avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

A disappointing 0-2 last night with the betting tips.

I’m fine with losing the Red Wings bet. Like I said yesterday – I was going against momentum and I was taking a shot feeling it had value. I was wrong – and that’s part & parcel of betting sports.

But man that Avs/Hurricane one really stung. We had the overs and it went to overtime at freaking 0-0.

What made it worse was I wasn’t able to watch that game live so I kept checking my phone for updates and I thought my phone must have been messed up and had stopped with the push notifications or something. Nope – both offenses just decided to take a night off.

Watching the highlights this morning – man, how about that power play action? They barely averaged 1 shot power play. Hockey at its freaking finest.

Just have to buckle down and hopefully turn it around tonight.

Blue Jackets vs Wild Betting Tips:

I’m a sucker for new coaches, and I actually hope Torts does well. On paper the Wild should dominate this one and destroy the Jackets – but sometimes a team reacts big with a new coach. Based on their Kings and Ducks results too, it’s hard to go too nuts on the Wild.

I’m going to go with Over 5.5 goals in this one. The Wild offense was very strong in the first few games. Even when losing the Jackets are usually good for a few goals(except the last 2 games).

I am a bit concerned that the last time a game between the two went Over 5.5 goals was back in 2011. However I feel both teams have a lot more to fight for here. Wild want to to get back on the winning track – especially at home – and the Jackets really want to get off to a huge fresh start.

Senators vs Devils Betting Tips:

Hammond gets his first start of the season. They’re going against a New Jersey Devils team that seriously struggle on offense. If it wasn’t for Schneider they’d be mentioned in the same sentences as the Blue Jackets.

Ottawa have scored 3+ goals a game except for the game against the Penguins. We’ll take Senators in regulation at 2.00 odds.

Capitals vs Canucks Betting Tips:

Capitals are one of those teams I hate betting on honestly. Here’s why: they’ll start playing very well, momentum gets on their side and they look unbeatable for a few games – then they show up expecting to walk over the opposition and get steamrolled.

Canucks have had a few days off to prepare for this one, and are sore from their loss to the Oilers.

I want to take Capitals here – but I’m wary of them tonight. I figure win or lose they’ll put up a battle so I’ll go with Over 5.5 goals instead.

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Last night was a frustrating night of hockey for sure. Excellent tips as always and could not agree more on the Capitals though, has burned me many times in the past as well.

Struggling to find 2-3 matchups to focus on for DFS. Got any tips there. I am leaning towards Anaheim, and Sharks with some sprinkled access to Stars (aka Benn) and Wild’s top line, possibly little access to the Caps. This week has been brutal for me on DFS, just can not get my confidence back.


I’m still trying to find the ideal strategy for DFS. Have a few different theories going at the moment and entering like 5 different teams a night as I try and nail a consistent winning strategy.

My favourite lineup tonight is based on a high scoring Caps/Canucks battle. Ovi, Daniel Sedin, Oshie, Hansen, Backstrom and Sutter. Then Suter & Daley in D and finally the Hambuglar in net.

I do like going with the Wilds top line though.



It’s tough, I thought I had cash games pretty much dialed in, then a week like this happens and I go back to square one. If I wasn’t so addicted I would take some nights off and just build mock lineups and study more…but yea I can’t do that, haha.

Thanks for the tips, appreciate the response. Will see if I can get a lineup worked out using that game as my main stack. So hard to fit Ovi in with his price and not punt another position.


Thing with DFS you gotta remember is it is REALLY hard. I used to play poker (which it gets compared to) professionally for a living and I find that a lot more beatable.

There’s so much luck involved too – even moreso with hockey. I mean one of my strategies is to identify a high scoring game, and pick 4 players from each team in that game. Sometimes it works extremely well, other times it’s like the 3rd and 4th lines that get all the bloody goals and screws me, other times the +/- is what hurts me.

If you’ve got something that’s working keep at it. There’ll always be a lot of variance.



you have made a mistake with the date…The title is 23 october betting tips