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Well – this will 100% be the last post of the season now, as we have Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

It’s been an incredible series, and a profitable one for yours truly. While I took the Panthers to win the series, I’ve been able to go 3-0 on my individual game bets, so regardless of how it ends, it’s been a profitable one.

The Panthers, 3-0 up in the series, now find themselves tied at 3-3 with the penultimate game taking place at home.

Here’s our thoughts and thanks for supporting us during yet another profitable season. October can’t come soon enough.

Scott: There isn’t much left to say about this series.

I picked the Panthers to win the series and it looked like a sure thing after winning the first 3 games. The Oilers have answered by winning the next 3 and we have ourselves a game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Oilers have the obvious momentum going into this game. The Panthers home crowd should take note of how insane the Oilers fans were in game 6 as they were insane which helped fuel the team.

Sure I picked the Panthers to win the series but I also said that us Canadians have waited a long time to get a cup back here and if I was wrong with my pick than so be it.

I’m not tipping this game, well I guess my pick of the Panthers to win the series is still in play, but the Oilers deserve it at this point. I’m just going to sit and enjoy what’s sure to be a fun watch. No Bet.

Graeme: I’m good with taking the Edmonton Oilers here.

First, it balances out my Panthers series bet a bit.

Second, how can you not? They have the momentum. They have the players. They have the questions, and the Panthers quite simply do not have the answers for them.

OIlers to win the cup – incl OT

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Asle MartinsenD

What an incredible turn of events! Oilers carry the momentum into game 7, but the Panthers are at home. It feels like the Panthers took it for granted after game 3, and I dont think they’ll recover from that. The Oilers are crushing it, winning in a more convincing fashion than the Panthers. Many of the Panthers players already won last season too, so maybe they just dont want it as much as McDavid and co.
I bet on the Oilers to win the cup, and I’m gonna double down on it now.
Oilers to win!


Oilers win this, for every reason ► talent, depth, motivation, composure, special teams, momentum, speed, creativity, size, sense of mission. They were the better team in Games 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6. All Oiler players and lines are performing at peak level and the scoring is spread around and highly opportunistic.

The goal count in this series so far is Oilers 22 to Panthers 13. In the last 3 games, the goal count is Oilers 18 to Panthers 5. Most goals are coming during 5-on-5 play; there have only been 4 powerplay goals scored in the series and the Oilers scored 3 of them. The Oilers have scored 2 short-handed goals and the Panthers powerplay looks uncoordinated and has great difficulty setting things up. Basically, the Panthers are consistently getting shut down and out-played. The Panthers shots:goals ratio indicates what we see consistently; the Panthers get few quality shots on net.

In the playoffs, the Oilers are better on the road than Florida is at home. I made the “Oilers win the series” bet when the series started and never questioned it.

Bouchard: OVER 1.5 blocked shots

Player props are a tough selection, it all depends on how the game is played. It could trend towards low scoring or something may snap (I suggest a possibility of a Florida team showing little team offensive coordination in the second half of the game) and the score jumps a few goals. Alternately, and in line with Panthers long-term behavior, the Panthers may take stupid penalties. Oilers learned several games ago how Bob and the Panthers defense are porous and how to reach the twine.


Best of luck everyone, and have a great summer! Thanks to Graeme and Scott again for a great season of hockey previews!

Summer sports betting: I’m looking forward to the soccer tournaments and the restart of major soccer leagues. I generally avoid MLB because the hitting is so wildly inconsistent, for betting it’s a lost cause (the pitching is what all the handicappers comment on all day, but inconsistent hitting ruins a lot of bets, it’s a crazy sport). CFL and WNBA can be good. Soccer in other countries/leagues can be good, like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. I’ve also won a few bets on the major Japanese baseball leagues, who get more results consistent with the standings than anything in North American baseball. I’ve dabbled in the MLS (North American major league soccer), but you have to stick to strong teams in the standings, as results can be very inconsistent. With soccer, you have to have good game preview information, because injuries can be so important to a team’s abilities. Eg: Messi with Miami; a lot of games it seems he misses and that means the team is quite different without him.