avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, November 16th, 2017

It was a hell of a night in hockey, with all 3 games being high scoring clashes.

The Detroit Red Wings came to life against the Calgary Flames, getting a huge 8-2 win to put them over .500.

The Blackhawks gave the Rangers their first defeat in awhile with a 6-3 performance.

I read some people yesterday saying Quenneville had read the Hawks the riot act. Unfortunately I couldn’t confirm that but if he had then that would have been a reason to bet the Hawks.

He did that a few times last season and at least once this year and I’d always bet on them following that. For whatever reason they really need that dressing down. Unfortunately they never seem to keep it going.

In the final game of the night, the Ducks beat the Bruins 4-2 in a tight one where Gibson had to step up big. That puts the Bruins on a 4 game losing streak.

Busy schedule tonight. Let’s get to it:

Oilers vs Blues Betting Tips:

Here’s how hockey can be so hard to predict sometimes. Often you’ll see an offense get some confidence in them, and suddenly you expect the goals to pour in right? So after the Oilers 8-2 win against the Knights, you’d think well hey time to have some faith in this offense?

Then you look at the last time they had a big scoring game – 6-3 over the Devils. Very next game? Shut out at home against the Red Wings.

Regardless, I do think that will breathe some life into the Oilers. I also think this is going to be a hard fought game by the Blues. After an excellent start, the Blues were taken to OT by the Coyotes then lost their last two in two high scoring games.

I really like the Blues to come out motivated for this game – especially with that extra long break since the Flames game. And I’m backing the Oilers to match them in what should be a fiery contest.

Over 5.5 Goals

Canada: 2.00 Odds at Sports Interaction + $20 Free Money Line Bet.
USA: Best Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.90 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Knights vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Sometimes predicting games feels like mastering rocket science. Other times it’s like backing that 2+2 is going to equal 4.

Knights have been abysmal on the road this season. Their potential goalie for the night probably moonlights as a dealer at Planet Hollywood or something.

Regardless of who plays – the Knights have serious goalie issues. The Canucks actually look like a good team this season. Feels weird to type that.

But this is a team who beat the Kings on the road, have beaten tems like the Penguins, Wild and Capitals.

They should be out for blood in this one. Of course it’s hockey so anything goes. But regardless of the outcome, Canucks in regulation just seems the only sensible play. OT/SO is a fine price too but it’s one of those games where I believe the Canucks should register a strong win, so why rely on a crap shoot?

In saying that the money seems to be going on the Knights tonight. Maybe because Lagace was announced in net? It’s not like people are comparing him to Hasek or anything. I’m still fine with the Canucks pick.

Canada: 2.20 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: Best Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.20 Odds at BetOnline..

Devils vs Leafs Betting Tips:

We all know the story of the Leafs and overs. The Devils are fairly similar lately with a lot of shootouts. on the road especially they’ve been on fire with games going over and being high scoring.

We saw it when these two teams played back in October with a 6-3 win for the Devils and hoping for more here with both teams throwing caution to the wind.

Matthews isn’t playing which is disappointing but I still think this one has enough in it to go over.

Over 6 Goals

Canada: 1.94 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: Best Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.94 Odds at BetOnline..

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Go Bolts !


Bolts ML


San Jose Sharks – Florida Panthers @ 1.60
Tip: 1 (H/A, OT)
Tampa Bay Lightning – Dallas Stars @ 1.60
Tip: 1 (H/A, OT)
Ottawa Senators – Pittsburgh Penguins @ 1.40
Tip: Over (O/U 4.5)
Toronto Maple Leafs – New Jersey Devils @ 1.35
Tip: Over (O/U 4.5)comment image


Bolts reg
Kings ML
Sharks ML

Blues, caps, nucks, sens


Ho sang, Vanryemsdyk, Keller, Hoffman, Kucherov, Wheeler, Schwartz, Kopitar, Pavelski


Oliver Trigg

Last night I was proved wrong on my prediction for a rangers win and Calgary win, but I hit right with the Ducks – at least the NBA kept me in the positive! Either way, it’s probably a while before I bet either against or for the Blackhawks- sooner against that for thats for sure. Anyway, onward and upward!

My favourite pick tonight has got to be Canadiens ML against the Coyotes. It goes simply down to yet again the Coyotes are a 2 win team- all of which came in overtime. Canadiens haven’t been great, but they’re still a class above the Coyotes. To be honest I would probably bet any team to beat the Coyotes in the NHL. It has been a profitable strategy thus far, and I’m definitely taking it again. There is 0 reason to back the Coyotes until they stop getting hammered game after game. Not to mention playing away to Montreal is no easy task. Montreal will want to get back on the horse after their overtime defeat to Columbus. When Lindgren was first in net everyone said “oh they’ve got to lose” but Lindgren has been impressive, and I’ll happily take the Canadiens. ***Canadiens ML***

My tied favourite pick- Tampa Bay ML- this is fairly simple, the Stars keep getting rocked on the road, losing 5-1 to the Canes and 5-4 to the Panthers. This Tampa side can absolute tear through the best of teams at the moment, whilst this Stars side is looks useless (I’ve watched their games). I don’t see this being even close. – Tampa ML.

