avatar Written by Scott on Monday, November 21st, 2016

Only the one tip last night and it was a push

We had over 5 in the Jackets vs Capitals game and this hit 5 when the Jackets won 3-2.

Of the 5 games last night 4 of them had totals of 5.  Some upsets too.  The Hurricanes beat the Jets,  the Panthers beat the Rangers in a shootout, the Flames beat the Wings and the Kings beat the Ducks.

A decent night for us with 7 games.  Where we live we have gotten pounded with a bunch of snow and all of the school buses are cancelled.  So I get to play referee in between shoveling and plowing before work.

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Rangers vs Penguins Betting Tips:

This is the first part of a home and home series with the 2nd part taking place on Wednesday.

The Rangers played and lost last night to the Panthers in a shootout.  That was the first game for the Rangers this season that needed extra time.

The Penguins are behind the Rangers in the standings and a win in this game would move them closer.   Crosby has scored 12 goals in 12 games and has only 4 assists which is unusual for him.

Despite getting only 2 goals a game over their last 2 games,  the Rangers still lead the league with 4.00 gpg.  The Penguins are 8th with 2.83.    

Over 5.5

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Devils vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Sharks are back home after playing their last 6 on the road.  The Devils are dealing with life without Hall and are going with Kinkaid in goal.

I like the Sharks in this one.  They need to turn things around and get their offense going and they will be a much better team now that they’re at home. And they play there next 5 at home so they’ll be trying to get as many points as they can with the home ice advantage

Sharks in regulation 

Canada: 1.77 Odds at Sports
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USA: -140 Odds at BetOnline.
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Rangers ML ODD 2.35 (from 2.5) with 1 unit
I had to place this bet early, because the ODD dropped and the 2.5 was like a present.


Ahaah ☺ I ll bet against you tonight or not? Whenever I do that then it ends OT. Btw, as I understood that you believe in odds? Or your programs or etc. works with it. It somehow tells you what is going to be?

When I bet on Panthers last night then everyone was like wow.


Haha and all were for the Wings. :)))
It’s like a 50:50 and the odd makes worth the bet.


You wanna know real? When I heard that people are calling Vanek as prophet then I started to feel that they are going to lose that game. When people ll understand its hockey, not football. Some dudes can play better than others but you cant say that they ll win by pointing players. Its not right in my opinion.


Ah.. I felt good with Chad Johnson, he had nice stats the last games. But Howard was a little headache with also nice stats. At all you can see the Wings defense fail to hard, so I had to pick. I just hoped that this Vanek wouldn’t score for compensation, so that the Wings can’t turn to the win and it just happened. Value was fine as always. I’m a bit proud of it. :)))


I am happy for you mate ?


But let’s get a bit serious. I watched the Penguins Wilds game, I also think they will be beaten like that by the Rangers today. And my program said: “If you feel good, take this Rangers. Because I would take them.” Maybe me and my program fail tonight, but I don’t hope so. 😛


Rangers needs rest. I think Penguins ll win tonight. Its prestige game for them. They dont really give shit for division as much as Rangers does.


12 of 13 bets won +16.98 units.


Hahah wanted to see that. Great job mate. I am really amazed of that. I didnt put my single money to that game because I have enough experience what would happen ☺ but I lost by going with lightning.


Not good night for me last night. Maybe tonight will be better.
Avalanche, Predators, Stars and Devils.


Project lion 2/15

Lightning win %100

Good luck everyone.

I ll also share some work,

Flames win
Jackets win
Stars win
Hawks win

I never say you must pick any of these. But if you pick then please dont take and put all in one ticket.

Johnny Hockey

I like Jackets & Hawks too. Do you trust Dallas? I’m a bit afraid of them ^^

Arto Reinikainen

I thought of Dallas earlier today, but Ruff seems to have decided to sit Klingberg, experimenting a bit with his d-pairings. In my opinion this works in the Wild’s favor, or at least it takes away any edge the Stars might’ve had on paper. It’s just one of those things that it either works or it doesn’t, tough to say. Also can’t count out Dubnyk who has been playing well, same can rarely be said of the Stars goalies. The Wild always get fired up when they play Dallas, and already had success against them this year with a 4-0 win. Even though i still think Dallas will probably win it, can’t argue there’s so many things that make it tough to pull the trigger.

