avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, November 6th, 2016

A great night last night when we went 2-0 with the NHL tips.

We had the Hawks to beat the Stars and they won 3-2.  The Hawks scored early in the game,  11 seconds into the first, but the Stars answered with 2 of their own to lead 2-1 after the first period.  But the Hawks scored 2 of their own in the 2nd and held off the Stars for the win.

Our other tip of the night was the Caps to win in regulation against the Panthers and thanks to 3 goals in the 3rd they won 4-2.

The Leafs beat the Canucks 6-3 for their 3rd straight win.  This game got really wild in the 3rd where there was 8 fighting majors.  The Canadiens got the win, barely, against the Flyers 5-4 after that embarrassment of a game the night before.  Overall it was an awesome night of NHL action

It was also a great day in the Juniors.  In the OHL we went 1-0 for 1.05 units, and our AHL system debuted with a 2-0 win for +2.06 units.

We don’t have any tips for the AHL/WHL/OHL today however if you want to get prepared for the next tips, you can bet them at:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

A decent day for us with 6 games. So let’s get to the NHL tips for Sunday, November 6th.

Jets vs Rangers Betting Tips:

The Jets have been playing a bunch of hockey of late, 8 games in 13 days, so they must be feeling tired.  And they will be without 3 of their better players as Myers, Stafford and Little are out with injuries.

The Rangers are rolling right now.  They’ve won 4 in a row and are 7-1 at home.  They have been scoring almost at will scoring 5 or more goals in 5 of their last 6 games.

With the way they are playing right now it’s hard to bet against the Rangers but when it’s the banged up and tired Jets in town I’m all over New York in this one.

Rangers in Regulation 

Canada: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -130 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

Flames vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Both teams have had a rough start to their seasons.

The Flames got pounded last night by the Kings 5-0.  Their number 1 goalie and big offseason pickup Brian Elliott has horrible numbers so far with a 3.33 GAA and a .887 save percentage.

On paper the Ducks are the better team but consistency is their issue.  They will get their act together and could build off of their last game on Friday when they beat the Coyotes 5-1. Over the last 10 meetings between these teams the Ducks have owned the Flames going 9-1

I like the home team Ducks to win this one and continue their dominance of Calgary.

Ducks in regulation 

Canada: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -130 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

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Great night for me to, 4 from 4.
Tonigh picks are: Hurricanes, Red Wings, Stars and Ducks.


Oilers will beat the wings


You look prety sure about this.
Bet your house on Oilers and get ritch!:)


Already did, and the kids college fund…




Look who was right 🙂


You’d better cash-out. 🙅 🙅 🙅


Jonas Gustavsson making his first start of the season vs Jimmy Howard? Hmmm….over maybe


what makes you think that wings will win. Because they lost last few games? I also think that Oilers may win tonight but of course I wont bet on that game.


I’m also on the side of the wings. Mainly because they have a nice home h2h and they really need to win a game. Edmonton also with more injuries and away. Howard in goal, injured defense man comes back. etc Would really prefer the wings here.


🙂 understand. you remember what we have talked before? Replacements have much to give. Wondering now what is going to happen with that game.


It’s definitely a nobet. But we can have fun watching them fight. :)))


Stars have much injuries! Let’s hope they win tonight!
They should have win yesterday. That hit on Toews cost the game.


Feels like this will be a good season for me. 6 from 7 so far and +9,33 units. 🙂
Today I’ve got NJ Devils ML ODD 2.3 with 1 unit


I also thought about Devils but nah I will go only with Blues.

Btw yesterday I slept somehow and could not bet on Sharks 🙂 I was bit happy after I saw the score.


Hehe fine. I didn’t bet too. Was focused on my Carolina game and already fine with the + 🙂 If you said ‘let’s go for montreal that looks great’, I would have made a bet on them. 😛


yes but after 10-0 did not want to approach them. Btw it was still tough game. 5-4
Islanders very weird this year. They could win the game very easily.


2-0 so far! Awesome! Can’t believe this accuracy of my program. Hopefully this success will keep going the whole season! 🙏

Jens Denmark

3/3 last night 🙂

Hawks reg. – Very solid on home ice and I think they will ride the momentum from beating the Stars in a tight one yesterday. Also Kane seems to be back on track

Rangers reg. – Such good vibes for them currently and they look fast and aggressive so I think they will run past the Jets


Lion project 1/15

Blues win %100

lets see how far we go this time.

Good luck everyone

Norbert Buzási

What is that “%100” stands for?


of course it means how strong I feel about my decision!

Norbert Buzási

Ah, alright! Thank you!


I’m with you.


Easy win Blues ☺ and Oilers also won. “Replacements have much to give” said by lion ??


Yeah you seem to have a good point there. I’ll watch for more of this. 🙂 We’ll stay connected here, mate.



