avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

There was no NHL action yesterday so no tips.  We hope everyone had a great Halloween.

On Sunday we had 2 tips and we went 1-1

The first was over 5.5 in the Flyers vs Hurricanes game.  This game got off to a slow start with only 1 goal in the 1st period.  In the 2nd there was 5 putting us over and the Flyers came away with the 4-3 win.

Our other tip was the Oilers to beat the Sens in regulation.   The Sens came away with the 2-0 win.  Even though we lost this bet is was awesome to see Anderson get the start and the shutout in his first action after learning his wife had cancer.  An emotional end to the game as Anderson got the first star and the Oilers crowd gave him a standing ovation.

No games last night but we have a full schedule tonight with 12 games.  It’s going to be great

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Oilers vs Leafs Betting Tips:

This is going to be a fun game to watch.

The Oilers come into this game after losing their last game 2-0 to the Sens.  They will be looking to get their offense going again where they sit 6th in gpg with 3.22

The Leafs have lost 2 in a row and have only scored twice over their last 2 games. With them being at home I expect a better effort from them.

Huge game as its McDavid vs Matthews, who were teammates on team North America during the World Cup. They are the last 2 first overall picks in the NHL draft.  This is the first meeting of these two and it’s going to be fun to watch them square off during their long careers.

I like this game to go over.  They both take a bunch of shots and are both looking to get their offense back on track.  And I expect both McDavid and Matthews will be trying to out play each other.  I also like the Oilers to win.   They have shown that they’re a strong team this year and the Leafs have struggled which was expected.

Over 5.5

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Oilers win

Canada: 1.95 Odds at Sports
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USA: -115 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.90 Odds at 888 Sports

Sabres vs Wild Betting Tips:

The Sabres are 3-3-2 on the year.  They have won 2 in a row but before that they had lost 4 straight.

The Wild have looked great so far this year.  They’re in 1st in the Central, they have allowed only one powerplay goal, are on a 3 game win  streak and are 4-0 at home.

Even with their injuries I still like the Wild to win this game.  Dubnyk has been fantastic this year.  He is 5-1-1 with a 1.43 gaa and 3 shutouts.

Wild in regulation 

Canada: 1.87 Odds at Sports
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USA: -115 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.86 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

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Tonight pick,
Predators win %100
Good luck guys


I’ve had a great run the past 6 nights, + units every night. I also like the Oilers and Wild tonight. I also like the under in the Boston/Panthers game and the over in the Lightning/Islanders game.

@BlueLineBets on Twitter


I like the Oilers, Wild, Lightning & Sharks all to win tonight.


Welcome back!
Tonight i like Caps, Blackhawks, Bruins and Leafs.
Also i like Ovechkin and Kane to score.


Bergeron is out, huge loss for Bs

Elodie Labbé

I think Ottawa Senators to win, what is your opinion on this game?


Arizona ML ODD 2.6 with 2 units

The Night Manager

Wild/Sabres u5 -110
u1 1st period goals +170

Bruins +120

Predators -105

Hurricanes +135

Blues +115

Sharks in reg +100

@nightm4n4g3r on the twittersphere


Thanks S&G, Like both tips.

Sharks in reg -113 – Sharks are 5-0 vs losing teams, have won last 3 decisively, Jones is at the top of his game and they are well rested. Meanwhile, Yotes are 2-7 and Domingue has a 4.38 GAA.

Isles ML even – Isles absolutely hammered TML and have to be feeling confident. Griess is a better goalie than Bishop right now and Bolts have to be ready for this road trip to be over–they have dropped the last three games.


disclaimer: I am an amateur gambler and do not pretend to be a professional handicapper. My bets are usually relatively small bets. I have reasons for making my bets, but do your own due diligence and follow my bets at your own risk.


Isles definitely were not prepared for this game and Bolts came out to make a point. I guess they have some cojones after all.


Just noticed that Wild are very banged up inc. Parise. They called up three AHL guys. Even though they are 4-0 at home, I wouldn’t consider this an easy game against a Sabre team that has a lot of fight.


I ll go only with Predators today but I share some good work with you guys.

I think Panthers will win against to Bruins today because they are very tough and willing to win. I think they keep winning few games in row. Bruins gave sign that they are coming back but not today.

Rangers has very tough scorers but today they ll play against Blues and its not going to be that easy. I think OT ll be good choice for that game.

Senators vs Hurricanes OT . Both teams are tough and want to win tonight. Hurricanes plays better away games. I dont believe there ll be many goals in that game.

Leafs win. That game is one of my favourite which I decided to stay neutral. I think Oilers will lose few games in row and tonight ll be 2nd losing day for them.

Coyotes Sharks OT and under 3 coyotes will play defensive against to strong sharks. Maybe they win in extras but not sure about that. If you are looking for fantasy then go with Coyotes win ☺


Lion, you have so much to say today. What’s going on?


