avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, November 12th, 2017

It was a night with some real low scoring action and some close games in the NHL as we went 1-1. We also went 3-1 in the non-NHL tips.

We lost with the Leafs/Bruins game which we tipped to go over. Unfortunately it ended with 5 goals after a great start to that one. The Leafs went up 2-1 in the first and the over was looking good but it just didn’t work out.

We also had the Islanders/Blues over and that one hit it nice and easy. We were backing the Islanders offense to bounce back strong and they did just that stunning the Blues with 3 goals in the 1st. That one ended up 5-2 for the New York Islanders.

The Penguins lost a tight one to Nashville. They have some real troubles they’re going to have to sort out. Blackhawks and Habs both got tight wins in OT.

Only 4 games today.

Staying away from Oilers/Capitals as that last one they played was a weird one. Oilers went 2-0 up and looked up for it but Capitals were Capitals and just stuck to their “overall quality will always win out” mentality and walked all over the Oilers without seemingly making any changes or upping the tempo.

I don’t know how you can have confidence in either the Devils or the Blackhawks ha. Honestly at the price the Devils are probably worth a punt. But there are just a lot of red flags. Too many for me to advise them. That was the one game I looked at the longest today – over an hour watching highlights, reading blogs etc just hoping I could back the Devils. Didn’t feel confident enough even though I have very little faith in the Hawks.

Sharks/Kings seems like one of those tight matchups where exactly 5 goals is likely. I’ll probably bet on that but it’s a crapshoot of a bet I’d never advise until I had time to put research into it and see where it’s profitable. If you’re someone who likes betting systems however it’s one I’d be looking into.

As always, be sure to check out the comments below this post as we’ve got tons of great people commenting and giving their opinions etc. We’ve said it many times before but don’t just take our opinion – read various opinions and make up your own mind. And you’ll find a lot of opinions within the comments of each tips post.

Ducks vs Lightning Betting Tips:

The over/under on this one is 5.5 and one concerning thing is that historically the last 6 games between the two have went under that. They’ve already played once this season with the Ducks winning 4-1 there.

Ducks are coming in strong offensively after lots of goals against the Canucks and Kings – and they also scored 3 at home against the Preds.

I think that earlier season win is crucial. Everything looks good for a Tampa win but the Ducks offense are getting some confidence and they already know how to beat Tampa. On the flip side if Tampa win they often win big and basically put the game over on it’s own. So we’ve got 2 strongly possible outcomes there that could result in goals.

Over 5.5 Goals

Canada: 1.76 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.
USA: -140 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.76 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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-6.5 units last night.
Tonight only my regulation combo with one:
Caps, Devils, Ducks and Sharks.


That’s a really good bet for tonight @ Graeme! I am considering the same one.

My 1st thoughts for tonight are mainly 1P bets, but they’re all under 1.80 and I don’t like that…:

Caps 1P ML
Devils over 5.5
Bolts 1P ML
Kings 1P ML

I’ll update this post lately with 1-2 bets for tonight.



Pick: Oilers TTU 2.5 @ 1.95

Only once they scored 3 away so far this season and now they’re b2b and facing Holtby and Caps defense @ Capital One. Great value on this bet!


F#$%& 1P of Hawks! A 4on4 goal and another from PP, the 30th team from the PP% ranking… Had they to show up tonight?! But Devils aren’t out yet.


What a play by Devils on the 3rd goal!!!


Guess what? Devils makes the 4th and tie the game with a great effort!!! (Sorry Scott for my enthusiasm)


Both picks landed so +2.73 units!


Good job!!
Great analysis on the TTU


Thanks mate! I went deep in both games analysis. I can’t deal with more than 2 games. It takes too much time. The crucial factor to the Devils’s pick was the coach conference 30-60 min before the game starts. He announced Zacha (who played very well) and was also very confident about the performance of his team. The odd was absolutely insane considering the circumstances of both teams. The Oilers TTU was quite obvious for me and with a great value. It’s a good market to always take a look because you protect yourself from a win of the underdog in a tied game. I hope you had the opportunity to cash something with it. Cheers!


Edmonton ML with 2 units ODD 2.45
Edmonton OT with 1 unit ODD 4.00

New Jersey ML with 2 units ODD 2.70
New Jersey OT with 1 unit ODD 4.25

San Jose ML with 2 units ODD 2.25
San Jose OT with 1 unit ODD 3.85


Nice OT picks. All close games!


I Like your style, much better than betting the favorites to win in Regulation or on the puck line…..good job mate


Taking the Bolts to win. Can’t bet against them especially when they are avenging one of their two losses against a team that has all kinds of injury issues. I like the over as well.

