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The NHL and NBA took a break yesterday for US Thanksgiving. It was a nice day off for me as for those aware I also do NBA Tips. Been on a good little run with those too for those who like basketball.

I’ve got a lot of stuff to deal with today so going to have to spend less time than usual writing up the tips.

Big day of games today. It all starts at 1pm EST with the Penguins hoping to break their current losing streak against the Bruins.

Potential big game with the Lightning vs Capitals.

Battle of the crap with the Oilers vs Sabres.

Quite annoying as some of the early games don’t even have lines out yet. Will do my best here. Let’s get to it:

Flyers vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Islanders offense continues to run hot. They’re one of those offenses that when they’re on I’m always looking to back.

The Flyers seem to be adopting an offensive first approach to ail their defensive woes and I’m fine with that.

Over 6 Goals inco OT/SO

Rangers vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

Rangers have been rocky at times this season but their home form as of late is excellent. 6 wins out of their last 6 in regulation.

Red Wings are a feisty team at times but I like the performances of the Rangers at home. They look confident there.

Rangers in Regulation

With the lack of lines and time that’s all I’m going with today. Be sure to read the comments as there’ll be a lot of great tips posted in there too.

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