avatar Written by Scott on Saturday, October 14th, 2023

Only 2 games yesterday and I didn’t have any tips which was for the best after seeing the results.

The Coyotes beat the Devils 4-3 in a shootout.  Glad I skipped this game as I had initially liked the Devils but it would have had to have been a -1.5.

The other game was the Pens vs Caps and the Pens won 4-0.  I had thought about the over but was worried as the Pens could only get 2 past the Hawks.  The Caps were the problem in this one as they couldn’t get one past Jarry and only had 19 shots.

Back to a full schedule of hockey for us with 14 games.  The games start at 1:00 pm ET and continue throughout the day.

Flyers vs Senators Betting Tips:

The Flyers beat the Jackets 4-2 in their 1st game,  the Sens lost their 1st 5-3 to the Hurricanes.

The Sens should have a better year than the Flyers but with it being so early in the season I would rather wait until they start to gain some traction before I tip them.

Panthers vs Jets Betting Tips:

The Panthers got shutout in their 1st game, Tkachuk had 10 shots in the loss.  The Jets lost to the Flames 5-3.

As fun as the Panthers were to watch and root for during last years playoffs,  they are going to have to cut back on their penalties with Ekblad and Montour hurt and Gudas gone.

I’m not sure who wins this game.

Blackhawks vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Ya I have no idea who wins here. 

The Hawks have played one more game so they will be closer to having their game up to speed than the Habs but the Hawks are without Hall who is week to week with an upper body injury.

It’s too bad Graeme is away as this is one where we would get together to watch and drink way too many beers.

Lightning vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

The Lightning won game one with Kucherov scoring twice and all of their core players getting points.  They are going to need to continue to put up a pile of goals to help Johansson.

The Wings lost a close one to the Devils.  Despite taking the loss you have to think that losing by 1 goal to a team who is going to be one of the better in the league will give them a huge momentum push.

Would say I like the Lightning to win but the Wings have momentum and this is their home opener so I have to pass.

Flames vs Penguins Betting Tips:

The Flames got off to a decent start when they won their first game against the Jets, it was nice to see Huberdeau grab a couple assists as he needs to bounce back if the Flames are to have any success this season.

The Pens lost their first game against the Hawks.  Crosby scored but the Hawks never gave up.  They played last night against their rivals the Caps and won with ease 4-0 with Crosby scoring twice.

The Penguins will be eager to keep winning as they are the oldest team in the league and need to grab points while they can as fatigue is going to play a roll for them this season.  They looked good last night so I can see them continuing that here.  Plus they lost their home opener so they need to win in Pittsburgh.

Penguins win incl OT/SO

Ontario: 1.90 Odds at 888 Sports.
Rest of Canada: 1.94 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -106 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.94 Odds at BetOnline.

(Odds correct as of 2023/10/14 8:43:58 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Predators vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Preds are 1-1 and Saros picked up a shutout in the last game.

The Bruins beat the Hawks in their first game 3-1.  They needed an empty net goal to get the 2 goal lead.

Pastrnak looked good for the Bruins and they will need him and Marchand to carry the team until they find their identity without Krejci and Bergy.

The Preds schedule is rough as they play the Oilers and Rangers next. After this game the Bruins head out to California for the next 3 so they should have a big game.  But the Preds are coming off of a shutout so they will have momentum on their side.

I’m skipping this game.

Wild vs Leafs Betting Tips:

The Wild and Gustavsson shutout the Panthers in game 1.

The Leafs had to storm back to win their first game thanks to Matthews and his hat trick.

I like the Leafs this year and I think as they get a couple more games under their belt they will be much better.

After the Wild won their first game 2-0 and Zuccarello and Kaprizov didn’t score they could be ready for a goal fest.

The Leafs had to come from behind in their last game so a better start would go a long way.  But now they are playing a team who shutout the Panthers so this should be a good game.

Rangers vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

The Rangers beat the Sabres 5-1 in their first game.  The Jackets lost 4-2 to the Flyers.

The Rangers should win this game but the Jackets need to have a better effort for their fans and their new coach Pascal Vincent.   They play the next two games at home before heading out on the road.

Would need to take the Rangers in regulation.   It’s not a bad play but as I mentioned the Jackets need a better effort at home and a win against the Rangers would push them in the right direction.

Sabres vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Sabres lost to the Rangers in game 1.

This is the Isles first game of the season.  In the off-season they didn’t add any players to help them and instead will be counting on Barzal and Horvat to do the heavy lifting offensively.

The Sabres are a good, young team who should be able to stay in most games thanks to their ability to score goals.  But this game is at the UBS arena and those Isles fans are maniacs.

I want to take the Islanders here but it’s their first game so feel safer just avoiding this one altogether.

Kraken vs Blues Betting Tips:

The Kraken are 0-2, the Blues are 0-0-1.

This is the Blues home opener so they should come out swinging, they almost beat the Stars in game 1 but lost in a shootout.

The Kraken are still looking for their first win and they are a good team who have a tough schedule coming up with the Canes and Rangers up next.

The odds are a coin toss so I also have no idea who wins this one.

Avalanche vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Avalanche looked good in their first game.  Rantanen picked up 2 and 2, MacKinnon had a goal and 2 assists and Makar had one of each.

