avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Well we finally got back on track with a winning night as we finished going 2-1.

We had Over 5.5 in the Flames vs Avalanche game and this one went over when the Avs singlehandedly won this for us when they won 6-3.   Big game from Iginla who scored twice and added an assist. 

Our other win for the night came when we tipped Over 5.5 in the Flyers vs Oilers game and this squeaked by for us in the Oilers 4-2 win.  Despite picking up the win the Oilers suffered a devastating loss.  Conner McDavid broke his collarbone and is expected to miss the next 2 months.

Our loss of the night was when we tipped the Devils to beat the Islanders but the Isles  scored with just over 2 minutes left in the 3rd to pick up the 2-1 win. The Odds for a Devils win was 2.40 so we had to take them and it almost worked out for us.

4 games on tonight for us. And let’s start a winning streak again.

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Penguins vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Penguins had a horrible start to the year but come into this game on a 4 game win streak and have won 7 of last 8. 

The Canucks have had some success so far this year and have owned the Pens over their last 2 games going 2-0 and outscoring them in those games 8-0.

But the Penguins are dangerous and seem to be getting used to their new players and system. And once Crosby comes alive then watch out.

Penguins win for 1.95 at Bovada for Americans and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else.

Jets vs Maple Leafs Betting Tips:

The Leafs picked up a big win against the Stars on Monday night which was their first home win of the season. They haven’t had a winning streak so far this year and I don’t see them starting one tonight.

The Jets will be looking to get back in the win column after they lost to the Habs 5-1 which snapped their win streak at 2 games. 

Jets in regulation for 2.05

Also going to go with Over 5.5 for 1.95 .  Leafs will make a game of this after their huge win over the Stars but wont be able to match the Jets. And Reimer has been horrible against the Jets over the last 4 games against them going 0-3-0 and has a 5.19 GAA in those games.

Place both bets at http://www.5Dimes.eu for Americans(Need to register to see lines) and and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else.


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The Leafs and Jets are motivated to win for different reasons. The question is which team is hungrier. Jets are on a btob and want to bounce back from their loss to the Habs. The Leafs have lots of momentum from their win and want to go for btob wins for the 1st time. I’m with you guys on this one. The Jets want this one more but I think the Leafs will be competitive. Either way, it’ll be a hard fought physical game. Should be a good one.

Bob Harvey

You guys keep up the good work! This hockey fan in Southern California looks forward to the daily emails.


Hey Bob, Scott & Graeme’ have a great site. They’re really ‘down to earth’ and just like them, I love hockey. How Canadian is that? Are you a Ducks, Sharks or Kings fan? Teams dread playing in ‘death valley’ because each team is so competitive but this has been a weird start for all of them. The KIngs are back on track, the Ducks are starting to get back on track and the Sharks are getting off track. Since the Ducks are the only Californian team playing tonight, Go Ducks go!

Bryce J

I found better odds for all of these at bet365.

Jets 3-way 2.25
Jets/Leafs Over 5.5 2.20
Pengs 2-way 2.00


Yeah most of our followers don’t bother doing line shopping unfortunately, so we generally go with the widely available lines when posting. Don’t worry when we bet we make sure we have the best lines 🙂 We may look at changing the way we approach things later in the season as people really need to start doing line shopping.

Phil Gwyther

Pinnacle Sports trumps that even, got a whopping 2.37 earlier for Jets in regulation and the over was at 2.25.

How can you not line shop?


In Canada you can place bets at the local convenience stores. The rule is you have to pick a 3 team parlay – can’t do less than that like single bets. And the odds for the parlay are horrible compared to online.

I’ve got friends who despite being informed of the advantages of single betting, or of the much better odds of betting online, or of bonuses, or of the convenience factor, of the many other features of online betting(such as live betting) – will still go to that convenience store once a day to place their massively -EV bets.

So it unfortunately doesn’t surprise me that people just refuse to line shop. We may incorporate it into our betting tips soon though because it’ll make us look better 🙂


Phil Gwyther

Sounds like my home country New Zealand where the only brick and mortar betting agencies are the government owned TAB. They cover hockey but you can imagine how bad the lines are.


Yeah when government run, the odds are always brutal. A parlay that would net you $100 online you’d see at $65 here.

We think we’re going to start pushing line shopping though – so thanks for the motivation. It’s something we’ve talked about many times in the past and these comments brought a fresh conversation about it and we’ve decided to push it more on here