avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Hi all,

Welcome to the NHL Tips for November 4th, 2017.

Tips will be a bit abrupt today as I’m traveling. Scott will be handling all the tips from now until next Friday although I’ll try and weigh in where I can.

In saying that the break might be good for me as I feel I’ve shyed away from some winning tips lately.

There was the Capitals 2 nights ago and then last night the Oilers as well as the Over 5 in the Ducks game. The Caps one I didn’t feel too bad about but the ones last night – I really should have made them official tips.

Anyway here’s the thoughts on today:

Rangers vs Panthers Betting Tips:

Going with Over 6. Rangers offense usually comes to life against weak goaltending and that’s what the Panthers have – however they’re able to bring in the goals themselves as well.

Seems like a good competitive game with both teams really wanting a win that will go over.

Coyotes vs Canes Betting Tips:

Coyotes are on a great run of high scoring games. Have to go back like 9 games to get a game where it went under 6.

Canes a lot of their recent road games have been high scoring affairs and they are highly ranked in SOG.

Taking Over 6 Goals.

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Oliver Trigg

Jets ML? Surprised to not see that tipped. Or Kings ML?


I think both teams win

Oliver Trigg

I hope so, not enjoying November so far (Blues loss to Flyers, Tampa to Rangers, Devils to Oilers) !


it’s an 82 game marathon, make sharp bets and you’ll do fine

Eivind Kjartansson

Anyone has some thoughts on Sens vs Vegas?

Oliver Trigg

Vegas still has Lagace in net with a 4.58 GA, Ottawa has Craig Anderson who had a pretty solid start last game out. Just because of Vegas net issues right now I’d have to take Ottawa at home.

Eivind Kjartansson

Thanks! Have some of the same thoughts. I’m going with the Sens in regulation and over 5.5 in Rangers game. Wanted to add the Blue Jackets, but going without. Hopefully I don’t regret that..

Oliver Trigg

Senators in reg and rangers over 5.5 I agree with. Probably safer to shy away from Bluejackets- don’t know what Lightning team will show up. If the offence shows up jackets could easily drop it.

Western RattlersD

I really think Vegas is the real thing, but with their goalies all out with injuries, they’re a bit jinxed right now playing games against good talent teams. Holding off for a little while to see how they recover (and when!).


I called it! Almost makes up for my Devils miss last night

Smoking Barrel

I like Jets-Habs going over5,5. Any thoughts?

Oliver Trigg

No Corey Price, strong offence of Jets, plus historically it generally does go above 5.5. Good play.


Fully agree!


My one unit combo tonight is: Caps, Avalanche, Ducks and Kings.
Also i have 2 units on Erik Karlsson to score@ 3.5.
If Erik will score next bet is 5units on Queens.

benny norgren

Wow now you hade the luck on your side !;)


I’m sorry, no time for write-ups today:
Golden Knights ML +170
Capitals ML ev
Panthers ML -115
Jets ML -130
Parlay — Pens, Cats, Caps
Parlay — Kings PL + Canes PL (pure goalie play)


No worries thanks for your input SDB:)


Crossing my fingers on LVGK for you.

Western RattlersD

To WIN: LA and Dallas
OVER: Florida
Leans: Winnipeg wins and Over, Carolina Over, Toronto Over, San Jose Under.
Notes: Pittsburgh, Nashville, Toronto, Philadelphia and Anaheim are playing their third game in four nights. Nashville and Anaheim are in back-to-back games tonight. Montreal is so extremely bad they’re likely to make desperate corrective changes and who knows what that will bring day to day. St. Louis defense may be able to shut down Toronto tonight. Toronto may be good for an average of about three goals, but St. Louis is on a tear and looks like it can net four goals a game these days, so no bet or lean there on the side.


Pretty much agree across the board, especially Canes-Yotes. Canes bring it every night and Yotes will have no answer



Geir Aage R Jensen

Geir project 1/8

Montreal win

Good luck everyone!

Geir Aage R Jensen

B. Saad scores


Lion project 4/15
Blackhawks ML


Ducks ML with 4 units ODD 2.6
Ducks OT with 2 units ODD 3.9

Roquelvy Belliard Toribio

Arizona + fucks

Roquelvy Belliard Toribio

Ranger +
Arizona + ?????