avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, October 26th, 2023

1 game yesterday and there wasn’t any tips.

The Caps were in New Jersey to play the Devils.  The Caps jumped out to a 3-0 lead after the 1st.  In the 2nd the Devils scored 4 of their own to take the 4-3 heading into the 3rd but the Caps added two more in the 3rd and an empty net at the end for the 6-4 win.

Back to a busy schedule with 11 games.

Sharks vs Lightning Betting Tips:

The Sharks have been terrible this season.  They are 0-5-1, ranked 31st in GPG and 27th in GAPG.  They also rank 31st in shots and 32nd in shots allowed.   They are a complete mess.

The Lightning are 3-2-2 and are coming into this game after shutting out the top ranked offensive team the Canes.  They are at home where they have been good going 3-0-1.

With the momentum they gained in their last win and the success they have had at home this season it seems like a game the Lightning should win.   We would have to take them -1.5.  Before last game where they won 3-0 the 3 games before were all decided by a single goal and two of them needed overtime.   I have to pass.

Avalanche vs Penguins Betting Tips:

The Avalanche have gone a perfect 6-0 to start the season.  The only hiccup they had is when the best the winless Sharks 2-1 in a shootout.   They are tied for 2nd in goals and tied for 3rd in goals against.

The Pens are 2-4 and are on a 3 game losing skid.  They are 19th in goals and 18th in GAPG.

The Avalanche have set a new NHL record for consecutive road wins at 15.  With them on the road here against a slumping Penguins team you do have to like their  chances.

As much as I want to take the Avs here especially with them on the road I’m a little nervous because they are going to lose at some point and against a veteran team like the Pens it could be the night they finally lose on the road.

But I can’t ignore their road play so I’m taking them.

Avalanche win incl OT/SO

Ontario: 1.74 Odds at Sports Interaction
Rest of Canada: 1.74 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -136 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.74 Odds at BetOnline.

(Odds correct as of 2023/10/26 8:46:22 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Blue Jackets vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Both teams have 3-2-1 records.

The Jackets are 19th in goals, 9th in shots and 16th in goals allowed.   Their last 2 games were decided in overtime with a win against the Wild and a loss to the Ducks.

The Habs are 15th in GPG, 18th in GAPG and have the 6th best faceoff percentage.

The Habs home record so far is 2-2 and the Jackets road record is 1-0.

I have no clue who wins this game.

Ducks vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Ducks are 2-4 and are allowing more goals than they score.  Terry has 3 points and Zegras has 1.  For this team to have any success they need to get those two going.

The Bruins have tied the franchise record to start the season with their 6th win in a row.  They are ranked 14th in GPG and 1st in GAPG with 1.17.

The Bruins beat the Ducks on Sunday and that game was in Anaheim, so with this game in Boston I do like their chances.  But I would have to take them -1.5 and the odds just aren’t worth it when the Ducks have had 3 of their 6 games this season be decided by a goal.

Jets vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

The Jets are 3-3 and becoming a team that’s hard to predict.   They have won their last two games and are the 11th place teams in GPG but are 29th in goals against per game.

The Wings came back to force overtime but lost to the Kraken gaining a point in the loss.  They are 5-1-1.  Larkin and DeBrincat are 2nd and 3rd in league scoring and a huge reason why they are now the top ranked offense scoring 4.86 goals per game.

I want to take the Wings here but DeBrincat is sick and even if he plays will he be 100%?  He’s at 13 points in 7 games so it will be a huge problem for them.

Kraken vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

The Kraken just beat the Red Wings.   They had a nice 3-1 lead but the Wings took the lead on 3 powerplay goals but the Kraken ended up winning in overtime.

The Canes had been the best offensive team in the league until they played the Lightning who shut them out.  They will be anxious to get back on the ice to get back into the win column.

I want to take the Canes but they were just shutout and the Kraken picked up a win against one of the top 5 teams in the league.

Wild vs Flyers Betting Tips:

The Wild are 3-2-1, ranked 4th in GPG with 4.17 and 30th in GAPG with 4.17.

The Flyers are also 3-2-1, 13th in GPG with 3.20 and 8th in GAPG with 2.60.

This is a game that could go either way.  The Flyers are 2-0 at home and the Wild are 1-1 on the road.

Senators vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Sens have came back to earth after starting the season 3-1 but have lost their last 2 games to bring them to 3-3.

The Isles are also on a losing skid dropping their last 3 games and are now 2-2-1.

The Sens need to get back to winning but against the Isles its going to be a tough game with the game in New York.

Leafs vs Stars Betting Tips:

The Leafs had a big game from Woll and Matthews scored when they won against the Caps 4-1.  They are now 4-2 on the year.

The Stars have won their last 3 games and are 4-0-1 so far this season.  They are tied for 3rd in GAPG allowing 2.00.

Both teams on win streaks and both are expected to be top of their divisons so this should be a great game.

The Leafs are 2-1 on the road and the Stars are 2-0 at home. The Leafs score more and the Stars allow less.  Could make an argument for each team here and its for that reason that I have to pass on this game.

Rangers vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Rangers are 4-2 and have won their last 2 games.  They are on the road here where they have been decent so far this season going 3-1.

