avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Well not a great night with the tips, we went 0-1-1.

We had over 6 in the Rangers vs Capitals game and this one hit exactly 6 when the Caps won 5-1.  Ovechkin scored twice and now has 732 career goals which moves him past Marcel Dionne for 5th on the all time goals list.

I also had the Jets to win in regulation against the Ducks but the Ducks won 4-1.  Mason McTavish made his NHL debut at 18 years old and scored and added an assist.  He went from being a gameday scratch to the youngest player in Ducks history to score a goal.

The Avalanche beat the Hawks 4-2.  They were without MacKinnon and coach Bednar.  Bowen Bryam scored a goal and had an assist for the Avs.  The Maple Leafs beat beat the Canadiens 2-1. It was a rematch from last year’s playoffs when the Habs won the series in 7 games.  The final game of the night saw the Oilers beat the Canucks 3-2 in a shootout.

There has been 7 games played so far this season and the home team has won 6 of them.  Having fans in the seats has had a huge advantage for home teams as it has the players amped up.  It’s so great to see them back in the stands.

It’s the first busy night of the season with 9 games scheduled.

Islanders vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

With the Canes at home I like their chances here.  It seems like the home teams have a big advantage in the early part of the season.

Last year the Canes went 36-12-8, the Isles went 32-17-7.  At home the Canes went 20-3-5, on the road the Isles went 11-13-4.

The Canes were already a good home team and now with fans in the seats I expect them to come out flying.

Canes win incl OT/SO

Canada: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -125 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

(Odds correct as of 2021/10/14 10:27:44 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Penguins vs Panthers Betting Tips:

We had conflicting opinions on this game so if we can’t agree on it then we always skip it. I liked Panthers in regulation, Graeme felt there was value in the Penguins.

No Bet

Leafs vs Sens Betting Tips:

The Battle of Ontario games are always awesome.  But the Leafs played last night and not sure how they will respond on a back to back.

On paper the Leafs seem like an easy pick but playing last night and still having no Matthews or Mikheyev might cause them problems. 

No Bet

Canadiens vs Sabres Betting Tips:

Another game that on paper seems like an easy pick.   The Sabres are going to be bad and the Habs went to the finals last year.

But the Habs played last night and took the loss so I am going to avoid a tip for this game.

No Bet

Lightning vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

The Lightning are heavy favorites for this game and the odds make it tough to back.  They are the only home team to lose a game this season.

If I was to take them to win it would need to be -1.5 and I’m not confident enough in that after their performance in game one. They do generally bounce back strong though.

No Bet

Stars vs Rangers Betting Tips:

With the Rangers playing last night I’ll skip this game.

I do think the Rangers will be better this year than they were last but it’s the back to back that has me off.

The Stars are a good team but have some star players who are getting up there in the age department.

No Bet

Kraken vs Predators Betting Tips:

With so little data to go by, it’s really tough to bet on a Krakens game at this point.

The Preds are at home so they do have the advantage heading into this game.  But I don’t have a lot of faith in them especially now that Rinne has retired.

No Bet

Coyotes vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

This might be a rough game to watch.  Both are expected to be at the bottom of their divisions.

Both teams added players which will make the first few game tough for both teams as they will still be getting used to the new faces.

No Bet

Knights vs Kings Betting Tips:

We both like the Knights here.  But with the Kings at home and all of the home teams enjoying having fans in the seats we are a little put off of it and will just skip it instead. No need to rush it this early in the season.

No Bet

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I went with the Isles for this one. Home or not the Canes have gutted their team defensively and Isles look like they got even stronger by adding Parise.

Plus Anderson is starting for Canes.

Christopher from GermanyD

Good evening from Germany, no acca money because of Habs and Leafs, but the first period win in the Ducks game.

For tonight I am only on Sens to win including OT/SO, because for me the odds are too high and both teams being surprise bags in the early days of the season.

Good luck, everyone!

Xavier Awouters

Looking forward to another season S&G !

Best of luck to all of you.. Let’s get some

Panthers – Pens over


Same to you Xavier!

I’m quite looking forward to that game after that Pens result on Wednesday. Curious to see how they follow up on it.

Xavier Awouters

Indeed what an opener that was for them. Have high expectations for the Panthers this year so let’s hope they both get at it today 🙂


Hey Scott and Graeme , been following you’re tips for a few years now and I love you’re site along with everyone’s comments. My first time offering tips so I hope don’t lead anyone astray.

FLA -1.5 with either goalie starting but looks like Bob. Pens win against Tampa.. A clear hangover. Panthers first game so the offensive rust does raise a question mark on the PL tip but I can’t see the Pens going 2-0 against the sunshine state without 87 or 71.

Yotes/BJ’s under 5.5 not sure about the BJ’s yet but I think the Yotes will struggle finding twine all year

Sens +1.5 Leafs b2b and the Sens always play them tough

Isles/Canes over 5.5 again offensive rust might factor but both lethal P.P’s.

Dal ML offense against defense. Holtby being on familiar ice again will be the difference. Low scoring Ot wouldn’t surprise me

Just for fun
Kraken/Preds OT and SO with the Kraken pulling off their first win in franchise history with a Jordan Eberle SO goal


Good to have you on here Glen and enjoy the write-ups. I always say to people it makes sense to do this simply because by writing them out and putting them out there to the public, it makes you think that much more about them. So it’s just something smart to do in my opinion.

Western RattlersD

Vegas was very fast and coordinated in their game #1. Seattle generally kept up and looked very dangerous.

To WIN in regulation: Vegas, Seattle
I like the looks of Ottawa at +1.5. Ottawa to be much improved this year.