avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

It was a 1-0 night with the NHL Tips as the Montreal Canadiens shut out the Canucks en route to a 3-0 victory.

Of course the big sports story was the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. I’m sure you’ve heard about it all night long and all day long so I won’t go on about it much here – but wow, what a way for them to do it. What an incredible game that was and just an incredible series.

Sports are awesome.

In hockey tonight we’ve got a nice busy schedule of 12 games and a lot of interesting betting opportunities. Almost one month into the season, we’re really starting to see a lot of opportunities and betting options on nights like this.

Over the past few weeks there’s been nights with 12 or 13 games where no joke – we can’t find a betting pick in our initial look-through. Then we have to go through thoroughly analyzing everything just to confirm a pick.

For tonights games however at the initial look through there was about 6-7 betting options that jumped out at us.

We’ve now narrowed them down and here are the NHL Betting Tips for November 3rd, 2016:

Penguins vs Kings Betting Tips:

This was one where as soon as we saw the betting odds we said “We have to take this”. The Kings, who have had major goaltending issues, are now having major offensive issues and are taking on the Penguins at even odds who are on a 4 game winning streak.

When odds like this come up we spend the morning trying to convince ourselves not to bet it. It’s a back to back for the Penguins and their last B2B they got thumped on the second leg, the Kings will rise to the occassion and always give the Pens a tough game etc.

End of the day we just have to take the Penguins at those odds. Penguins to win. We see the odds dropping at some books we’d probably bet it down to 1.85 but it’s hard to go lower than that.

Canada: 1.95 Odds at Sports Interaction + $20 Free Bet.
USA: -115 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.90 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Oilers vs Rangers Betting Tips:

The Edmonton media have been going crazy over the Oilers lately – but this road trip could bring them back down to earth. This is a big test for them with some tricky games and they already stumbled at the first hurdle – losing to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

With McDavid pointless in two games, the big question seems to be “Is McDavid in a slump?”. Because hey – they have to come up with sensational headlines to get people talking.

Despite the loss to the Leafs, the Oilers racked up 46 shots on net. They’re going up against a sturdy Rangers team but we like the Oilers to be a match for them. It’s a bit of a risk with two goalies who have had some great performances this season, but we’re taking Over 5.5.

Canada: 2.00 Odds at Sports Interaction + $20 Free Bet.
USA: -105 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Devils & Bruins:

Those are the only two tips for today however I do want to mention the New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins – both of whom became VERY close to being tips. Honestly this early in the season we can be a bit gun shy with risky/value plays and there’s quite a few plays we’ve liked early in the day but decided not to pull the trigger on. (Both over 5.5s in the Pens & Flyers game last night for example).

These two teams were VERY close to being tips for us so just want to briefly cover that.

The Bruins are good value – we saw them at around 2.65 earlier and the line has dropped at most books to 2.45. We think the heavy underdog line was a reactionary line due to the Tampa 6-1 win. Rask is damn solid at moment, Bergeron is playing and the Bruins look confident in their games.

The Lightning offense seems to run hot and cold so really you’re betting on it being cold – or betting on it being hot but Rask keeping them out. The problem with Rask is that he’s not faced a Top 10 offensive team yet(based on goals per game average). Hell the best he has played is the 16th ranked team – the Detroit Red Wings. So basically before declaring Rask in “beast mode” etc – I’d like to see how they handle some top offenses first.

In regard to the Devils – I said very early in the season that we’d be betting on the Devils a lot this season I expect – once their offense starts clicking. And they’re slowly starting to. However they’ve had a couple of days break and sometimes rest isn’t what a team needs – especially a team who are just starting to get things going. Look at the Avs – I tipped them against the Jets due to a 6 day break and what happened there? Shut out. The odds have also dropped from around 2.50 to 2.30.

So while the line movements suggest they’re the plays to make we’re staying away from them today. Scott also liked the over in the Islanders/Flyers game.

Be sure to hang out in the comments or read them throughout the day as we’ve got a ton of great guys posting their tips, opinions and insights.

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Johnny Hockey

I will take a small shot at the Canucks to win @2.50 – They looked good last night but faced an amazing Price! Anderson is out for the Sens. So I will take a risky bet here 🙂


I just can say: you´re really brave taking Canucks! 🙂

Could become a good shot! GL!


I am taking a bit on the Canucks too. They should have won last night, but price was too good. Anderson is out too!


I don´t know, sometimes I wonder if is valuable give a shot to losing teams, I know that Sens are not the most nhl reliable winner but I ask myself if is not better to put my trust on a winner team?, for instance: Pens tonight as suggested main tip today, rather than Canucks that will have more losses than wins at the end…


A losing team that’s playing back to back too!


Yes ofcourse Rask looks very solid. But against who the hell he looked solid last 2 games? Red Wings and Panters? Should we compare their offensive skills nowadays?
I just think it is overvalue of Rasks power. Ofcourse he will not conceed so much, as for example Isles did, but still, is Boston enough power nowadays to score more? 1 goal against RW and 2 shit goals against Panters. Cant beleive that they are coming to a massive offensive form …
Tampa in reg.
Make me think opposite pls.