Parlay – Bolts ML + New England Patriots -6 1/2


PS – After yesterday Bruins go into the bucket of teams I won’t bet on which include Blackhawks, Capitals and Oilers


Ml caps , ml La kings , any time goal scorer ( n.kucherov )

Lucas longpré

For tonight as I went 7/8 last night in a pretty good day of hockey , little bit lucky but like we love this sport , very hard to predict , my tips for tonight ! To win , Washington , Chicago , Tampa Bay and Los Angeles ! Yes , we all know that tampa bay are the best team in the league until now , but we all know also how much is hard to play again LA , San Jose and Anaheim on their ice and 3 games in four nights even with the injuries of the Ducks ! If one team is capable to get out in the pacific west with 6 pts in the bank, it´s Tampa bay ! Good luck guys


Very nice night, well done. You are correct, hockey is very hard to handicap. You’re lucky if you stay in “+” territory. I agree with your Bolts tip. Ducks are very banged up and are not a better team than the Bolts so we will see. I do not bet on Caps or Blackhawks any more, both teams lose to weaker teams because they do not take them seriously. This could be the case tonight in both games. Alanson (see tips below) is taking the dogs in these games. We’ll see how Alanson does.

Lucas longpré

It arrived with so many teams at so many Times , I agree with you and you are right with everything you just said ! We all undestand and we agree with that , “everything is possible in this league” but I saw the last four games of the Oilers and man , poor Mc David and Draisaitl, if one night they don’t produce offensively for Edmonton , their chance to win are terrible for a team with a lot of potentiel at start of the season! It´s very difficult to pick them vs a Washington who played very well against crosby and his friends and for New Jersey , I think the way of the Hawks won last night , that bring some positive thing around the team and it´s good opportunity for them to step up in the central division tonight in a big matchup against a new devils team


100% agree with your tips !
hope to have as much as luck as yesterday 😉

Lucas longpré

It will be very interesting to see how Hawks and caps will play against really good tests but I feel confident ! Will see ☺️


Concerning the caps, i’m pretty confident on this pick, specially because Brossoit is starting for Edmonton, plus, the offense’s only counting on the chemestry of Conor and Leon…

The hawks’ pick affraid me a little… Actually i’m a deep fan of the hawks but this year i hate betting on them, they seem to be so inconsistent that sometimes i dont really know what’s keeping them motivated… anyway, i hope they will destroy the devils ont home ice tonight 😀

Lucas longpré

So bad lucky last night ! I said to myself after the first period , we are gonna make it but damn the Hawks finds a other way to lose that game ! So much character for the devils and they surprise me a other time


Yeah we couldn’t have luck on our side every time haha.
But like I said, I hate so much betting on hawks this year… I think after this game I’ll never bet on them anymore!! Hard to imagine how is it can be possible to lead 4-1 and take 6-1 during the next 45 minutes….

Oliver Trigg

Tampa Bay Lightning ML – This might even be worth reg, the ducks are floundering with their injuries and Tampa are simply the best team in the NHL right now. Anaheim have won 2 of their last 6 whilst Tampa have won 5 of their last 6 away, with their only loss coming in OT. This is the same as my NYR play yesterday – play the hot hand until it cools off.

L.A. Kings ML – This is more of a hunch bet, with the Kings having lost their last 2 games at home I think they know they need to up their game. San Jose come into this with less rest than L.A. and I think L.A. has the edge in this.

Capitals ML- They’ve done well against the Oilers at home, and I reckon they ride the confidence of their win over the Penguins to another win here. I’m not a fan of the Capitals betting wise, as sometimes they choose not to show up (just look at their drumming by the awful Sabres). They have got a 4/5 game win run going so there’s that. I would take Caps just because of my lack of faith in anything Oilers at the moment.

Not going to even bother looking at the Blackhawks, they some how got a miracle 2 goals from a total 5 shots in the 3rd period. They really should have lost again. I don’t think they’re back on their feet, but I don’t trust the Devils much either – if I was forced to pick I would take the Devils.


I have faith in LA Kings during regulation time.
Home ice against an average San Jose team. I believe an extra days rest also applies to LAK.

Like others, including SDB, I will not touch Chicago with a very long bargepole indeed.


Edmonton Oilers +1
Blackhawks and Kings win (no OT)
Tamba match may go to Over

Geir Aage R Jensen

B. Gibbons scores
McDavid scores
A. Kopitar scores
J. Silferberg scores

Geir project 1/8

Over 5.5 in Ducks game

Good luck everyone!

Arto Reinikainen


All in regulation.


Raul Almeida

Sure, Arto? 🙂


Caps and bolts to win in reg
hawks and kings to win

Anisimov, Kuznetzov, Kucherov, Kopitar to score


Michal Tyburec

LA win