Johnny Hockey

You’re right with Dubynk. But Kuemper will get the start. I don’t know how good he is…

Arto Reinikainen

Oh. Well then i’d say the Stars have pretty good value right now.


Yes, Dallas could win.


Could win ?


Yes they could


Columbus blue jackets
Chicago Blackhawks
San Jose sharks
Pittsburgh penguins

Arto Reinikainen

My picks with explanations:

Flames in regulation @ 2.90

– For this value i just have to take it. Sabres offense is terrible without O’Reilly (and Eichel ofc). RoR is such a big part of that team both offensively and defensively. Gaudreau is obviously out for the Flames, but we’ve seen how different it is to have a winger out vs a centre, wingers you can replace and still keep your team structure, but when your do-it-all centreman is out a whole different story. Flames have been good lately, and to my surprise the Sabres are going with Lehner not the red-hot Nilsson. Im assuming Elliott is in net and he has great numbers vs Buffalo in his career, so this should set the stage for a bounce-back game for him. Anyway i think the Sabres will push hard in this one, but i think it’ll be a frustrating night for them as the Flames just have more confidence to score goals.

Avalanche ML @ 2.35

– Blue Jackets are the “surprise” team of the year. Well not really a surprise team to me at least, since they have a good team that’s just been struggling with injuries in the past couple of years, but now they’re healthy and the breaking-out Werenski just makes them that much better. But what i mean by “surprise” team is that contending teams around the league don’t take them that seriously. We have a team like Columbus every single year. Couple seasons ago it was the Flames, before that it was the Islanders, before that the Avs. Basically a team that’s good enough to make the playoffs but haven’t made it recently, enjoying the underdog status and overperforming in the standings because of it. CBJ will definitely be a team everybody should be looking to bet on this year (especially with underdog odds). But anyway, i think this is the game where it’s their turn to face the complacency. Bunch of wins in a row against great teams, Seth Jones returns making them feel tad more comfortable and now they face the Avs who aren’t really a threat to anyone. But the Avs have been a feisty team recently and Varlamov is playing great. Jackets are likely going with McElhinney, who doesn’t have very good numbers against Colorado. Duchene is back for the Avs giving them a much needed boost in offense. I just think this is one of those games where the road team wants it more, just like the Jackets have wanted it more so many times this year. Going with ML just to play it safe though, because the Jackets definitely have the ability to battle back even if they start slow, but even if that’s the case i trust the team with the better goalie to win.

Predators ML @ 1.74

– Bishop is not as hot as Vasilevskiy, and the Preds have lit him up before (87.4 career save pct. vs NSH). Preds will definitely come out hard as they can’t be happy with the results overall lately, and they’ve been very good at home, especially when they feel like they have to respond after a loss. Tampa is a good team, but without Stammer and Stralman, i think the healthy Preds are a bit better, mostly because of Subban + Josi. Those two guys will be a huge asset for the Preds in this one, spreading out top talent and Tampa can only play Hedman so much. But because Tampa is such a confident team right now, i feel like i have to play it safe and go with moneyline. When you’re hot you’re hot and bounces can go your way, so it won’t be easy for the Preds to get it done in regulation. But eventually i think they want it more and get it done.

Sharks in regulation @ 1.86

– I’d like to go for handicap, but the Sharks offense is struggling too much for my liking. Either way, very tough for me to see them not win it. Both teams need to turn the corner here, but the Sharks are just so much better and have the home advantage it would be a huge surprise to me if they don’t get it done in regulation.

Good luck !


Flames ML would be another pick from my program tonight, but I’ll pass.


Buffalo is 10-1 @ home against flames since 1997


Times are changing. I wouldn’t take it as a big factor. But I’m not betting on the Flames, because the ML ODD is to low.

Arto Reinikainen

How many of those games did the Sabres play without their #1 and #2 centres though ? Personally i think goalie records vs particular teams have a much bigger impact than team vs team records. Rosters and coaches change. Just look at Dallas that had won like 10 games in a row vs Vancouver and lost. But im not saying the Sabres can’t win though. Just like the value on Calgary.