There are some good games for tonight
my pics will be Tampa win in reg. , Predators win in regulation … maybe I would go Pens like you guys said , in my opinion it will be easy game for the Pens
Kings are in a down form and they will miss Quick for matchup like this


S&G, I like the Pens win and Oilers-Blueshirts over. Two fast and high scoring teams.

I am with Scott and also like Flyers-Isles over -110 – 9 of 11 Flyers games have gone over including 3 b2b. Last 4 of 5 Isles games have gone over. Mason 3.46 & Halak 3.15. Decent odds. mid-high units

Blues ML -110 – battle of two under-achieving teams. I have to give the nod to the Blues who have the edge in net and a 2-0 record against division opponents. Low units.

I’m not a computer programmer so I can’t create a complicated analytical tool. I look at records, splits, injuries, goalie performance and trends.


disclaimer: I am an amateur gambler and do not pretend to be a professional handicapper. My bets are usually relatively small bets. I have reasons for making my bets, but do your own due diligence and follow my bets at your own risk.


Tonight picks,

Islanders win %100
Panthers win %100
Kings win %100

Good luck everyone


Don’t see how kings can win tonight with peter budaj as starting goalie and agains’t red hot Penguins 😛


Lets talk after the game ?


Hope you don’t mean what I wrote. I just watched the games the night before and tried to put a comment on that, but I didnt bet on it! Penguins were hot, not just because ducks were “bad”, no because they were on road. Cannucks may win, yes because they seemed to want that what you say, they wanted to win against montreal… If you think a replacement is more positive for a team, it feels for me like a coinflip. But there should be players who are important for teams.
I made a bet on Panthers. Thanks mate 🙂


no no, I am not against that people are thinking like that, I just think that the way is wrong how they set their tips. I saw other night that someone was saying ” Anderson is back and other team probably will be very welcome because he has bad moment that his wife has cancer” :S
Is that really possible? I do not really believe things works like that. Anderson can be good but I say there are people who wants to be Anderson and show up. They have more to show 😉 I hope that is clear what I say.
Canucks might want to win. All the teams wants that but sorry it doesnt work like that again. That type of games are very good value for the teams like Senators.
However I am working on Jackets game for tonight and I believe they might beat Canadiens. I will think of it and do my last choice tonight.


Last night was not good for me, only 1 from 3.
Tonight: Leafs, Caps, Avalanche and Blues.


I don’t know if anybody cares, but today I had value picks for Arizona and Winnipeg. I told my little friend that there are to much injuries. So again a night without bets for me.

I watched Penguins last night, they are on fire. Hopefully also today! 🙂
And I watched the Cannucks. Had a feeling they were like sleeping pills the first minutes, but then they showed some willing to win. As Johnny Hockey wrote there could be a nice value considering Anderson is out.
Good luck


Lads, I advise you to not play more than 1 game. Its gamble. Every each game your chance 50% of course you are not betting for FT result. If you are betting for FT then your chance is even smaller than 50%.

Make me goodness and put your 1 or 2€ to one game, if we win then lets put all to another favourite game and continue like that till you are satisfied.

Winning something is always better than losing right? So who wants to do that? Lets do it together and see how far we can go!

Btw it was 3rd night in a row I go good with my picks.

The Night Manager

”Winning something is always better than losing right?”

This is what lead to the global financial crisis.


I advise you to deal with you pocket now. Global finance will always be handled by big balls ? If you go good then you earn good, if you lose then you lose 2€


I like it! 😀

Nice you give wise advices!

Just is tempting not to go for several choices, until now I only bet $0.10 usd per match, I know is ridicuolous but I do with the goal of learn; as soon as I learn, who and when bet more money, then I think will be worth it.

Cheers Mate!


Understand and respect your way but I again advise you to concantrate on only one game. So lads, give here your favourite hint to make the night more easy for Alex.


Thanks! is why I´m here, to learn and I´m open to do what works better!

Since last season I like it your suggestion of never bet in regulation, it makes sense.

Betting on regulation gives 1/3 of chances, while ML is 1 vs 1.


You can bet on regulation if you don’t bet parplay.

And it’s not really 50/50 even if you bet on money line. Always depends on factors. Starting goalie, injuries, teams streak, hot players, b2b games etc.


Nothing wrong with betting extremely small amounts. Never worry about the amount you bet – and it’s a good way to start thinking in terms of units and distancing yourself from the dollar value. Slowly grow your bankroll first through winning picks then via bonuses when you feel comfortable.

I wouldn’t agree with focusing on just one game though. But I also know way too many people who spread themselves thin when it comes to betting and picking way too many games every night. You see them make very basic mistakes such as blaming a goalie for conceding 3 goals while ignoring the fact that all 3 goals were on the PK and he played great other than that. Or – as we mentioned above in the tips – betting on the Bruins due to Rask being in top form but then you look beyond the headlines and realize he’s not quite proving himself to be that good yet etc.

