avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

A small profit last night as we finished going 1-1. Although the record was 1-1 we made a  profit so that’s a winning night.

We took the Stars in regulation against the Sens but the Sens won 7-4.  The Sens started the 3rd period up 4-1 but both teams scored 3 goals in the 3rd as Ottawa held on for the win.  Jamie Benn had another great night scoring twice and adding an assist which has him tied with Pat Kane for the league lead in points with 32.

We took the Ducks in regulation against the Flames and this one didn’t look good for us.  The Flames scored the first 2 goals but the Ducks added 2 of their own to finish off the 1st period.  The Flames started the 3rd up 3-2 then the Ducks scored 3 unanswered for the 5-3 win.  Getzlaf may not be scoring goals this year but he did his part in this game as he got an assist on all 5 goals on the night.

From a slow 2 game night last night we are treated to a nice full schedule of hockey with 13 games.

Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for Wednesday, November 25th

Blues vs Penguins Betting Tips:

Penguins Win is the tip for this one. 

Pittsburgh comes into this game rested and ready to get back into the win column after they lost their last game 3-1 to the Sharks on Saturday.  Before that loss they had won 2 straight.

The Blues have had a decent season and have had success over the Penguins when in Pittsburgh winning their last 3 in Pittsburgh. 

But the rested Pens should win this game to wrap up their 4 game home streak.

Flyers vs Islanders  Betting Tips:

The Islanders are going to be going all out in this one.  They have lost their last 2 games,  both against the Montreal Canadiens, and are more than happy to welcome a struggling Flyers team into town.

The Flyers have had a rough season so far.  They won their last game but have only won back to back games twice this season.  Plenty of problems for Philly this year but scoring goals is their major concern.  They set the franchise record for the lowest number of goals scored after 20 games with only 34 and sit in 30th place with 1.76 goals per game.

Islanders in regulation

Kings vs Lightning Betting Tips:

The Lightning are coming into this game on a 2 game win streak and will look to push it to 3 games which would be only their 2nd 3 game win streak since they started the season.

The Kings are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights so they’ll be tired.  Quick and the Kings have had success against the Lightning over their last few games but fatigue may play a factor for them.

It’s tough to predict a winner of this game but I like there to be goals.  Lots of superstars in one game so either way it’ll be a fun one to watch.

Over 5


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Kristóf Kássa

Hey, you guys have any reason not to bet the Caps at home, it should be an easy win for them.


We weren’t very impressed with them versus the Oilers. They were a consideration to bet to win in regulation for sure – but we just felt there were better opportunities.

Caps can be such a tough team to bet on because they lose so many games where you’d expect them to win, and their recent form has been really frustrating.

The bet does make complete sense and Capitals should do the business though.

Kristóf Kássa

Okay, thanks for your reply and for all of your tips and thoughts you’re sharing with us day to day 🙂


You’re welcome. Any games we don’t cover feel free to ask about. Always love talking hockey. And it’s nice to post thoughts in the comments where there’s less pressure 🙂

Marius Nagel-Petersen

I really like the daily tips you guys! Keep up the good work 🙂 Cheers from Norway


Thanks Marius!


How do you guys feel about Carolina and Oilers scoring a lot of goals tonight over 5?

Simona Razmoska

I think yes ?


They had 2 games last season that went over big time – 9 goals and 11 goals if memory serves me correctly.

In saying that – I don’t really have any faith in either teams offense at the moment. I think it hits exactly 5 the majority of the time.


What do you think about Habs wining with Rangers. I think is a “good” opportunity for Rangers to lose a game.:))


Gallagher being out for the Habs may not be that much of a loss. We’ve got plenty of other goal scorers and if anything it will mean less penalties. Habs also have beaten the Rangers in the last two games – shutting them out both times.

In saying that – I’ve been so impressed with the Rangers at home this season I’d be going with the Rangers. I’m just not 100% convinced on the Habs with Pricey back yet.


It will be an easy win for Rangers 🙂


Easy, indeed. Only 1-5.:))


Mata e curva indeed


I think pula mea in your mouth!


Awkward how You chose those games I’m not really sure about. I think buf’s, avs loses are quite sure, also wsh:wpg, sjs:chi seems like games that can go >5.5.

Marius Nagel-Petersen

What about a Nashville victory against Buffalo? They have won the last 4 matches against them.


I have a bet on the Sabres in that game actually – but that was more due to the odds than anything else. I logged on this morning excepting Buffalo to be slight underdogs and be recommending Predators to Scott – but I could get them as high as 2.50 and I thought that was insane for them at home and jumped on it. Great value.

In saying that I do think Preds will win. The action has been on Buffalo on that one so the Predators odds are actually good now.

Marius Nagel-Petersen

Yeah I thought so too. Think I will include predators in a combo with rangers 🙂

Chris Cicione

How do you feel about MON/NYR under 5? Top 2 goalies in the league facing off


Also 2 of the hottest offenses 🙂 I could put forth strong arguments for both the over and the under. I don’t have a particular preference for either.


Nashville, Minesota, Columbus, Washington, Arizona and Colorado to win

samim alizai

What do you think about a terrible like this one: predators to win, capitals -1 and the ducks to win?


Was “terrible” a typo for treble? Because it describes how I feel about it 🙂 It’s very risky.

samim alizai

Haha that auto correct..
But thanks for the feedback. .

Marc Lachance

Do you guys use ultra stats to do you prediction? If so can you recommend a good website?