avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, November 24th, 2017

The NHL and NBA took a break yesterday for US Thanksgiving. It was a nice day off for me as for those aware I also do NBA Tips. Been on a good little run with those too for those who like basketball.

I’ve got a lot of stuff to deal with today so going to have to spend less time than usual writing up the tips.

Big day of games today. It all starts at 1pm EST with the Penguins hoping to break their current losing streak against the Bruins.

Potential big game with the Lightning vs Capitals.

Battle of the crap with the Oilers vs Sabres.

Quite annoying as some of the early games don’t even have lines out yet. Will do my best here. Let’s get to it:

Flyers vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Islanders offense continues to run hot. They’re one of those offenses that when they’re on I’m always looking to back.

The Flyers seem to be adopting an offensive first approach to ail their defensive woes and I’m fine with that.

Over 6 Goals inco OT/SO

Rangers vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

Rangers have been rocky at times this season but their home form as of late is excellent. 6 wins out of their last 6 in regulation.

Red Wings are a feisty team at times but I like the performances of the Rangers at home. They look confident there.

Rangers in Regulation

With the lack of lines and time that’s all I’m going with today. Be sure to read the comments as there’ll be a lot of great tips posted in there too.

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Edis Hadzic

wild,kings,rengers,leafs,blues-predators under 5,5,stars-flames over 5,5


Whats your opinion about Flyers win, due to the fact Isles starting first away cold? And Flyers needing end their streak


I think they will bounce back on this game and I am not so sure about the over. I am not picking Flyers because the odd should be higher if you take their recent record in consideration (minimum @ 2.00). Anyway, if you are about to bet on Flyers, I advice you to wait a little more up to pull the trigger because Isles to win is the normal trend.


Bruins, Ducks and Islanders with one unit.
Pastrnak, Montour and Zucker with half unit.
Sharks, Sabres and Coyotes with one unit.


Hi all,

5-0 L5 TTU 2.5 picks and 5-1 overall. Pretty nice!

Jets ML @ 2.00

I’ll probably add 1 or 2 more.



Another winner!

Western RattlersD

So many games in three sports today. Hockey matchups are an interesting mix, I’m going to be scrutinizing them all deeply. No back-to-backs today and a rash of close games two days ago. I don’t expect peak performance from players today, so predictability may be quite low. Will post picks later.

Peter Jordan

my plays today:

Parlay: Bruins +1.5, Jets +1.5, Leafs +1.5, Wild/Ava Under 6
Blues ML
Oilers/Sabres Over 5.5


Leaning towards Rangers ML, Oilers ML, and Leafs ML

Geir Aage R Jensen

Devils win Reg with 10 units

Good luck everyone!

Oliver Trigg

Completely got the starting times wrong for todays games so already behind, so has to be short. Was about to place on Bruins to see the game has already started and are 2-0 up argh too late… Anyway rest of my tips-

Wild Reg- Minnesota paid me out against the Sabres, and I have to take them here. Avalanche are not the same team on the road as they are at home having won just of their last 10 on the road. The Wild are showing a lot of improvement lately, and should be able to take this in reg.

Jets ML- The Ducks recent home wins have come against struggling teams, the Bruins, Canucks and Panthers. The Jets have lost just 3 of their last 12 games and their offence is electric at the moment. The Ducks are still injured and will struggle here. If they couldn’t beat a Vegas team who has struggled on the road and has goalie issues I have little faith in them here.

Islander ML- This is a value play. Flyers needing a win is really no justification to play them, they are still leaking goals despite scoring them for a change. Islanders struggled in their last game and will improve here. They’ve not been great on the road, but have been much better. They’ve won 2 of their last 3 on the road and those were strong wins against the two best teams in the NHL- the Blues and Lightning. Take the underdog play.

Rangers ML- This team can score goals and a lot of them. They’ve been superb at home winning their last 6. They can manage a very up and down Detroit team who just got hit for 6 against the Oilers. Love this pick.

Jackets ML- The Jackets are on a 5 game winning streak and have been very tight defensively. The same cannot be said for the Senators who have lost 4 of their last 5. Jackets have edge in all areas here.

Oilers ML- I generally hate betting the Oilers because they’ve been trash all season, but after scoring 6 against the Wings they should manage a win against a Sabres side who have lost their last 7.

Kings ML- I’ve been fading the Kings because they’ve dipped off recently. However, they’ve been better on the road and have won 3 of their last 5 on the road. After winning three on the road the Coyotes went back to losing against the Sharks and I think that continues today with the Kings who desperately need to start winning again.

Canes ML- This Canes team has been pretty decent at home and Teravainen has been on fire. Toronto was on a streak, but are back to struggling at home. I have little faith in a team who could only put in one goal against the Coyotes and one against the Panthers. Take the Canes.

Canucks ML- The market is still seriously undervaluing the Canucks on the road, and I keep on saying it and keep on cashing in on it. They’ve now won the last 3 on the road. The Devils have struggled a lot lately, and see them losing this. The Canucks really should not be underdogs after beating the Kings, Flyers and Penguins on the road (all whilst being the underdog) and barely losing to the Blues at home…

Bolts ML- Value isn’t great here, but the Bolts have a perfect 5 wins on their last 5 road trips. Caps have been good at home but are still only 2-3 in their last 5. The Bolts quality will win out here.

Vegas ML – Simple pick here- Vegas has lost one game at home all season and that was at the very beginning of the season. Why would you fade them here? San Jose has only won 2 of their last 5 whilst the Knights are 4-1. Will keep taking them at home until they start losing more often. Yes this is all despite the Sharks very good away form of 4-1.