avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, October 21st, 2016

It was a 1-3 night last night with the NHL Tips.

Our win was with the Boston Bruins defeating the New Jersey Devils. The left it late and gave us a scare but finally managed to overcome the Devils and get the win.

We lost with Under 5 goals in the Capitals/Panthers game after a high scoring first period. We were looking good for the push when Johansson managed to take advantage of a poor turnover and sneak one in with just over a minute left.

We had Over 5.5 goals in the Avalanche vs Lightning game. Our big question on that one is whether a days rest would be enough for the Avs. It was – but unfortunately Tampa couldn’t beat the Avs and were shut out.

Finally we had the Stars to beat the Kings. LA came out fast and furious and kept up a good pace during the game with 39 shots on net. Dallas only recorded 20 against Budaj.

In other news, the Leafs blew yet another lead to lose against the Wild, and Carey Price returned as the Habs beat the Coyotes 5-2. The Canucks remain undefeated and the Ducks record their first win of the season. The Oilers also got a big win over the Blues as Talbot stood up strong for the Oilers.

3 games on the board tonight. We’ve got two tips:

Islanders vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

The Islanders have had a bad start to the season, but you’re talking about four very tough games. They’re going against the Coyotes who are going with Louis again in net. Arizona have been leaking goals in their games and this seems like a good one for the Islanders to really get rolling.

We’re taking Islanders in Regulation tonight.

Canada: 1.85 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -130 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.85 Odds at 888 Sports.

Blackhawks vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

This is going to be an extremely interesting game. The Jackets have been sitting for almost a week at 0-2 with no games so they’ll be focusing a lot on this one. It could be a disaster for them if they concede early.

Their offense has looked solid so far. Neither teams defense have looked good at all this season and we think this is a good matchup for goals. We’re taking Over 5.5 Goals.

Canada: 2.00 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: -105 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at BetOnline..

Predators vs Red Wings:

We’re not tipping or betting on this one. However one thing we do as part of our tips and analysis is look at forums etc where people do tips to see if we’re missing something. We see a LOT of people who are considering the Predators an absolute lock tonight. We get it – Red Wings were extremely lucky to beat the Rangers – but we’re just not convinced by the Predators yet this season so we’re staying away.

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Great betting night, three bad teams playing three good teams. 5 of 6 teams with
over in Yotes/Isles and Hawks/CBJ mid units
Isles, Preds & Hawks o2.5 total high units
Hawks & Preds ML high units
Isles & Hawks & Preds win reg mid units
Isles, Hawks & Preds -1.5 low units

Yotes and CBJ #1 and #2 in GA
Hawks #3 in GF
Isles & Preds in bottom 1/3 GF, but both playing very leaky teams
Yotes are b2b and will have heavy legs. Dominque starting again.


Stats Guru



Not a good night a$$wipe

Stats Guru

Sorry – I just feel that you shouldn’t post really bad “advice” like you did above. Who places five parlay wagers on a three game card? Uneducated gambling degenerates – that’s who.


First of all, they weren’t parlays. They were straight up bets. I don’t make five parlays on any night. Second, everyone here is entitled to their opinions good or bad. Third, if you read the tips, it’s caveat emptor. If you dont like the tips don’t take them. Fourth, when I make a tip I explain my reasons with facts. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not because I throwing darts blindly. Last, you’re a fvcking a$$hole.

Stats Guru

Fifth, So you made 13 individual wagers on a three game card? That is even worse “advice” and only further proves your degenerate betting nature. You act like you are some type of pro bettor – you are far from it though. Good Luck – you need it.


No, I didn’t make 13 bets. Those are the bets that I thought were worth considering. I’m far from a pro bettor and I don’t criticize anyone else’s bets or tips. Take your fvcking attitude elsewhere you POS.

Stats Guru

Wow Dude! You sound like an angry, thin skinned and bitter “Art Schlichter ” type of gambler. Please seek some help if you are addicted to gambling – before it’s too late. You mentioned above that everyone is entitled to their opinion. My opinion is that you are a gambler – not an educated or experienced handicapper. It is also my opinion that your bet suggestions last night were bad suggestions – based on the night’s card and the volume you were suggesting. That said, having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent gets boring so I will take your travel tip and move on. Good Luck :~)


One of the ‘experts’ here seemed to think my tips above were parlays. They weren’t, they were straight up bets. I’ll be more specific in the future.


Blue Jackets, Islanders and Red Wings.

Jens Denmark

Nice job 🙂

Jens Denmark

Islanders in regulation and Chicago ML.

Islanders should be the better team and get the win.

Great finish by Chicago the other night against Philly – I think they will pick it up where they left it and look for the early dominance. CBJ 0/2 so far this season and both games at home – against a Chicago team with two wins in a row I can’t see them getting anything out of this game.


Tonight pick

Predators %100

Red wings are tired!

Good luck everyone!


With you 100%


Not today ☹


Good job mate!

Cathy Glamoni

SanDiegoBruins,I am new to betting hockey. Would you please explain to me what o2.5 total high units and 1.5 low units means

Stats Guru

Cathy – Be careful with trying to learn anything from guys who bet five parlays on a three game night. That is especially true when they add a bunch of fancy lingo in an attempt to make what they saying look like it’s legit. If you bet on sports – be responsible – do your homework – be informed.


o2.5 total = team scores more than 2.5 goals. high units = a unit refers to your basic betting unit which is usually a % of your bank roll. S&G have some great articles on bank roll management. High units means I’m willing to make a pretty strong bet. -1.5 = puck line or margin of victory. In this case betting that team wins by more than 1.5. Low units = relatively smaller bet or lower certainty/risk. I just use shorthand for explaining my bets.


Isles -1.5
Hawks -1.5

chris osborn

Units are described by a 1-8 system for expert analysis . So low units would be more likely 1-3 mid 3-5 high 6-8 . He’s just saying low or high

chris osborn

Red wings, Mark my words. Well see tonight. Nashville has not been wining on the road.


One time gotta be the first, right?

chris osborn

Naw bro, bet against the public along with your gut. Pays out more often.

chris osborn

Everyone going Nashville.

chris osborn

Lone opens at basically a 50/50 game with both teams at -110 . Then wings ju.p to +110. Seems bookies know something. WINGS WIN

chris osborn

So how about those red wings ? Lol

Nick the greek

Kings,san Jose in 60,chicago h