avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

Sorry about the delay in tips today.

Boston is a heck of a lot of fun as expected. We had a Freedom Trail 5k booked for this morning which is just what it sounds – a 5k on the Freedom Trail.

So nice and responsible last night we left the pub at 9:30pm to head back to the hotel. Unfortunately there were like 500 pubs on the way back and we ended up stopping at like 3 of them for drinks. Then we got to the hotel and drank more at that bar. Good times. Didn’t throw up on the 5k though so that was good at least!

Just going to do quick little write-ups for the games today due to time constraints – aka we need to get heading as we want to go to Cheers and have a beer!

Kings to beat Coyotes incl OT/SO – 0.5u. Kings were one of those teams ranking high in xG stats etc. They’ve been able to start putting the goals in the net which is nice to see and had a few solid defensive performances. Coyotes did just bat them 3-0 in Arizona but the Kings looking good at home. Bit concerned the Coyotes are one of those teams that have the ability to shut them out, but at about 2.10 odds they’re worth a small bet.

Panthers vs Hurricanes Over 6.5 Goals 0.5u. Seems like this one should go over although historically that isn’t really the case so much so that’s a bit concerning. With the way both teams have been this season though it’s worth a play. About 1.80 odds.

Stars in Regulation -0.5u They just look the real deal this season and gotta back them. 1.90 odds. One of those teams I just feel we can trust.

Tempted by the Jackets/Jets over 6 but neither team seems to perform as well offensively in the home/road split there. Red Wings are probably worth a bet but hard to back them.

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