I say that replacements have more to give, so I change my mind and go with Sabres in that game.


Oh lion this is not solid. Sabres are so bad… It’s a 50:50 situation. You know what that means, mate. :)))) At all I wish good luck to you all. Let’s have some fun tonight.


Why not? they are always trying to win and they ll always. They may not be favourite of the title but still they are in that league. I think people who ll find a chance ll try their best for beating flames tonight.


thanks for the great notes Arto.

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks mate

Arto Reinikainen

Well, went 3/4 so a good night. But i just hate Calgary, every time i trust them to win they screw it up somehow, and then when i count them out they pull out a lucky win out of their ass 😀 Halfway or so through the game i thought everything went to plan and Elliott was looking real solid, but then the Flames started to show their stupidity and ended up taking 6 penalties in the game, 3 PP goals by Buffalo and Elliott’s confidence was slowly getting shattered again. Way to go to give your goalie a chance for a bounce back. If im Elliott i’d be frustrated as hell at how the season has gone so far, they just seem to play smarter in front of Johnson. Something to keep in mind i guess.

Johnny Hockey

So, let’s go:

> Flames in regulation (small stake)
> Avs in regulation (small stake)
> Rangers @ Pens | OVER 5.5 (medium stake)
> Stars to win (medium stake)
> Hawks to win (medium stake)
> Sharks in regulation (high stake)


you said that you like jackets but why you went with Avs?

Johnny Hockey

Oops, sorry I meant Avs ^^ I see BIG value in their odds

Johnny Hockey

Don’t knew this: Varlamov has gone 1-5-0 with a 3.54 GAA and .884 SV% in six starts on the road this season.


Need to win a bet tonight. Going with Raiders and Sharks for sure. Have to come up with a third to win in regulation. Who is your lock tonight? Was leaning towards CBJ because Colorado is garbage but starting to feel a little uneasy about that now. Especially since I’m guessing Bobrovsky won’t be in net. My other ideas were Chicago (but they seem to go to OT a lot and have been unreliable), maybe Pens or the CGY/BUF under? What you guys think?


Blackhawks-Oilers over 5.5 – over is 4-0 in BH last 4 trips to Edmonton. Over is 4-0 in last four games that Oilers scored 5+ in previous game. With the fire power these teams have should be lots of scoring chances and hopefully 6 or more get past the goalies.

NYR ML – Always a great game between these two teams. NYR are playing with more confidence and will want to make a point after getting destroyed by Pens in the playoffs. True, they are missing top-6 center Zibanejad, but they will play that much harder to make up for the loss.

Wild ML – Parise is back in line-up. Wild is strong defensively and will keep Stars frustrated. Better goaltending from Wild

Flames ML – Like Arto says, the Flames are the better team even without Johnny Hockey.

Avs ML – They are the more motivated team and CBJ will have a let down game after last night’s battle versus the Caps. Varlamov is in net for Avs and will give them edge tonight. McElhinney is not confirmed, but I suspect he’ll play tonight. He’s not bad, but he ain’t goalie Bob.

disclaimer: I’m a shitty handicapper but a passionate hockey fan. I basically bet for fun and hope for the best.


What a Weekend Guys and Gals we had. Big Winnings on 4 NHL games on Saturday :

Les Canadiens in Regular Time

Bruins in Regular Time

St Louis Blues in Regular Time

Colorado Avalanche in Regular Time ( And What a Game this was, when the Cavs were down 2 -0 in the 3rd)

I also had Gegard Mousasi in UFC to win by KO, TKO.

Looking to keep this Drive alive for Tonight :

San Jose Sharks need to Bounce Back after a horrible Road trip and looking to capitalize at Home. SJS Win Regular Time

Another Home Team advantage, I am going with Pittsburgh to defeat a tired Rangers Team but tough pick nonetheless.
I do like the Over 5.5 that BetNHL.ca has provided.

Pittsburgh Win Regular time or Over 5.5

And Colombus Blue Jackets are 4 – 0 when facing a Team with a poor Away record. They should be able to bring this Home.
Blue Jackets Win in Regular.

Thank You Boys from @BetNHL.ca for their Picks and Topics and Good Luck to all Players.


f*cking 22 yo college kid beating Rangers all by himself