Just make sure any picks you make you cover them from every angle. Have a list of everything to look into and feel free to add to the list for each game. Make notes of what is helping you etc and what factors you feel are important.

And I don’t agree with never betting in regulation either. With 3 vs 3 it’s practically a coinflip and so in my opinion it makes any picks less skill based. To use an example from tonight – the Capitals are heavy favourites at 1.43 to beat the Winnipeg Jets. If I believe the Capitals are going to win that game, I’d be betting it in regulation because I’m betting on the Capitals skill to be good enough to take care of the Jets. If the Capitals beat them in OT? Then I’d consider myself super lucky to have won that basically, and risking 1 unit to win 0.43 odds on a coinflip is not something I wish to do.

That’s not to say it’s one or the other. Betting an underdog we’ll usually take it to include OT because we’re getting better odds if it goes to the coinflip. Some teams ARE better than others in OT or shootouts over the course of a season, and some teams take games to OT enough that it’s worth having that safety net.



Many Thanks Graeme!

In my case I´m betting not just for fun, of course I love sports but my main goal is to have an extra income, salary never is enough and I´ve tried some business projects that has not worked, so I´m trying hard to get extra money in a near future with my favorite hobby.


Understand your point and respect that. For me its better to find 1 game than find many games. People makes combine to earn more money but they get risk with adding every each games.

People who wants they can still play on many other games of course. I just want they ll also put their 1,2,3 or 5€ for lions plan. Concantrate heavily on one game and spread it out. We all will see here how far we go! I ll put my 3€ on Panthers tonight and see how far I go with it.


Great we can share respectfully differents views! I got Lion point: One Bullet, One Shot!, also the other business strategy: Diversification: if one business go bad, you got others options. Thanks for sharing!


I don’t understand. What you are planing? You want to put 1 unit on just one game. Then if you win, you want to put the unit+profit on another game. If you win you put again all on another game. Until you lose or stop? I mean if you don’t stop you will lose. 😛


Project lion starts today. We will limit with 15 games. You can stop before if you get fine with that but if you want to complete the project then you go till 15 games.other things are exactly how you said


Hahaha Okay. Let’s see whether this is possible. I know that I’m not able to predict 15 games in a row without a mistake! Good luck

The Night Manager

Jets +200
Devils +135
Nucks/Sens o5.5 +135
Hawks + Timberwolves (NBA) +200

@nightm4n4g3r on the twittersphere


Great night last night! 3-0 with my picks (+2.7u) and the Cubs end the drought! I like the Hawks tonight, O5.5 goals in the Islands/Flyers game, and U5 in the Bruins/Lightning game.
@BlueLineBets on Twitter


Going with both canadian teams tonight. Nucks are looking to end losing streak with Anderson being absent and McDavid and Oilers will look to prove something out with Rangers. Both are worth Moneyline.

Jens Denmark

Hawks in reg. – I think they have stepped up their game recently, expect to see both Kane and Toews on fire tonight

Rangers in reg. – Plenty of firepower at home in particular, don’t think Oilers can keep it going

Predators in reg. – Pre season I had pretty high hopes for them, tough start but I think they will carry over the momentum from beating Avalanche the other night

GL – in Danish: held og lykke!

Nick the greek

Flyers,tampa in regular,rangers and Chicago h

chris osborn

What’s this “regulation” i thought that meant money line. Hockey is a “money line ” sport. Atleast in vegas. It’s all money line. Either win or loose


Money line is to win with overtime/shootout included. However at pretty much every online sportsbook you can bet for them to win in regulation. You can also bet them to win the puck line(1.5 point spread) which most Vegas books offer.

chris osborn

Gotcha, no we don’t have regulation just all money line. We do have puck line tho -1.5

chris osborn

Islanders -150 is my top pick.
I also like oilers and predators and to mention while black hawks at home is somthing everyone wants to jump on. I believe they haven’t really shown up this season that well. So considering the value and the fact that avalanche is a better team at this point l like avalanche to win.

chris osborn

After some looking into this game and bruins having a ATS of 134-91 in November games and also 13-5 against division opponents on the road. I like bruins


Project lion 1/15 3th November 2016

Panthers win 3€

Please specify your games also like I did so then we can follow rogether.

Good luck


Good start. Tomorrow 2/15


Guys, you can start your lions project anytime you want. Just share it here and make us aware of that. You dont have too share in case you dont want


Panthers-Devils Over 5.5
Penguins win
Flyers win

Tony Piazza

I joined My Bookie.ag because you said they were a good web site to bet at. I have $2,000.00 with them and I could even log on this site to bet the Penguins tonite, because my password and ID was not accepted. I tried calling @ there toll free number and was on hold for a F*** hour with no one answering the phone, so I must assume BetNHL.ca is part of the
My Bookie.ag rip off. YOU suck.


In all the years we’ve been running this website we have not once mentioned MyBookie.ag. Are you high?