San Jose Sharks ML- This sharks team has won 6 of their last 7, with their only lose coming against the Lightning which is understandable given their form. The Sharks have won 6 of their last 8 at home and I believe will outclass this young Panthers side. This Panthers side has 2 away wins all season, and I don’t see them racking another win tonight.

Canucks ML- Graeme has said all that needs to be said on this, with Vegas having won 1 away game and the Canucks besting some of the best in the NHL I’ll take the Canucks. Their home form does concern me somewhat, but this Vegas team leaks goals wickedly on the road and until Fleury/Subban/Dansk returned they’re a bet against team.

Kings ML- I’m nervous of this given their current losing streak, but if they’re ever going to get back a good chance to get back to winning ways it is here. They’ve lost their last 4 at home, but those were against a surprisingly good (this entire season) Canucks team, the rampant Lightning, the strong Sharks and a Predators team which is also racking up wins at the moment. Bruins meanwhile have lost their last 5 away and have one away win all season- coming against the awful coyotes.

Jets ML- the Jets are on somewhat of a streak, and have only lost of their last 7 at home. Philly is well…philly. They can perform somedays and then disappear others.


great analysis mate !! with you on all of them except Jets, (worries about the inconsistent of flyers and their 1st line who can score a lot of goals… )

do you have any tips on NBA tonight ? ( i find a lot of value on Boston)


Oliver Trigg

Value is definitely with Boston, but with Golden States team if they’re going to lose its to them. Go for the +7 Boston if you want to take them.



Oliver Trigg

Rockets against the spread isn’t a bad bet either.


i’m french and don’t know every terms that are using in betting…
does it means to take Houston -13 ?

Kimball Smith

Is Curry playing ?


I don’t believe it’s confirmed yet but I’d expect he will. I’ve got a small bet on Celtics +7.5 right now but hoping when he’s confirmed the line jumps a few points so I can back them more.

Kimball Smith

Looks like hes in – ESPN picking Celts at +250 ML at 43% chance , still +7.5

Oliver Trigg

Looks like you were right on Jets!

Eduardo Caldeira

i agree on the canadiens but for that price on the ML … no value… or regulation or nothing lol

Oliver Trigg

I took both- reg for the money and moneyline as contingency.


I totally agree with you 100% with the Kings


Yeah, forgot – Sharks ML as well, for sure


Arizona ML with 2 units ODD 2.70
Arizona OT with 2 units ODD 4.10
Dallas ML with 2 units ODD 2.55
Dallas OT with 2 units ODD 4.10
New Jersey ML with 2 units ODD 2.45
New Jersey OT with 2 units ODD 4.10

Bets from magus1349: http://disq.us/p/1nuy9tz 😉

Geir Aage R Jensen

I agree on New Jersey 🙂


Hey guys!
Can I be the topic starter here? I’am practically always available to start topic like 15.00 CET and then you just simply will edit a post with your tips, while Europian part of your community can chat here easilly without waiting new day post.

Maikel Vd Ven

I think that is a good idea haha. Butt who am i….. haha

Juri Safoshin

Great idea, respect it and the best NHL forum on the web.

Juri Safoshin

Great idea, respect it and the best NHL forum on the web.

Juri Safoshin

Great idea, respect it and the best NHL forum on the web.


I mean it’s kinda it is already ????

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

No sorry. The majority of the time we’ll have the tips up by 11am EST at the latest. It’s just the odd time where there is a delay.

Today for example I had everything written up except the Leafs tip as that line wasn’t out yet. I checked at 10:30am est and it still wasn’t out then I had some stuff to do which caused delays in getting back to it.

I may look at uploading tips however early and adding in other ones later (such as the Leafs one today)


First, I think not only me will be pleased, if you publish your post maybe without all tips, just let the talk keep going.
Second, what do you mean always mentioning “line was not out”? E.x. We can bet whatever we want in Russia like a day before. And actually it does not matter which total you want.


Great Idea mate


Maybe you can do 7 pre sites and expand your list on the starting page and then update the list with the pre sites weekly. But maybe that is too much work.


You realize at same time you said ?


Okay then maybe just one pre site every day. 😀


It would be nice ?

Dave Goodman

Any thoughts on sens vs Pens going over 6?

Maikel Vd Ven


Islanders-great home record.
Capitals- because avalanche have to travel back from sweden and caps much better team.
Montreal-yotes are just a very awfull bad team (hope that stay the same today haha)


1-1 last night for a residual profit. I cashed another TTU pick, 4-0 L4 and 4-1 overall.

