avatar Written by Scott on Monday, November 30th, 2015

Only the one game last night and there was nothing we could find to bet on for it.

It was the Florida Panthers vs the Detroit Red Wings and the Panthers won 2-1 in OT.

And little better night tonight with 4 games so we are back with some tips.

Cyber Monday Special:

This is really cool – the online sportsbook Unibet have a Cyber Monday special.

You can bet the following:

– Canucks or Ducks to win: 4.00 odds
– Islanders or Avs to win: 2.60 odds
Rangers or Hurricanes to win: 2.25 odds
Leafs or Oilers to win: 2.90 odds

All are regulation time and are a LOT better odds than you’ll see below.

Sign up at Unibet now. (No Americans allowed)

Hurricanes vs Rangers Betting Tips:

The Rangers have been great all season but come into this game on a 3 game losing skid.  So for the Rangers they couldn’t be happier to see the Hurricanes as their opponent for tonight. 

They have been able to beat the Canes almost every time they play each other winning 17 of their last 18 matchups.  The Rangers have won the last 10 games against Carolina when the Rangers are at home.

The Rangers are in desperate need of a win to snap their losing streak and the own the Hurricanes so the tip is pretty obvious for this one.

Rangers in Regulation

Canucks vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Both of these teams limp into this game with the same record of 3-4-3 over their last 10 games.

The Canucks have lost 9 of their last 12 games and need to snap out of their bad play to get back into the playoffs mix.

The Ducks have had a rough go all season. There are games where they look like they have it finally figured out but normally follow that up with another brutal effort.

It’s tough to call a winner of this game so I’ll go with Over 5

Remember to Sign up at Unibet for those sick odds.

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Francesco Algieri

What do you think about the islanders over colsrado


No value unless you can find Isles in reg. O looks pretty good

Francesco Algieri

What do you think about Toronto as well?


stay away, they’re playing a rookie goalie: could be great, could suck.


Pretty much what SanDiegoBruins said.

Leafs/Oilers: On first glance Over 5.5 goals but Leafs have Sparks in net and we don’t know enough about him. If he’s half as good as Reimer or 30x as good as Bernier then it could be a long night for the Oilers.

Avs/Islanders: Probably only Islanders in regulation would be the bet. But the Avs have looked very solid at times on the road and I’m not super convinced by the Islanders right now.

Marius Nagel-Petersen

On the Norwegian Unibet site you can play on “cyber monday”. Better odds. 4.00 on Canucks, 2.60 on Islanders, 2.25 on Rangers and 2.90 on Toronto. Dont know if this odds is available in the US?


Ha – I didn’t notice that on Unibet. That’s AWESOME to see a sportsbook do something like that. Thanks for the heads up Marius I’ve edited it into the post above.

Marius Nagel-Petersen

Sweet! 🙂 you cant bet as much as you like. its a limit, but I dont know how much in dollars. About 32$ I think. They had a similar offer on black friday, but that was on european soccer 🙂

Simon Snider-Nevin

Im not seeing the cyber monday special at Unibet you mentioned

Simon Snider-Nevin

I found the special but on an account balance of $50 the site only let me bet $1.90 lol


Yeah it’s disappointing. I was able to bet a whopping $25 but hey better than nothing I guess.


Hard to call the Leafs/Oilers game Fransesco. Sometimes a new goalie can give a losing team a ‘spark’ pardon the pun, but Lupul is out (11pts) and Draisaiti +8, Hall +12 can lead the Oilers to a win. Good luck tonight!


I actually meant to do a “Biggest mistakes NHL Betters make” article yesterday due to no tips but got busy and didn’t get around to it.

One of them would be “Rookie goalie = instant over in goals” for example. Another would be the Leafs/Capitals game – just because Bernier was in net, I saw a lot of people jumping on the Over. It DID go over – but the problem is so many people take just one factor, and ignoring the many, many others.

Fei Li

Grahame u like Isles vs Aves more or Rangers vs Canes?

Mr Dj

You guys
You say you put up 3 picks every night and some nights I only see 2 max like tonight
NYR and u said over 5 for the Canucks game.
I’d like too see a consistant improvement
on the time picks are posted
amount of games posted

I’m starting to be a Fan of the site or I wouldn’t of wasted my time writing this ….

Thanks Boyz


Picks are posted at approximately 10am EST to 11am EST. We can’t do any earlier because the odds for a lot of games don’t get posted till 10am EST.

On nights where there aren’t a lot of games we’d rather make 2 picks we feel good about, rather then 3 picks with a risky one purely to meet a quota. However I’d say we have at least 3 picks 95% of the time.


Also just to add to that – we’re actually doing ourselves a disservice by posting tips that early. We’re doing it before any injury news throughout the day, or any injuries that occur at practice. Often we have to make educated guesses who the goalies are as the majority aren’t announced at that time. But we do them early to accommodate the European visitors.

Mr Dj

Fair enough
But everytime I happen to look I’ve only been following for one week now just stumbled upon the site searching for odds
U guys make valid points this is why I look to see what u post and reasons why u did so

U guys are doing good
Just thought I’d mention how I felt about what I was seeing that’s all

Luv from Ottawa
Mr Dj

Where are you guys from ?
How old ??

Mr Dj

Let’s screw the government and make some $$$ !


Does anyone have three winning teams today?


Mr Dj Give me two yours winners for today,


please answer