffalo.

Yet that wasn’t even the biggest shock of the night. Nor was Panthers vs Flames 6-5 thriller. Biggest shock was in Edmonton, where the Oilers battled hard and came away with the big 5-2 win over the Blackhawks.

Personally – I think that one was less Oilers, and more Blackhawks. They’re talking about how they’re starting to really gel and so on – but it just looked like the Blackhawks were fatigued and not up for that game. Time will tell of course. You’d have to think if they have started to turn things around they’ll take out the Panthers tomorrow night. But then they’ve got a tough road trip where they face the likes of the Lightning and the Capitals.

Let’s get to the tips:

Rangers vs Sharks Betting Tips:

These two teams played back in October, and the Rangers cleaned their clocks in a 4-0 thrashing in San Jose.

Sharks are leaking goals like crazy at the moment – even when winning. Rangers are just on fire right now and are beating everyone in their path. A kind schedule has helped, but the Rangers look great.

We’ll take the Rangers to win at 1.90 odds.

Flyers vs Bruins Betting Tips:

Like this one to be a tight game. The two have had big scoring matches historically, but both are playing a lot more conservatively at the moment. Flyers are treating every game as “must win” but that’s just making them a lot more cautious and they’re tightening up defensively.

Under 5.5 goals at 1.71 odds.

And crap – just realized the time. That game kicks off soon so just going to rush with the rest.

Wild vs Predators Over 5 goals.

Also the Stars are a big step up, but probably worth betting the Avs. Varlamov is on a roll, and the Stars have struggled a bit their last few games. 1.83 is a nice price on them.

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Too bad you didn’t win the handicap. TB gave Buf a gift with a miscue on a PP. I played it safe and picked TB in reg. They could have come through for you considering the number of SOG, Can’t say I’m completely surprised with the Edm win. According to them, they’re starting to ‘gel’ took advantage of Chi on a BtoB and I think midway through the season, we’ll see more ‘upsets’ if the stronger teams have major injuries, fatigue or take a win for granted playing a weaker team. St.L looks like a great pick against Car! Thanks for the tips. Good luck tonight!


December Contest Picks:

Same Picks:

Avs vs Stars: All 3 Over
Coyotes vs Sens: All 3 Under
Blue Jackets vs Islanders: All 3 Over
Habs vs Penguins: All 3 Under
Kings vs Jets: All 3 Under

Different Picks:

Flyers vs Bruins: Yan Under, Didrik & Balint Over
Predators vs Wild: Yan & Didrik Under, Balint Over
Capitals vs Wings: Yan & Didrik Over, Balint Under
Blues vs Hurricanes: Yan & Didrik Under, Balint Over
Canucks vs Flames: Yan & Balint Over, Didrick Under
Sharks vs Rangers: Yan Under, Didrik & Balint Over

Adrian did not make his picks in time. Barring a 3-way tie with you guys(or if he gets his picks in in the next hour or so – any games played will not count), he is now eliminated however we’ll throw him the consolaton prize of $25 anyway.


Adrians Picks:
(Flyers/Bruins loss)

Predators – Wild – Over
Stars – Avalanche – Over
Red Wings – Captitals – Over
Senators – Coyotes – Under
Islanders – Blue Jackets – Over
Penguins – Canadiens – Under
Hurricanes – Blues – Over
Jets – Kings – Under
Flames – Canucks – Under
Sharks – Rangers – Over

3rd & 4th will win $25 each.