avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

Hi everyone,

With the regular season winding up, we’ve decided to wrap things up for now from a betting perspective, and turn our attention to preparing for the NHL playoffs. We have did this the past few seasons and it allows us that extra time to focus.

This past month has just been a bit of a drag and our hearts aren’t in it as much. Just so many games where the results don’t really matter etc and you can see that in teams efforts at times.

The NHL playoffs will begin on May 2nd.

As per usual – we will begin the playoffs by predicting each series. Following the Game 1s, we will then do daily betting tips covering each Game 2 onwards.

We will provide our own betting tips and thoughts, not discussing with each other at all. It’s something we have found very beneficial over the last few years to do so, as it allows us a lot of freedom. In previous years there were a lot less picks because with so few games, it was hard to always agree on things. Especially as we got late into the playoffs.

so enjoy the last few days of the regular season. We’ll be back on Sunday most likely, to cover the first NHL playoff series. Looking forward to it.


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As ifD

You’re the best and good luck!


Thank you gents, while the follower discourse has been minimal, there are those of us who still eagerly await your thoughts. Should be a great playoff season. Finally, we seem to have moved beyond the Covid shite and hopefully that won’t have impact on the games going forward.

For any true hockey fans, There are going to be some great series. Teams that haven’t been in the mix will certainly be favorites for a change. Lots of questions: will teams that excelled during the season carry that into the playoffs? Will McD, Matthews, Shesterkin and others who have carried their teams continue to do so? Stayed tuned, it’s going to be a great ride.


Western RattlersD

Thanks for another season’s observations, Graeme and Scott, hopefully more comments show up in the playoffs and for next season, now that we’ve had a solid full 82-game season of NHL recovery, with fans in the stands and full TV coverage. And with betting getting legalized and heavily promoted on TV, the interest of active betters wanting good game research before betting would logically increase. There are many very dodgy handicapper websites out there, but this one has always seemed well informed.


Thanks! Enjoyed reading these every morning and greatly enhanced my following along this season…rest for the playoffs!

Florida Panthers 2022 <3

Hello hockey friends!

I am a big Cats fan. I hope they make it to the finals and actually win the Stanley cup. This year we have the team for. I have a couple of questions

1.) Do you fellas know when will be the finals (date)?
2.) Approximately how much do you think will cost some nice seats for the final series?


Western RattlersD

Looking forward to the playoffs, for the first time in several years; some great matchups, and some teams having great years and looking to make something big of this year. Many players having career high stat seasons so far, the NHL is having a great season.

It’s definitely getting weird in this last couple weeks of regular season; predictability both soars and collapses. Last night’s Minnesota loss was shocking; the Wild still need points to take home advantage over St. Louis, so the situation said “Wild need the win”, they face Calgary and Colorado next, so can’t expect any more points, but they took the night off, which is always a risk so close to the end of season; Minnesota’s reasons are their own. C’est la vie.

Tonight’s obvious choices are Dallas to win moneyline, with a Lean on the Chicago game to go OVER 5.5, when they play strong teams the goal count really climbs, but I can’t feel good about betting, considering the craziness of things now. Vegas playing so poorly, Chicago can be totally shut down. Dallas doesn’t score a lot and Arizona is playing like uncoachable wild animals now that the season is a total embarrassment they just want to forget and then be traded (watch for Kessel to be traded ASAP). Can’t touch those games. Maybe something in other sports?

See you all in the Playoffs, it’s going to be fun. I never bet on Game One of the first round, it’s Game Two when things get focused. I’ll be reviewing my Game Results file for this season and trying to find patterns that might carry into the playoffs, like the trend of higher scoring, team penalty trends, special teams, whatever.


Thank you for each day of the tips and explanations, it was fun reading your posts everyday. Cheers from Poland!
PS so happy that comments section finally woke up! 😀


Tonight’s games anyone got some tip(s)? I know one shouldn’t bet near the playoffs, it basically involves more luck than ever: so much random results. Cool Kings pulled it off tho, but Rangers played as bad as usual…. I guess habs had to win eventually. +/- for me from previous games.

Boston vs Sabres O 6.0 perhaps. I haven’t even checked any odds, should be a high-score game. Man I hardly feel any of the games….very uncertain now towards the end of regular season. I mean, last night Dallas lost catastrophically – hilarious!
Yeah i can’t wait for the playoffs, and it will be nice to see those teams that don’t play real hockey will be punished heavily. I mean if Rangers play like that..? What PP-style is that…..jeez.
I know I know, it will be overall different when playoff kicks in, but some will indeed suffer. (ya listen crosby?)

Looking forward to all the analyses again, when real hockey returns. Betting mindfully until then.


See you boys at the playoffs.