The Oilers have lost the last 3 games.  They are ranked 19th in GPG and 31st in GAPG.   When the team has McDavid and Draisaitl they should be much higher in the goals for department.  But they are allowing 4.50 per game.

I know McDavid is banged up but in seasons past they had no issues scoring without him as Draisaitl picked up the slack.

It’s the Oilers so I’m skipping.

Blues vs Flames Betting Tips:

I have no idea who wins this game.

The Blues are 2-2-1 and on the road where they have gone 0-1-1.

The Flames are 2-4-1 and at home where they have gone 1-1-0.

I would lean towards a Blues win because the Flames have lost their last 3.  But with them at home they may have a better effort in front of their home crowd.  It didn’t help them against the Rangers but we will have to see.

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3 bets,1won, 2 lost, -0.75 units

Seatle ML @ 2.7
1.75 units


I’ve tried to correct my stupid typos.. didn’t work 🙁

Now I will type with more care 😉

3 bets, 1 won, 2 lost, -0.85 units

Seattle ML @ 2.7
1.85 units


To Win moneyline: Colorado and Tampa
Full game UNDER 6.5: Toronto/Dallas

Tempting to go with the puckline in Tampa, due to Tampa not being in a position to take it easy, and they now have 3 days off before playing at home again, and San Jose is just not competitive, so puckline just seems within easy reach. Tampa has had some close scores recently, but against much stronger teams than San Jose.

My problem with the Boston game is Anaheim can score some goals, they aren’t a top team Boston will be excited about, and Boston’s look-ahead games are much better teams, so there’s the risk they take this game very light. Boston may shoot for a record with a win, but I’m avoiding it.

Toronto hasn’t played a team like Dallas yet this year and is in trouble.
No idea what’s going to happen at Calgary, Edmonton, and decided to avoid the Detroit game

Asle Martinsen

NHL baby, we’re back! Awesome!

I’ve got 6 big odds picks tonight:

Bruins -2.5. The Ducks are poor, and they’re way worse away from home. I can see the Bruins winning by 5 or 6.

Canes -1.5. The Canes rarely concede a lot of goals at home, and they win a huge majority of their home games. The Kraken don’t score a lot away, and the Canes will be seeking revenge for that 7-4 loss a week ago. Besides, they have to get going at home after a terrible away run.

Avs -1.5. This team looks like a championship team to me. Small sample size so far, but it’s the Avs and they’re on a roll. Until they fail I’ll keep betting on them.

Lightning -2.5. The Sharks are poor, and the Lightning gotta get going. This is a game where they can score a lot on home ice. I believe in them tonight!

Wings in regulation. I could have taken them -1.5 too, but the odds are more than enough with just a regulation bet. The Jets are just better at home. Away they tend to do bad against teams that consistently introduces the puck to the net. And the Wings are doing a lot of that this season!

Wild in regulation. I expect the Flyers to be in the lower half of the league, and the Wild to be in the top. The Flyers are 2-0 at home with a 6-1 GD, but it’s against a Canucks side who’s been overperforming against opponents who’s had a bad start to the season, and an Oilers side that’s been so bad they should be embarrassed. I think the key to my decision here is that the Wild score a lot, and the Flyers don’t score much against teams that do, and I don’t think they can stop the Wild from scoring.

Side bets: Kaprizov and Larkin to score 2 each.

Asle Martinsen

Okay, so let’s bet against what I’m predicting and we’ll all get rich in no time! Incredible!


I had 4 games highlighted looking at the lines when they opened yesterday.

One was Detroit. I couldn’t understand the line at all which made it a red flag for me. Now reading you write up I see DeBrincat is a game time decision with the illness, so thanks for that. I dunno if people can actually value a players worth correctly, I think in most cases they actually tend to over rate it. But at least I now understand why the line is what it is. Detroit is also getting amazing top line and out of this world power play production that isn’t sustainable. And Reimer has been near perfect and I believe will get the start tonight. The Red Wings 5 on 5 is not as great. With a below 5 on 5 corsi against. And there may be a level of “luck” if you will between expected and actual goals, but always a tricky statistic to rely on just by itself. With that said they are now getting very close to auto bet range for me at +110. If this continues to drop to +120 range I will have to put a half unit down on Red Wings which I’m really not eager to do. So hoping it doesn’t drop any further.

Penguins +125.
This will be a half unit play for me. Don’t really have much confidence in this one but have to take the plus money value of penguins at home.

Edmonton +114. Ultimately a pass. Hoping this doesn’t backfire,especially if my one play on the Penguins doesn’t cash. I really should be doing both plays or neither because both have the same logic of getting value behind them. The value here is on the McDavid injury amongst the poor start from the Oilers. Skinner who is likely to start tonight also doesn’t offer much confidence. Most people have been burned more by the Oilers than the Rangers, and can’t be that eager to back Edmonton. I still think there’s some value taking them here at home at plus money, but would agree it’s a difficult play to get behind.

San Jose +240. While i don’t think the Sharks are going to win, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Still without a win on the year means full effort because no team likes getting embarrassed, regardless of the low expectations on the season. Also despite the positive performance vs the Hurricanes, I don’t think all the Tampa goaltending issues are magically resolved overnight. This is a pass for me, though because of Tampa’s home record being so solid year in and year out . but I do think there’s value on the sharks at the price.

Penguins +125. Half unit is my play today.