avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

1-1 last night with a push.

We had the Wild to win in regulation against the Flames but Calgary won 1-0.  This was a rough game.  Gaudreau left twice to get patched up and Troy Brouwer lost 2 teeth but the Flames held on to stop their skid.

We had over 5 in the Oilers – Ducks game but this hit exactly 5 when the Ducks won 4-1.  The Ducks got their offense going but the Oilers are still in search of theirs.  This was the Oilers 4th loss in a row and have scored only 7 goals over those 4 games.

We had the Rangers to beat the Canucks in regulation and this came through for us when the Rangers won 7-2.  The Rangers showed why they are the highest scoring team in the league this year.

A slow night tonight with only 2 games.

Penguins vs Capitals Betting Tips:

 Graeme: Obviously it’s the Washington Capitals and it’s hard to bet against them but they’ve lost 3 of their last 4.  Even in their wins they haven’t looked too impressive.  Before beating the Blackhawks they hadn’t beaten a Top 10 team in the NHL this season.  The Blackhawks have been a mixed bag this season – some solid performances but also riding a LOT of luck.    They just lost to the Canes and are coming off that brutal loss last night against the Jackets in OT. 

Penguins are looking solid and have been racking up the wins both on the road and at home.  They’ve struggled a few times of course against the Kings and the Wild but overall they just look like the better team.  #8 in goals per game to the Capitals #17.  However I’m a bit concerned about Fleury and how bloody leaky he is.  I’m saying Penguins to win if Murray in net.

Scott: Each time these teams play each other,  I always go with the Over bet. And for one reason or another I lose this bet more often than not.

But it’s the 2 best players in the NHL who have had a rivalry since they came into the league.  And then you look at the numbers for when they play each other and over their last 10 meetings there has been an average of 5.5 goals per game.  And on the year the Pens are averaging 3.07 gpg while the Caps 2.53

So once again I’m going to go with the over for this game.  And with it being 5, I have more confidence in this one than I would if it was 5.5.

Penguins Win

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Over 5

Canada: 1.71 Odds at Sports
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Penguins are always worth an over like rangers this season. But I’m not sbd who bets on goals.


4-1 YTD Real Pick coming soon…


Pittsburgh ML


Lion project 3/15
PIT Penguins Win
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Regulation 1/15 (Save 25% of your winnings on each bet)
Calgary flames in reg. (2.45)
Progress: 10kr>24.50kr?

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arizona -1,5
Pens ML


Arizona win tonight.
Mike Smith back in goal for Ari,
Gaudreau out for Calgary,
Chad Johnson in net for Calgary

Eduardo Caldeira

finished 2-1 , thank you calgary , that 3rd period after the amazing goal by their draft, calgary was all over them. they were fired up… if it wasnt for smith would have been in regulation.

the penguins took the night off ! lol


Washington bluffed everyone with this start of the game?