Anaheim Ducks win

Good luck to you aswell! =)


Good job! Keep sliding ☺


Mate. Just one question. There was a bad value for the ML bet. I know that you just do ML bets, but didn’t this game seem to be an easy regulation bet? 🙂 The value was nearly worth it. I also did the ML bet, but St. Louis seemed to do an easy regulation win and they did.
I also always do ML bets, but on underdogs.
As S&G mentioned days ago a bet on underdogs is worth the ML. A bet on favo is worth the regulation. In my opinion this is a nice idea for getting good values, especially on favos.


I was thinking totally same like you. We can actually discuss and get some risk and bet on regulation sometimes.but our chance will be 1 in 3 then. What do you think? Do you have any game for today? Would like to hear from you. Thanks


75% Boston.
25% Vancouver.
50% Florida.


firstly thank for your work. I like Bruins as well but they dont have good situation in team at the moment and the things what they are doing is not stable. In other hand Buffalos are very complicated and they have ability to beat such team in such condition like Bruins.
With your 2nd tip I understood that you give chance to Islanders %75 right? I like Islanders a lot. I believe you afraid that Canucks already lost many games and somehow they could win but the things are not vice versa for Islanders as well. Good game for Islanders to rise up.
Panthers are my favourite tonight but your %50 percent will make me worried and work more about that. I will make some analyses and see what would be good to go.

Norbert Buzási

After a great night yesterday, I felt like I might have a night off, but eventually I am going with this: Ducks in reg., Rangers in reg., Red Wings-Oilers +5.5 and Blackhawks-Stars +5.5

My only lost one was the Stars-Hawks +5.5 and if anyone seen that game, could feel my pain. 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

Didn’t go so well last time i posted here, but whenever i haven’t posted i’ve been doing really well, lol. Let’s hope i don’t have to shut myself out from this site :’D

Let’s try this again:

Spot on with last night’s tips G&S, went with the same bets and the Pens in reg. as they were the few that really stood out.

Anyway my tips for tonight:

Blues Handicap (-1.5) @ 2.76

I expect the Blues to come out in waves tonight. Tarasenko gave them a W they needed badly and now the pressure isn’t so heavy anymore, i expect them to want more, come out hard and get contribution from all over the lineup. And i don’t think the Avs are good enough to counter this. There’s a reason why the Blues have been one of the best regular season teams and i think we’ll see it tonight. Whenever you have a great team with rising confidence hungry for the win and their home crowd backing them up – that’s a bad combination for anyone.

Devils in regulation @ 3.30

Just because the Canes took advantage of the slumping Preds last night, it doesn’t mean they would’ve been better than the Devils recently. Devils have lost 2 in a row and are looking to respond here with a hard working road game. Lack has been shaky for the Canes so far this season. I really don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be able to win, and value considered i think it’s a good bet.

Note: im assuming Lack plays, if Ward is in i’ll probably pass.

Stars in regulation @ 3.25

I feel like Dallas got out of their slump. They haven’t been nearly as bad in the last 3 games and got the winning experience against Blues. They will be fired up for tonights game, especially Jamie Benn who made a mistake on the P. Kane gwg last night. Scott Darling is likely in for the Hawks and that’s huge. I think the Stars can take advantage of him right now and on top of that i expect them to outwork the Hawks overall in the course of 60 minutes. Also i have a deja vu from last season, in a game where Dallas was considered a heavy underdog they scored 4 goals against the Hawks in the 1st period at the United Center. Value is good here.

Ducks-Flames OT @ 4.10

Flames were embarassed last night, Ducks are playing well. This is one of those games that if the Ducks blow the Flames out i look stupid, but if it in fact goes to OT i look like a genious. I base this bet completely on sports psychology and according to my past notes, the same type of games have gone to OT a lot of times in the past. Basically what it’s about: Ducks playing well and they know it, they also know the Flames aren’t playing that well and are in the tail end of a b2b. Complacency kicks in a bit and you don’t have the killer instinct to win the game in regulation, while the Flames try everything they can to get some points out of it.

Also i think a lot of people are expecting the Red Wings to win, but the Oilers have the former Wing Gustavsson in net playing his first game of the season so he’ll be pumped up. Not only that, but the Wings D is shaky atm so it seems like the perfect game for McDavid to work his magic. Just something to think about. Im going to pass on this one though, as i don’t feel confident in anything.

And finally, the Jets-Rangers game is just too iffy to me. I actually expect the Jets to start strong and the Rangers to start slow. But am i confident in the Jets ability to hold a lead against Rangers ? Nope. They just don’t have a super hot goalie back there even though Hellebuyck’s been decent.

Anyway, good luck with whatever bets u guys going for !


sometimes others may make you think different and it effects decisions. either good or bad


Thought i’d share my predictions, been around here since the middle of last season. Made and account now 2 days back and just wanted to get engaged in the community 😀

STL Blues Win
CHI Blackhawks Win
NY Rangers Win
ANA Ducks Win (Bet of the night)

Good luck everyone! =)


i take blues hc 0-1 and rangers.goordluck boys


Scott great pks Last night!!!