For tonight I have,

Wild vs Preds 1P U1.5 @ 1.80

Both teams rank top 5 on 1P GA (1st and 2nd place) and Preds is the team with less goals scored on 1P. Wild is a little better on 1P GF partly because of the 3 scored vs Habs. Both are teams that usually have a somehow conservative style on 1P holding the score and not shooting a lot (I expect 17-19 combined shots max). Wild defense is playing great with Dub being “just” amazing. Preds have been playing high scoring games, but they also faced in 3 of the last 5 games backup goalies. And on the last one Caps were just like shit not even protecting Holtby.

I was almost pulling the trigger on Leafs vs Devils 1P O1.5 @ 1.92 but then the odd decrease to 1.88 almost at same time Zacha and Hischier were confirmed to be out for tonight and Zajac confirmed to return for his 1st game of the season. Strange… Matthews is also out. I am not so sure about the over 6 because Leafs is coming from a 5 days off. I think Devils can surprise again, but without that 2 forwards and the better defensive play of Leafs this season I am going to stay way.

Another game under my eye was Jets vs Flyers. I like Flyers to win tua one, but not enough to put my money in. Nolan is returning and he’s from Winnipeg. Flyers will do everything to win this game and Hellebuyck is not Dub.

I am still considering Bruins TTU but need to check 1sf if Krejci is out and Quick in.



Hischier is IN!!!

“Based on warmups, Zajac is centering Hall and Palmieri. Hischier is centering Stafford and Bratt. That’s a tweak from this morning.” (source: Matt Loughlin)

Adding Devils ML @ 2.44


preds (got em as the underdog at +115 , coming off a big win over washington )

sens (expecting duchene to show out first game on home ice plus they have had lots of rest from sweden trip)

canucks (cant bet on vegas when legace is in net, coming off a 8-2 loss against the struggling oilers)


Los Angeles Kings – Boston Bruins

Kings had a great start to their season and they’re 2nd in the Western conference. Surprisingly, they are on a three game losing streak. Last month they lost only two games in regular time.
Bruins have been able to collect only 16 points this season and they’re at the bottom of Eastern conference. Their road games have been terrible, last night they lost to the Ducks – their away record is now 1 win out of 7 away games (1-5-2). They also have injuries – such as Marchand, Krejci, Backes and few more.
As the Kings have had a rest day and Bruins are on a b2b, this is a great chance for Kings to break their losing streak.

Los Angeles Kings reg @2.05

Winnipeg Jets – Philadelphia Flyers

Winnipeg has been strong, winning 6 out of last 8 games (6-1-1).
Flyers have struggled having won 3 of their last 8 (3-3-2).
The Jets have a good record at home and they have won 4 of their last five at home (4-0-1) and Hellebuyck has performed great with 0.93 SV%. Laine is on a 6 point streak, which i believe to continue tonight. As the Flyers have performed poorly lately and has struggles with scoring goals, I believe the Jets will take a win and continue their success at home.

Jets ML @1.80
Patrik Laine total points over 0.5 @1.65

Tampa Bay Lightning – Dallas Stars

This is the third away game for Dallas in four days. They have performed poorly, winning only three of their ten away games (3-6-1).
Tampa Bay is well rested and as everyone knows they’ve been really strong. Their road trip was successful winning 3 out of 3. Offense and Defence works perfectly – Kucherov 16+14, Stamkos 9+23, Namestnikov 9+10 tells enough. Vasilevski has performed great with 0.93 SV% and has won 13 games out of 15.
Lightning is too bright for the Stars tonight.

Tampa Bay reg @2.00

Lucas longpré

My tips for tonight to win : NYI , New Jersey , Pittsburgh , Minnesota , Winnipeg , Saint-Louis , Vancouver , San Jose and Los Angeles ! Good luck

Steve Dimase

Hey guys going with Leafs,Blues,Nash.. Good luck


LeDemonBlond project 1/10
Pens ML

Geir Aage R Jensen

Goal scorers

1. C. Brown for Maple Leafs
2. T. Teravainen for Hurricanes
3. M. Stone for Ottawa
4. A. Kerfoot for Avalanche
5. J. Zucker for Wild

Steve Dimase

leafs blues preds

Steve Dimase

preds killed my night!!

Geir Aage R Jensen

Geir project 3/8

C. Giroux to score

Good luck everyone!


I don’t have the time for write-ups today. Here are my bets:
NJ Devils/TOR Maple Leafs ov6
DAL Stars/TAM Lightning ov6
STL Blues/EDM Oilers ov5½
BOS Bruins/LA Kings ov5½
MON Canadiens -1½
VAN Canucks -1½
WIN Jets -120



GL with your plays

Oliver Trigg

Good luck man! I really like the over on Bruins/Kings

Michal Tyburec

Over 5,5
Tampa – Dallas
Toronto – NJ