avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, November 19th, 2021

A 1-1 day yesterday for a slight loss.

We had Panthers in regulation and they duly delivered. We also had Oilers in regulation. They got their revenge – alas they needed overtime to do it.

Awful game for the Habs last night my god. I was glad I was able to switch over eventually to watch the Patriots game.

Apologies for being a tad late getting to these. Was a slow morning for me. Out for pints with a buddy for lunch. Return home only for another buddy to message asking if I wanted to pop out for a few pints. Then home and another buddy messaged wanting to zoom and watch the Pats game together.

Basically woke up this morning, up for about 30 minutes then was straight back to bed!

Luckily only two games today so not too much to crunch. Let’s look at them now:

Canucks vs Jets:

Is it weird that I still hold a grudge against the Jets for that one Sharks game? I guess it was only 3 weeks ago. Feels like forever in my head.

One thing we’re learning from the Jets is they aren’t a team to take in regulation. Have to roll the dice with OT.

They’re on a back to back having lost to the Oilers. Now they face the rather terrible Vancouver Canucks. What a disappointment they are.

Sportsbooks have this as a coinflip. Canucks have the extra rest. Jets road results lately are all very tight. No news yet on who is in net for the games.

I feel fine skipping this one. It looks like a nice statement game spot for the Canucks. On top of that, 5 vs 5 Canucks looked a lot better against the Avs and the advanced metrics back that up.

Honestly the more I look at it it seems like a great spot for the Canucks. They are just a very hard team for me to actually advise.

Kraken vs Avalanche:

Kraken come in on a bad run. Only the lone win over the Sabres in November. Their offense is ticking – they just can’t stop conceding goals.

If you want to hear something insane – in 5 vs 5 they have the worst GA/60 in the NHL but also the joint best xGA/60 and best SA/60. It is purely on their goalies, unfortunately.

Avs come in also with a killer offense going on at the moment. Just scoring boatloads even without MacKinnon.

Feels like this one should go over. Both teams scoring a lot but also conceding. The advanced metrics aren’t something that really support it too much – and I wasn’t super impressed with the Avs against the Canucks. But based on the Kraken’s goaltending at the moment….

Happy to back over 6 incl OT/SO in this one.

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(Odds correct as of 2021/11/19 1:30:27 PM EST but are subject to change.)

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