The Sharks lost to the Knights in game 1 and their schedule isn’t going to be any easier with games against the Canes, Bruins, Panthers, and Lightning coming up.

I do like the Avs to win this one but we would have to take them -1.5 on the road which is always a tough play and with so little to go by I have to pass on this game.

Canucks vs Oilers Betting Tips:

These teams played on Wednesday and the Canucks cruised to a 8-1 win behind Boeser and his 4 goals.

Now that the Oilers are at home I do expect them to have a better game and to get some revenge.

The bookmakers are making it so we have to take the Oilers in regulation to get any odds worthwhile but after the shit kicking they just took from them, I don’t mind this play.

Oilers in regulation

Ontario: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
Rest of Canada: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -140 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.80 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

(Odds correct as of 2023/10/14 8:43:58 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Ducks vs Knights Betting Tips:

The Ducks will be making their season debut in this game.  The brought in Killorn for depth and added Hagg and Gudas on the blueline.  They are an exciting team to watch with Terry and Zegras but the excitement won’t translate to many wins.

The Knights are 2-0 after beating the Kraken and the Sharks.

The Knights should win this game but if we were to take them we would have to go -1.5 which is just barely over the minimum so its not worth it.  They did win both games by 4-1 scores but would still need better odds.

Hurricanes vs Kings Betting Tips:

The Canes are 1-0 and the Kings 0-1.

The Canes survived a late push from the Sens and held on for the win.  The Kings lost to the Avalanche with the Avs getting production from their big guns.

Not bad odds for the Canes to win.  But the Kings are still at home and play their next 2 on the road so they will want to get that first win out of the way.

Would lean towards a Canes in incl OT but they didn’t dominate the Sens and Kings looking for a win has me put off of this one.

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Two team parlay -118

Philly team total under 3.5
San Jose team total under 3.5


Florida Tkachuk to score +145.


LA Kings +112

I put Kings as ever so slight favorites here so I think there’s small value at plus money. I rate Copley higher than Talbot so I like that I’m getting him to start here as well. Half unit play.

Two Team Parlay -182

CBJ +3.5 and Chicago +2.5

Rangers opened -198 and have climbed to -230 so I think there’s value if I can find the right way to attack it. Rangers played a perfect game vs Buffalo and Shesterkin looked sharp. CBJ still looking for their first win and need to continue to build Merzlikins back to form. At home and tend to play the Rangers tough from time to time. I also don’t know how often the Rangers will be winners by big margins so I just can’t have the Jackets lose by 4 for the first leg of this parlay here.

Chicago vs Montreal seems like it can have many different outcomes. I thought Mrazek was good in his first game for Chicago. Chicago had quite a few comebacks last year and already did so vs Pit this year. Montreal had a no lead is safe game vs Toronto. If Montreal takes the lead the style could change to protect it this time around. While Chicago has shown they can get themselves back into games. I also liked the over 6 at -120 for this game as I picture a very open style of play and don’t know how good either team will be defensively this year. However I don’t think making multiple bets on these two teams is the wisest choice for me.

Another Two Team Parlay similar to the last one but slightly more risky. Half unit.

Det +1.5 and SJ +2.5 at +134

I considered making this safer taking SHarks up to +3.5 which would be a -120 payout instead. However Colorado top line looked lethal so Sharks could just as easily lose by 4 as they could by 3. Detroit I had as slight home favorites here going into the season based on point total over unders. However I have Tampa higher in my own power rankings then I feel they’ve been rated so I may not have adjusted enough when making Detroit the slight favorite here. I do feel the plus 1.5 gives me a little more insurance to pair it with San Jose not to lose by 3 or more.

Recap of bets

Half unit LA Kings +112

Half Unit Parlay +134
Det +1.5 and SJ +2.5

Full unit Parlay -182
CBJ +3.5 and Chi +2.5


Player Props

Detroit DeBrincat Over 2.5 shots -135

Debrincat had two shots on three attempts in the road game vs Devils. Most of the opportunities went to Larkin. DeBrincat was able to net himself a goal. Even if Larkin leads the team in shots again today I believe DeBrincat has a good chance to hit the 3 shot target. Home opener energy for Detroit. Also the narrative will be the same for all teams facing Tampa to start the season. And that’s to test their goalies. Detroit had 35 shots vs the Devils on the road.

McDavid props

Half unit on McDavid to score 2 plus goals +490

I believe the best way to attack the Oilers and Canucks game is to look at ways to profit off a big game from McDavid. I was able to cash Vancouver as +135 home underdogs in game one. That was really just a value play based on the odds. McDavid was held scoreless on just 2 shots. That could change here. After the 8-1 loss look to McDavid to try and take over this game and seek revenge in front of the home crowd. I thought Edmonton looked dangerous very early in that game and were unfortunate not to net a goal in the first 8 minutes. Especially after the delay of game penalty.

Same Game Parlay +5608

McDavid to score first +750 and
McDavid to score 3 plus +2100

Low expectations but high reward fun bet. McDavid starts his seasons hot. The NHL world is already talking about and fixated on another Connor. This would be a good moment for him to remind them he’s the best offensive player in the game currently.

Recap of Player Props Bets

Full Unit Detroit DeBrincat OVER 2.5 shots -135

Half Unit Edm McDavid to score 2+ Goals +490

Long shot Same Game Parlay
McDavid to score first and get a hat trick +5608