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Well not a good night for the tips yesterday as we went 0-2.

First we had the Penguins to beat the Lightning but the Lightning won 5-1.  This was the first regulation win for the Lightning this season.  The loss was the first time this season that the Penguins failed to gain a point. 

The other tip was the Canucks to beat the Wild.   The Wild won 3-2 spoiling the Canucks home opener.  The Wild are now 5-1 on the year.

The Flames scored the first 4 goals of the game in the 1st and held on for the 5-3 win against the Devils.  The depleted Knights beat the Avalanche 3-1.  The Predators beat the Sharks 3-1.

The Jets won their 3rd in a row when they beat the Ducks 4-3 and the Kraken beat the Habs 5-1.  This was the first win in the Climate Pledge Arena for the Kraken, the Habs are now 1-6 on the year.

For today we have 5 games scheduled.

Bruins vs Panthers Betting Tips:

This should be a great game.

The Bruins are 3-1 winning their last 2.  The Panthers are 6-0 to start the season including going 4-0 at home.

I am leaning towards a Panthers win but it’s the Bruins and they are a hard team to predict.

The odds for a Panthers win including OT is 1.74 which is too low and I’ll just skip this game instead.

Red Wings vs Capitals Betting Tips:

Not much was expected of the Wings this year but they have been solid going 3-2-1.  The Capitals are 4-0-2 with their 2 overtime losses coming in Washington.

I do the like Caps chances here but regulation Odds are around 1.74 so to get any value we would need to go -1.5 and I don’t have enough confidence in them at this point to take them to cover that.

Maple Leafs vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Well the good news about this game is that one of these teams is going to win.  The Leafs are 2-4-1 and have dropped 4 straight.   The Blackhawks are 0-5-1.

With both team slumping it’s tough to predict a winner.   The Hawks are without Toews and Kane thanks to Covid so I would lean towards a Leafs win but the odds are low and not worth the risk.

Knights vs Stars Betting Tips:

The Knights picked up a crucial win last night against the Avalanche and they did so without Stone or Pacioretty.

It will be interesting to see how they build off of that win moving forward.

The Stars will be playing in only their 2nd home game of the year here and they won the first one.

I’m going to avoid this game as I want to see how the Knights respond to that win last night and their first back to back of the season.

Flyers vs Oilers Betting Tips:

This is the Flyers first road game of the year.  The Oilers are 5-0 including going 3-0 in Edmonton.

The Flyers have had an alright season so far going 2-1-1 but taking on a unbeaten Oilers squad may be a tough matchup for them.

The Oilers are heavy favorites for this one and even a regulation win doesn’t give us Odds high enough to make this a play.

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NHL 1st Period Stats:

Team To Win 3-Way: 0-1 (-1u)
Over/Under: 1-0 (+0.74u)

Bruins/Panthers Over 1.5 – 1.80
Capitals/Wings Over 1.5 – 1.71
Stars/Knights Over 1.5 1.95

For the record I’m being lazy and just going with Bet365 lines rather than seeking additional value at this time. I’m just looking for a consistent performer with a lot of data and then I will start line shopping if I decide to make these part of the regular posts.

Last edited 2 years ago by Graeme

Awesome. I jumped on your previous Oilers 1st period play.

Are those other 3 plays listed what you are doing tonight or are you simply posting the odds.


A note I didn’t have an Oilers play. It was Panthers two days ago I think, and then Knights yesterday.

When I did have an official Flyers 1st period win last week sometime as part of the tips.

Those are 3 plays tonight yep and will count in the record I am tracking on comments.

It’s all experimental and a lot of it is figuring out what odds to play at etc too. With how high variance 1st periods can be for example, I believe as opposed to our regular tips – 1.80 may be the cut-off. But will be exploring that.


My apologies. Just looked back through my betting stats, it was the flyers 1st period play.


Been following ya tips for a while boys… all the way from Australia love the info and detail going into games… keep up the great work!

Last edited 2 years ago by Corey

Thanks Corey, much appreciated 🙂

Ricardo Ledesma

I really like the caps/ red wings for over 6. Both teams have been scoring in droves as of late and not defending well. If it turns out both teams turn on the stop signs and only let a few squeak though, it is what it is. At -120 odds I’m taking it.


Did the same. Thats my main bet tonight. Really feels like a 6-5 kind of game.

Smaller prop on Matthews to score as well close to even money. Seems like a good spot for it against 5.5 gaa Fleury.

Ricardo Ledesma

Matthews just hasn’t looked like himself this year but neither has fleury. I could definitely see a big game from matthews easily.


Agreed but hes had some high shot numbers lately so thinking its as good a time as any against a defensively rough Chicago and struggling goalie.

Eric Børgesen

Quick question! Any one who collects hockey cards?

Last edited 2 years ago by Eric Børgesen

Used to collect when I was a kid like 30 years ago. Good memories.

Eric Børgesen

Started collecting again! 😅💸💸💸


Nice. Let me know if you´re looking for some card. I think I have plenty I don´t need.


I had a feeling about Flames yesterday. Today I like Bruins. Well rested and has 3 wins in last 3 visits here. Panthers can´t win forever.


Adding Leafs first to score 4 goals and -1,5
Complete darkness for Hawks right now with everything thats going on.
Leafs are ranked 2nd in creating dangerous chances. That is enough for me.
I won´t be shocked if I end up regretting this haha.

Western RattlersD

Full Game Over 6.5: Detroit/Washington

Jim Jonson

Knights 3rd period
Flyers win