avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Hi all,

Graeme here. Sorry for no tips yesterday. We were out driving atvs through the jungle all morning and got back late. We didn’t see too much we liked anyway. Holy crap was that Oilers game nuts.

Scott headed home today and will be writing more detailed tips tomorrow. I have to be quick here due to time constraints.

Today we are taking penguins – 1.5 available and Rangers Sharks over 5 goals.

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Decemberk2p .


Thank you for your tips, they r very helpful!

Wish u could post them a bit sooner, coz i live in eu, and simply cant wait till 1am.

So i took Penguins -1.5 and Vancouver… well, small profit is better then nothing))

And thanks again, rly gr8 job guys!


Yeah don’t worry it was just because of the trip to Mexico. We’ll get back in a nice routine very soon and you will receive them by early evening.

Lukáš Mikšovský

Where I could get these cool caricatures ? ))


Contact Barry at chizelman360@yahoo.com and tell him “Dealer Dan” referred you for best rate.