☺ yes, because I ll bet only on Predators win and the games that I predicted for others needed explanation that it ll be easy to pick for others

Arto Reinikainen


Caps-Jets OT
Sabres-Wild OT

Interesting to see if any of Preds/Bolts/Stars can turn it around today. All 3 have very similar games.

GL !


Hello Mate!
Good to see your post again, you´ve been little bit dissapeared… Always need it different approaches/perpectives in order to make wisdows decisions!

Why canes? They´re visitors, plus great Anderson return, helping in the win to Oilers last game.

Same question for blues? Also visitors versus Rangers who have been unstoppables

In other hand, how trust these so irregular Blackhaws, is because they´re slighth regular than Flames?

Last question, are you giving a shot to Preds/Bolts/Stars? I mean would you bet on them or just kind of curiosity?

Arto Reinikainen

Yo. I have been quite busy lately and haven’t been able to follow hockey as much as i’d like. But im lurking here every once in a while. Take my tips with a grain of salt though, not super serious atm. and just doing it for fun.

My reasoning behind the Canes was that the Sens tend to be inconsistent and lose games that they really shouldn’t. Also Canes haven’t played that bad and needed the W badly, so i thought they’d play that hard fought type of road game. I got a bit lucky because i changed my mind in the last second and went with OT due to great odds, but it was a bit too late to change it here. Unfortunately got really unlucky with my other OT bets as Sabres scored the gwg on a lucky bounce with 6 minutes in the clock and Caps scored 30 seconds left in regulation. But ohwell that’s how it goes sometimes.

Im not sure why i went with the Blues to be honest. That’s a bet that in hindsight was bad and there was no solid reasoning behind it. Was probably trying to force the underdog win when it wasn’t really there.

I went with the Hawks because they seemed to get their game back on track against Devils/Kings. And when they’re playing well they always get the job done at home. And a big factor was that Gaudreau/Monahan aren’t getting the job done right now for Calgary.

I did actually throw a last minute bets on the Bolts and Preds. Luckily stayed away from Dallas, although it looked like they were going to win the game. But these games are just another reminder that when things get really bad for great teams, they tend to snap their slumps in a convincing fashion as long as you have some time to regroup.

I know these don’t really help at this point since the games have already been played, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to answer anyway :’)


Great read your explanations again!

Totally agree about Sens doesn´t show up when they should.
Regarding blues I know what you meant. I´m new betting, In my first year I lost more than 90% of my small bankroll betting based on stats, then I realized was better base on team recent performance, team results, key players appearence and my personal feeling about trusting or not on a specific match result, without any special reason at all. You got that special instinct to go for it or stay away in the right moment.

I keep learning, I hadn´t seen your perspective about Chicago/Calgary.

Also coincide that good teams eventually get back on track. Call me mad but I think pendulum law works and there is not exist a team or human being that can win or loose forever, sooner or late things twist. I´m working hard to get close as much as possible to forecast when those twists going to happen, not an easy job, eh?


what’s up Arto, how has 2016 been treating you?

Jens Denmark

Chicago reg
Washington reg
Minnesota reg

Lets go, good luck

chris osborn

TAMPA BAY!!!! been watching these guys. Big straight bet .


they lost their last 3 games and scored as many goals in the first period of this game as the last three games combined. If you predicted that you shouldn’t be posting here.

chris osborn

So you bet on thise islanders tonight?

Jens Denmark

Good pick 🙂

chris osborn

Just like i took coyotes other day, when they were on a 4 game loose streak. As well as bruins. These teams break those streaks. Their coming off a long road stint, and no team wants to go back home with all road losses. Well see…

chris osborn

Hey so uh….. who bet on ISLANDERS!!! HAHA I’m no pro better either, but I have done my research and if you can find yourself betting against the public most times its more value and youll see yourself win more often. House always wins right? Well why have lightning at -110 whej thir doing so horribly. The house wants to distract you. I should of went -1.5! GOOD luck everyone


Tampa coach didn’t look great after rangers… :)))))))

Stats Guru

Having handicapped well over 2,500 “North American Big Four” matches, I have experience to say that it is far from simple. As a financially poor but experienced sports writer, who has written extensively about online betting for nine years, I feel compelled to remind everyone that the “picks” here are opinions. Knowledge is King and it starts with researching all the available betting options, examining rates of return, and using a solid bet structure. Proper bankroll management must be understood and handicappers must be patient while suppressing those needs for greed. Greed Kills!

Scott and Graeme are on top of things, writing about important aspects of the game, but the same can’t be said for some of the posters here. Remember, opinions are like selohssa – everybody has one. Some are a lot stinkier than others though. Please be prudent when wagering your hard earned money. Also, be on the look out for aggressive “bet every game on the board” types. A lot of fancy talk is “garbage in – garbage out” if the research is flawed and the betting structure lacks any semblance of sense. Cheers!


Or you have a nice algorithm which shows you nice values with 50% successrate over years, so you don’t have to think that much. Just take some care for some injuries. The computer thinks for you and you won’t get emotional or maybe after winning to much.

From my opinion handicapping is much gambling. I don’t get your point at all.