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Hi all,

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to post a full write-up of the tips for October 3rd, 2013. My flight to Mexico leaves early on, and the lines aren’t all up yet for Thursdays games.

I’ll probably be getting to the resort around 2pm. As soon as I am there, I am going to track down Scott and we will sit down and go over the tips. However that’s going to be about 4pm EST by the time we figure out what we are betting – and we won’t have time to make a big WordPress post with write-up.

So unfortunately for Thursdays tips you will have to keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook. We will post the tips there as that will be super easy to do.

We aim to have the tips up by 4pm EST – hopefully not much later than that.

Here are the relevant links to follow/like us:

Facebook: Facebook.com/BetNHL
Twitter: Twitter.com/BetNHL

Apologises for that. Hopefully that will be the only day where we need to do this.

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LA to win, Boston – Tamba over, Pittsburgh to win…