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It was a 1-1 breakeven night last night. We backed two solid, performing teams. One performed. One did not.

The Kings did what they had to do against the Habs, although they left it late. They had to come from behind and it took till the 3rd for the goals to flow. Feel bad for Montoya after that surge at the end.

It’s interesting as watching that one at the end I felt like the Habs would turn it around their next game. However they’re still on the road trip and are going up against the Ducks next. Tricky one that – it’s just one of those things where my gut says Montreal.

The Blackhawks – ugh. I don’t think there’s a team in the NHL that comes close to rivaling them for “inability to show up”. That was just such a frustrating game to watch as the Blues ran all over them. Hawks only got 4 goals on net in each of the first two periods.

I said yesterday too that I was going to stay away from that one. I just had a gut feeling that the Hawks wouldn’t show up here or that it’d be a tight one. However the odds were good enough to make me take a second look at it and stats wise I felt it was the right pick.

Anyway it happens – very difficult to predict when a team isn’t going to show up like that.

No Tips Tonight:

Despite a busy card of NHL there are no tips tonight. We’ve looked at everything and there’s not anything we feel very strongly about or agree on. Best to just take the night off rather than force something.

be sure to check our comments though because there are lots of great people always posting their picks there and that should give you some NHL action. That’s at the bottom of the page below the OHL/KHL Tips.

A few thoughts we did have:

Flyers To Win: I initially liked the Flyers to win but a lot of that is based on their home performances so far. It’s too small a sample size, and the Preds are always tough to predict.

Islanders/Rangers Over 5.5: This was the closest one to a pick. Scott liked it. After looking at everything I just couldn’t go with it though. The Islanders offensive performances have disappointed me and even in a big game like this I’m not sure they’re able to get the goals. But this was the closest one to a pick.

Jackets to Win: We both liked this but the odds weren’t there considering they’re taking on a feisty and strong Tampa team whose offense are rocking.

OIlers/Hawks Over 6: Scott liked this but I’ve watched every single Oilers game this season and their offense concerns me. I’ll wait till they get clicking again before looking at tips like this.

Stars to Win: This was one I was going to take if the odds were good. Stars are the better team if inconsistent and some struggles on the road. But the odds aren’t good.

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

OHL Betting Tips (6-1, +3u): Niagara IceDogs in regulation at 1.60 odds.

KHL Betting Tips (13-8, +3.70u): Amur Khabarovsk at 2.45 odds.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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One unit on Bruins, Avalanche, Senators and Coyotes.
All in regular time.


what’s that pay?




Vancouver Canucks – Win
New York Rangers – Win
Columbus Blue Jackets – Win
Ottawa Senators – Win
Philadelphia Flyers – Win
Calgary Flames – Win


Devils wins
Rangers wins REG
St Louis wins REG
Combo @ 12.68

Elfrad Project 2/10

Dallas Stars win Regulation @ 2.10


I am looking at Canucks win

Rask was injured in Bruins practice yesterday and I don’t have the confidence in Boston at the moment.

Odds in U.K. are around 3.25

Also looking at Devils win away at Ottawa. Karlsson back is a bonus but still finding his feet. Devils early record this season is very good also. Odds here in U.K. are around 3.00, which is good value.


Canucks -1.5 5.50 😀

Western RattlersD

To WIN: Chicago and Calgary
Strong leans:
OVER: Philly
UNDER: Arizona

Considerations: There are many conflicting or unknown factors in many of today’s games, but I think those show good clarity. I don’t see Edmonton magically rebounding; they have a serious injury and attitude problem. St. Louis may lean towards the Under, but Colorado is something I can’t figure yet (mostly on the down side of trends), Van-Bos is a tangle of two CRAP teams (as is NYI-NYR) and I won’t bet on a side unless one of the sides is in the top 70-90% in the conference or something current is a strong side factor considering the matchup. I don’t think Ottawa will get its act together only one game after a total collapse on offense. Nope, and Jersey is hot, but will Ottawa find a way to adjust or collapse again?

Daily Hockey

5/5 on the picks last night!


Rangers WIN

My only picks for tonight.
Agree with S&G as it is not easy to get confident on any picks tonight.


Vidar Eikenes

Rangers win REG
Ottawa win REG

Gl guys.


100 % Islanders win
Dallas game o/5,5


The Hawks next 2 gms are with teams at the bottom of the standings..the Oilers tonight and Arizona Saturday.
They’re 11-3-1 on the 2nd gm of a btob since the 2016 season. Of course that means nothing if the effort isn’t there tonight. Can’t see them go 0-2 and deal with the embarrassment of losing to both.
The Flyers are playing well but Simmonds (#1 goal scorer) is injured and His status is dtod. If he’s out then the Preds have the ‘upper hand’
Stars GF is 14 & Yotes is 12. Not that different but the GA is Stars 12 and Yotes 25 so the Stars have the definite edge.
Good luck tonight!


Simmonds is confirmed to be in the line-up

Vadim Baruzdin

Flyers/Preds OVER
Calgary W

Daniel Gutierrez

CBJ- reg
Hawks- ml
St. Louis -reg

Parlay +822



I went 2-0 last night again, Picking the Hawks & Blues to go over 5,5 goals. Also picking the Kings in regulation over the Habs. I agree with the boys tonight, nothing good to bet. So I’ll pass and see if my streak continues tomorrow


In Sweden there is a game called ”bomben” and the mission is to get the correct score in 2 of the games tonight.
Rangers-Islanders 1,2,3,4 – 2,3,5
Ottawa-N.Jersey 1,2,4,5 – 2,3,5,6

What are your thoughts on the above results?


I don’t know about that game…scores in the NHL are always extremely difficult to predict. I personally wouldn’t play it.


Here’s what I got for tonight.

New Jersey Devils/Ottawa Senators (O 5.5) for Game. +104
Edmonton Oilers/Chicago Blackhawks (O 6) for Game. -105
Edmonton Oilers/Chicago Blackhawks (O 1.5) for 1st Period. -120


Lion Project 1/15

***Nashville win***

Good luck everyone!


Hawks vs Oilers over 5.5 @ 1.84



Devils win
Canucks win Reg
Flyers-Preds over 5,5
Avs-Blues over 5,5
Flames-Canes over 5,5
Yotes-Stars over 5,5

Kucherov to score
Zibanejad to score

Rebel project 1/15

***Chicago Blackhawks win***


Bruins-Yotes under
Oilers-Blackhawks over


Well, I shit the bed tonight

Michal Tyburec

Tyba project 1/15
*** Dallas win ***
Chicago – reg
New Jersey – reg
Over 5,5
Chicago/Edmonton & Columbus/Tampa
Under 5,5

Good luck!!!

Geir Aage R Jensen

Geir project /15

Nashville win %100

Good luck everyone!