avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

A disappointing 0-2 last night as two big favourites lost.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t even watch any hockey last night and had to spend this morning catching up.

Bought Fallout 4 yesterday and played it all afternoon. Stopped for the day around 5pm to do my golf tips and have dinner.

At 6:30pm I was thinking “Well, 30 minutes until NBA/NHL. I’ll throw it on for half an hour I guess.”

Yeah. Lost the entire night. Glanced at the clock and saw it was 11pm. Holy crap where does the time go.

Tremendous game though – love it so much.

Quiet night in the NHL tonight as their scheduling remains top notch. 1 game on Monday, a billion on Tuesday then 2 on Wednesday. Good stuff.

Ducks vs Oilers Betting Tips:

Ducks have won the last 4 against the Oilers. Last time the Oilers beat the Ducks in Anaheim was in 2012.

I’d like to go with the Ducks -1.5 which is 2.60 and above at places – but I’m just not that convinced on the Ducks offense at the moment. They’re still struggling a fair bit and can’t ever seem to put a team away. Oilers – even when they lose, it’s usually always by 1 goal. They’re also the more rested team having not played since the 8th.

Going to take Ducks in Regulation for this one.

Canada: 1.83 Odds at most places. 1.88 odds at Pinnacle Sports..
USA: 1.88 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 1.83 Odds at most places. 1.88 at Pinnacle Sports.

Penguins vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

I was initially going to stay away from this game – but the more I look at it, the more I like the Penguins to win.

It’s hard to bet against Condon at this point. Holy crap has that guy ever stepped up. However looking back at the Penguins after the Western Canada trip – they bounce back strong. And they’re well rested.

Last year saw them blown out by the Canucks then they came back and dominated the Wings 4-1. The year prior, it was a 4-3 win over the Capitals. 2 years before that – the Panthers. One thing is common – after that trip, the Penguins come bouncing back with a lot of goals. Dupuis might be back too which is a bonus.

These two teams played back in October when the Habs had that scrub Carey Price in the net and Pittsburgh lost 3-2 there. These two also like to trade wins going back to the beginning of the 13/14 season so hopefully that continues.

Canada: 1.71 Odds at most places. A whopping 1.87 at Sports Interaction.
USA: 1.78 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.78 Odds at BetOnline..

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last night!

best regards!