avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, November 12th, 2022

Hey guys,

No tips today, unfortunately. Sorry about that.

Long story short – I mentioned the other day that the schedule is changing here slightly over the next few days as I have to go for surgery on Wednesday to get my gallbladder out.

Anyway occasionally, I get gallbladder attacks where I am just in crippling pain, and basically have to lay on the couch with a heating pad.

That’s unfortunately one of those days. I was hoping to get to the tips at some point but I am just feeling like crap, and Scott works Saturdays so won’t be able to take over. I wouldn’t trust myself to go through everything because I’d be trying to rush it and that isn’t the way to do things.

Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. I’m sure some people will post some picks in the comments so check them out and share your picks in there.

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hope everything goes well and see you soon
a lot of strength


I wish you good health Graeme,
hope you feel brighter soon


Take care man!


Health comes first. Take care at the surgery Graeme and also wishing you speedy recovery!

Nuno Teixeira

Get well soon. Your health is the most important. 🙏💪


Hope you feel better soon man!!


My tips for today:
Bruins in regulation
Habs incl SO/OT
Devils -1.5
Avs – Canes Over 6.5 Incl OT
Golden Knights in regulation


After I looked more into it, I changed my Avs – Canes bet to Avs in regulation.
I placed a 4/5 system odds and one covering all 5.


Oh and I changed the Habs game to Habs +1 in regulation (3 way)


get well 😉


Wish you a quick recovery Graeme!


Hope after the surgery those debilitating attacks will be a thing of the past. Hope the pain isn’t keeping you from being able to watch the UFC card and you’re able to distract yourself for a bit. Though the way you’re describing, it might be the furthest thing from your mind. Rest up. Pssh gallbladders…who needs em?

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Good luck and quick recovery Graeme 🙏🏻


Bs reg
Avs ML
loss Flyers ML