avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

The 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs got off to quite an interesting start with a very weird game.

The Pittsburgh Penguins came out of it as 5-3 winners however they were held to just 12 shots on goal the entire game including a 37 minute period with zero shots on goal.

Rinne, who only had 2 save percentages in the playoffs going below .900 so far, had a .636 save percentage. That was only the second time all season he went below .700. That was the worst save percentage he has recorded since the 2013-2014 season when he put up a .500 against the Blues.

It makes for a very intriguing game 2 in Pittsburgh. It’s a massive game for the Preds and you have to wonder if another loss would mentally break them. You also have to wonder if Rinne is going to bounce back strong from that one.

Here are our thoughts:

Predators vs Penguins Game 2 Betting Tips:

Scott: Game 1 was strange.  The Pens scored 3 times in the first period but were held without a shot in the 2nd.  They blew the 3 goal lead but managed to come away with the 5-3 win.  Rinne was off in this game allowing 4 goals on only 11 shots.

Game 2 should see the teams adjust.  Im sure the Pens will have more shots on goal than the 12, which was the lowest shots on goal by a winning team in the Stanley Cup finals ever,  and I’m sure Rinne will look better this time out.

I’m not sure whos going to win this game but I think the Preds will have a stronger effort.  As always with the Preds they get big contributions from their defense so for tonight’s game I expect some from Subban  who had an assist in game 1.

Subban to get a point  for 2.10 odds at 888 Sports

Graeme: The Penguins really haven’t did anything yet to show me they’re going to steamroll the cup. When they first got Murray back I thought that may be a huge factor for them however he still clocked up a loss against the Sens and then struggled against Nashville in Game 1.

The Preds have shown they are a very strong team and despite the injuries they had a very solid Game 1 performance. Rinne is an experienced goalie and I don’t think he’s going to “choke” as they like to say.

I’m taking Predators to win.

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Real hard to pick the winner;
Pens know they stole Gm 1 so more shots are crucial and some pros in their favour:
They’ve only lost 2 consecutive gms 1 time and won 3 consecutive gms 2 times in 3 playoff rnds;
Having a D at +19 is a bonus;
The Sens held the Pens to 2 goals in 4/7 gms and beat them 3 times so Nash know they can beat them;
They’ve won every game after a loss in the playoffs and Rinne has
a 1.00 GA;
IMO the factors that could decide
the game in the Pens favour is last
change; Nash is minus Johanssen and even with low shot numbers,
they can score; These points suggest a gm in OT under 5.5 goals; under 1.5 goals in the1stP scored after 9ms30sec & the Pens score under 2.5 goals; Good luck tonight! ?

Arto Reinikainen

The way i see it, either the Preds win this game or Rinne has another tough night and it just kind of falls apart for Nashville.

I think the only logical play would be to give Preds a shot, but yeah, im scared of Rinne not being able to bounce back. If it was against any other team i wouldn’t be worried, but you have to wonder if there’s something mental against the Pens with him (8 losses in a row).

Think im just going to pass and see what happens, then go from there.


1/10 Pens reg should be worth a try. Can you imagine that Pens tried to play def after the 1st period? I didn’t see the game, but the stats. I know the Pens as a team who outscore their opponents in the 3rd and I can imagine that they’ll do this again as long they are @ home.

Arto Reinikainen

Preds played a really good game. They shouldn’t go down 3-0 again and you know what, they have good confidence to come back in games right now. Came back from 3 goals down obviously, game 6 in Anaheim came back from 1-0 to win it 3-1. Game 5 game back from 2-0 to tie it 2-2 at home.

This is a resilient group right now and they’re going to give it their all tonight. Won’t be easy to beat them in regulation.

Honestly the Pens were worse/Preds played better in game 1 than i expected. I personally don’t see the Pens making a big turnaround for this game.

Only problem is Rinne, i have no faith in him until i see he can play a solid game against the Pens.

I went for OT just for the hell of it, but at the same time there’s a lot of variables for this one it seems like.

Of course you need to go for the Pens if you feel like it, there’s definitely a chance they take it. Reality is the bar is lower for the Preds to find a way to lose a game without Johansen.


Special teams could be a factor too. Nash has a PK at 80.9% but the Pens PP is 23.1% and
Nash PP at 18.9% has the ability to score when Pens PK is 79.8%. Hopefully the officials call a ‘fair’ game.



Geir Aage R Jensen

Pittsburgh win 100% in reg

Good Luck!

Arto Reinikainen

After going back and forth i think Pens 1st period ML is a pretty solid bet. Even if the Preds win this one, i think it’ll be a comeback win of some sorts, and the Pens will be looking to start this one strong.

Also if Rinne is going to crap the bed, it’ll show in the 1st.

Oh btw Colin Wilson is probably out for Nashville and that’s yet another significant loss, losing a guy like that has a pretty big impact. When your stars go down it rallies the team, but when your secondary guys go down it just makes the team worse. For example we’ve seen this with the Pens when Hornqvist goes down it really shows.


Thumbs up! I really like this one. I will place a bet on it. 🙂
1 unit Pens reg
1 unit Pens 1st
0 units over
1 unit Crosby to score + win
I’m excited to watch this now. Hehe

Arto Reinikainen

Phew, that was close lol. Of course they call a make up 5 on 3, they called 2 penalties at once on the Preds in the 1st game in 1st period. Could argue momentum from that played a part on that Preds 1st goal.

Other than that ironically it was probably the best period the Pens played in this series.

Oh well at least it was a push.

Thoughts after 1 though, still the same as i had before. Preds will win this game if Rinne can make the key saves. Judging by that 1st period, still don’t know. He should’ve had that tying goal.


Oh dude that goal from Guentzel was hilarious. https://www.nhl.com/video/guentzel-lifts-home-a-rebound/t-288492248/c-52111303
I’m still sticking to those Pens, but Crosby seems not to play well today.
Hope they don’t draw through all periods.
But if they go in OT, I also would prefer the Pens.

(And as we all saw, there was no reason to punish Malkin! And at least one reason to punish Nashville – Guentzel got a hit in the face!)

Arto Reinikainen

Yep haha 😀

Well there it is, Rinne meltdown.

Goaltending basically making the difference right now, Murray’s been rock solid.


Such a nice game. I’m fired up. How to sleep now? Hahaha damn. 🙂


I only caught the middle of the game and what a stinker! I think I watched the three fastest goals I’ve ever seen scored by one team in a finals game. The much vaunted Preds defense sucks.