avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Wow what a night of action that was.  Some incredible games, 7 games needed extra time and 4 went to a shootout.

For the tips we went 1-1

We went with over 6 in the Rangers vs Panthers game and this looked like a loss when it was tied at 0 after the 1st period.  But both teams score twice in the 2nd and the same in the 3rd and the Rangers won 5-4 in OT.

We also had over 6 in the Coyotes vs Hurricanes game but this one stayed low when  the Coyotes won 2-1 in a shootout.

The Leafs lost the 2nd straight game when they were beat 6-4 by the Blues.  The Leafs are now 4-6 over their last 10 games.  The Lightning beat the Blue Jackets 5-4 in OT.  Stamkos and Kucherov both scored.

The Knights snapped their 3 game losing skid when they beat the Sens 5-4.  Karlsson picked up his first goal of the season in the loss.

As Graeme said he will be away for a little bit and I’ll be doing the tips while he is away.  Thanks to some prior commitments the tips may be late on some days but they will be there I promise.

Ok it’s Sunday, November 5th and we have 4 games scheduled with the start times stretched out nicely.  The first game starts at 4:00pm ET, the last at 9:00pm.  A great day of hockey.  Let’s get to the tips.

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Red Wings vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Wings are struggling.  They had a strong start to the season winning 4 of 5 but have gone 2-6-1 since.

The Oilers have also been struggling but they played a strong game in their last contest, probably the best performance all season.  The momentum they gained in that win over the Devils is going to carry over into this game.

I like the Oilers to win and I’m going to go with the  Oilers in regulation

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Canadiens vs Blackhawks  Betting Tips:

The Habs are still dealing with a Carey Price injury so Montoya should be getting the start.

Chicago is riding into this game having won their last 2 games, both where shutouts.

The Hawks won the first meeting against the Habs 3-1 on October 10th and can sweep the season series with a win in this one.

Chicago is at home so I like them to continue their strong play in this one.  If Graeme was home we would be watching this game with some pints but I’ll have to drink by myself,  not  a problem.

Blackhawks in regulation

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two bets
Blackhawks regulation
parlay – Blackhawks ML + Isles ML


Oliver Trigg

I took Islanders Reg and Blackhawks ML. Last night again hit by the favourites dropping the ball (Jets and Kings). What is going on in November?

Western RattlersD

Recently in general hockey chat I’ve noticed some teams are making considerable line changes, which can take several games to figure out. Colorado has an illness going through it these days. Some teams have attitude problems, some teams think they’re God and have to lose 5 games before they realize maybe they need to put in effort (Edmonton?). Bad management (Edmonton, Montreal, others) shows up by November. The list is long!

Oliver Trigg

And Tampa putting in a one goal effort against the Rangers ha! The Jets getting 17 shots off against Montreal’s 50? Odd odd odd

Serviette Sky

montreal is the team shooting the most in the league by far i think..


that’s hockey man, its a crazy game. if the favourites always won and everything always happened the way it was supposed to it wouldn’t be any fun to watch!!


I have been following you for a while and I must admit your are a great capper ?

How do you feel about Oilers ?
Do you think they will bring momentum from the last game against the Devils to this game ?

Alexandre Roy

Hi guys !! I have two question
Whats ML mean ? and why the odd of winning in regular on pinnacle are always lower compare to overtime ? For example tonight the edm overtime included is 1,512 and in regular 1.465 if you bet in regular what will happen if the game goes in ot ? As you guest english isnt my first language thxs for the anwser !!


ML = moneyline. Meaning that overtime and shootout are included. Win in regulation or 3-way win bet are determined at the end of period 3, hence a draw is a possible result. 2-way bets and ML bets take into account overtime and shootout, so ML or 2-way bet is kind of like a “final” result bet where as 3-way bet is “result at the end of regulation time.

Alexandre Roy

Thx you !!


Red Wings, Avalanche, Blackhawks and Flames with one unit, Red Wings single with 5.
And i hope no overtime this time.

Oliver Trigg

Red Wings and Avalanche bad bets…. Avalanche the worst of the two


That’s good.:)
Almost every time when somebody challenge my choises my picks were correct.
We will see!


Not this time buddy …?



Oliver Trigg

Pretty sure last time I challenged your pick on Canucks to beat NJD…. Canucks didn’t win


You were right, but only partially.:))

Western RattlersD

To WIN: Chicago and Islanders
I can’t pick (what should be an easy pick) the Islanders to go over, because Colorado is on a back to back and third game in four nights, the team has an illness going through it right now, so I expect their output to be sub-par and if they tighten up on defense to compensate, everything slows down?

Geir Aage R Jensen

Geir project 1/8

McDavid to score

Good luck everyone!


Lendo project 2/10

Islanders ML

Bernier in net for Avalanche does not bode well.


Chicago Blackhawks…the most under-performing team in the league.


Whats wrong with comments on post “November 6th”?


Technical issues. Not for first time last week.
More certainly will be resolved.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Yeah something was messed up. I’ve opened the comments on there now. For some reason the tips aren’t all showing up. I’m down in the States so have no access to what Scott wrote I’ve told him to get it fixed so hopefully he will soon