avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Had 1 tip yesterday and it didn’t come through.

Had the Bruins to win against the Sens and this was a crazy game. The Sens jumped out to a 3-0 lead but the Bruins scored 3 unanswered of their own to tie it.  But then the Sens scored another 3 straight.  There was 7 goals in the 2nd.  But in the end it was the Sens handing the Bruins their first loss of the season when then won 7-5.

The Flyers beat the Lightning 3-2 and are now 3-0.  The Jackets were down 2-0 after the 1st but stayed in the game and won it 4-3 in OT.   The Sabres beat the Oilers 4-2, the Kings beat the Preds 4-3 in a shootout, the Flames were down 2-0 but came back to win 3-2 against the Knights.

A slow night of hockey which is nice.  There is only 3 games and at first glance nothing is jumping out to me with the odds so lopsided for the favored teams. Be sure to discuss in the comments if there is something you like.

Flyers vs Panthers

The Flyers played last night and beat the Lightning. The Panthers had last night off but in their last game they took their first loss of the season 5-3 to the Bruins.

With the Flyers playing last night the Panthers will be more rested and that must play into why the odds are so bad if taking the Panthers.

To get any value on the Panthers here we need to take them -1.5 and the odds for that are only 1.80.

Jets vs Avalanche

The Jets are 1-1 and the Avs are 2-1.

The Jets schedule is rough with the Avs, Knights, Leafs and Blues up next before they play the Kings and Coyotes. How they do over these 4 games will go a long way towards any success they are to have this season.

The Avs have the Jets tonight and then the Kraken and after that the games will get harder with games against the Knights and Rangers.

Anytime the Avs play they are going to be favored.  They are at home here too so that gives them yet another edge here.  But it’s another game where to get any value we need to take them -1.5 and this early in the season I’m not comfortable doing that.

Blues vs Kraken

This is only the Blues 2nd game of the season.  They won their first game 5-2 against the Jackets.  The Kraken are 1-2-1 but they are in the middle of a tough schedule having lost their last 2 games against the Knights and Canes and now get the Blues and then the Avalanche.

With the Kraken not playing well, and that was expected, it’s hard to back them.  And with the Blues playing only once before this game there isn’t a lot to look back on.

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thanks for the tips you give us for free!
i used for example your boston tip from yesterday, but i put boston scores 3+. 1.68, not great, but a decent odd.


You’re welcome. And we always enjoy hearing things like that – that someone didn’t blindly follow our tips, but instead reads them and uses them accordingly. Great to hear and you must have loved that 2nd period!


haha, yes, for sure!


Thanks Graeme.

Cats-Flyers o6.5 – Cats o/u 2-1, Flyers o/u 1-2
Both teams going with back-up tendies.

That’s it. GLTA SDB


i had a write up for taking panthers on the puckline if sandstrom was starting in net for philly, which he is, but then saw both montour and ekblad were out. so i’m off. i still anticipate a florida win but wanna see what they look like as i think marc staal is a defensive liability and looked slow. would like to see more from the likes of barkov reinhart and bennett as well. i figured fatigue from the back to back and style of play required under tortorella would be a potential flat spot for philly. teams under tort rely on being physical and blocking shots and he also usually roles 3 lines which means additional minutes for certain players when he shortens his bench. philly already ranks 14th in hits and 2nd in blocked shots per 60 minutes respectively. could play into the fatigue factor i anticipate. sandstrom has 5 games in his career and has allowed at least 3 goals in every start. florida is being priced heavily with the books saying 58 percent of the time florida wins this game by more than 2 and i can’t imagine the injuries to their top dman in ekblad and a guy who gets heavy minutes on the power play in montour. maybe look for a cautious game by a fatigued philly and a panthers team thin on the blue line at under 6.5 at plus odds. but with sandstrom starting i can’t back it. even though i’m off the game i took the time on the write up so i figured i’d share it.
Also wanted to go winnipeg +1.5 and a first period under 1.5 at +130 odd in the colorado winnipeg game. but no stats really to back the play it’s more of just a feel bet. if winnipeg can get solid play from hellebuyck and stay outta the box they could keep this game close.

Eric Børgesen

Panthers reg and -1
Avs reg -1
Blues ml and reg.
Panthers reg, Avs reg and blues ml