avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, November 3rd, 2023

Well last nights over felt a bit of a sweat at times, but it finally came in.

It was the Wild that I was sweating. I had that slight concern over their SCGF, and when they were 3-0 down I was really starting to regret it. When the Devils scored with 5 minutes left I thought it was over – but thankfully the Wild didn’t just give up and gave us that much needed 7th goal.

In saying that, I do feel we got quite fortunate with that one.

It was nice to see the Canucks get such a huge win over the Sharks. They’re a team I would love to have confidence in this season and so it helps add to that when they get the big win in spots that you may consider “trap” spots.

Good to see the Jackets offense produce, and I hope to see more of that. Oilers in a sweet spot against Wedgewood and couldn’t pull it off. Amazing.

Much quieter Friday with two games.

Sabres vs Flyers:

These two just played and I’m happy to avoid. With Hart now out for a few weeks, it could be a tough time for them.

Many will probably be jumping on the Sabres due to the Flyers goaltending situation. I can see it for sure. But their xGF is still fairly low, while the Flyers offense can produce and they could make a game of this.

I’d lean more towards the over myself. Buffalo don’t have the metrics to back it, but considering the Flyers goaltending that probably balances that out. Just not a super fan of the price.

Blues vs Devils:

Blues come in off a couple of losses against tough opposition. They’re still hard to really figure out this season but they have showed they can go toe to toe with quite a few teams.

Devils on a B2B after the big win in Minnesota. The over isn’t a play purely due to the Blues offensive metrics. If you’re backing something it’s probably related to the Devils but the B2B puts me off. Their last B2B second leg was that 6-4 loss to the Caps.

No bet here.

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Props to Sharks for almost pulling off the upset last night


THANK YOU to the Vancouver Canucks who paid for my morning coffee, two apple danish and a newspaper, plus change. Congrats to the Canucks for showing self-determination and not behaving like the Penguins. Canucks are now second in the Division with considerable a gap opening above the dysfunctional Flames and Oilers camps, the two teams who have 4 more points than the Tyrannosaurus Sharks.

To WIN moneyline: Buffalo Sabres.
Confirmed goalies are Buffalo’s Luukkonen and the Leak Machine Ersson. When Philly outshoots Buffalo 40-14 and Buffalo wins, and Philly is on a serious slide while Buffalo is rounding into form, after a day off, Buffalo at home, with few penalties expected in this particular matchup, moneyline seems good.

Also not touching the New Jersey game. Devils lost on back-to-backs this season to Arizona and Washington, yet still scored 7 goals in those games. I can’t predict what kind of trouble the Blues will give them, a team that has only scored 15 goals in 8 games. Jersey will not put much into this, but what that means, in a snore-fest, I can’t guess. Under is not safe. Over is not safe.