avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Thursday, June 8th, 2017

It’s Game 5 of the Stanley Cup 2017 finals and both teams are tied at 2-2.

Both the Penguins and Predators have won their games at home.

Tonight we see the Pittsburgh Penguins host Nashville. The Penguins have won 9 of 12 games in the playoffs at home, while the Predators have a 5-5 road record.

They desperately need that to be 6-5.

The Predators need to win at least one road game – simple as that. Doing it tonight is obviously what they want as it would give them the biggest advantage. After two big victories over the Penguins, do they have it in them?

Penguins vs Predators Game 5 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Preds will need to find a way to win in Pittsburgh.  This series is now a best of 3 with the home teams winning the first 4 games. 

The Preds have the momentum of winning 2 in a row where the Pens are home where they haven’t lost yet in this series.  The Pens have moved their lines around and the have Sheary back with Guentzel and Crosby for the “Sid and the Kids” line.

I really can’t back anything for this game.  I’m not confident in the game going over and both teams could win this game.

I’m going to avoid betting on this game and just enjoy what’s sure to be a great game to watch.

No Bet

Graeme: It’s been an interesting series. When I look at Game 1 and Game 2 I don’t know if I can say that the Penguins deserved to win. Not that the Preds did either. However Game 3 & Game 4 I feel like the Preds deserved to win.

So overall I’d say the Predators are the better team so far in the cup. The Penguins have their superstars but they’re not producing like they should be. I mean just look at the Golden State Warriors for how a team with superstars SHOULD produce.

I think there is value on the Predators tonight. I just feel they’ve been the better team and if Rinne had performed in those first 2 games we wouldn’t have a tied series. Preds with the momentum goiing here and surely Rinne is out to try and prove something.

If the Predators are going to beat the home ice advantage it’s got to be here. I just can’t see them doing it in Game 7. So in what I feel is the biggest game of the season for them, I’ll take Predators to win.

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Arto Reinikainen

It’s a must-bet on the Penguins tonight, IMO.

According to my notes, they’re unbeaten this year at home after losing 2+ in a row against teams that had played well (either won +2 in a row or 3 out of last 4). In other words, being in a must win situation at home against a tough challenge always brings out the best in the Pens.

That includes a 4-2 win over Nashville, 3-2 win over the Sharks (without Sid), 7-2 win over Rangers, 5-2 win over Tampa and finally the closest win, 8-7 in OT over the Caps when Washington was playing the most opportunistic hockey of the season blowing teams out left and right.

That’s pretty damn impressive work. Not going to go against that.

I do think the Preds have had the upper hand in this series so far, but im kind of getting Bruins-Canucks vibes where the Canucks won both home games, Bruins stormed back with 8-1 and 4-0 wins at home, and still lost game 5 in Vancouver 0-1. They came back to win the next 2 and the cup though, so if the Pens do win tonight i hope that happens. I do see game 7 being the game that the Preds have a better shot at winning on the road, as the Pens won’t be as pissed off as they’re right now.

Went with Pens ML yesterday when their odds were at ~1.75, but i see people have been hammering them since then.

Good luck !


Thank you for reminding us of the 2011 finals 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

Haha your welcome 😀


I agree on the Pens tonight, but then again, I picked them last game and lost a good sized bet.

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah i went for them too that time, although with a small bet, just because i thought their odds were good enough being clear underdogs and you just never truly know how much of a boost teams get when they win that 1 game.

Best bet in my eyes was probably no bet, the definition of a game where you’d just prefer to see what happens and where it takes us.

Preds had played well all 3 games and with Rinne not letting in easy goals and the Preds home form, them winning game 4 did make logical sense however. I basically took the loss saying “yeah, figured this would probably happen”.

Tonight though is way different, Pens just have the ability to get it done at home in these situations, and playing better in the last game laid the groundwork for this game. If they lose i’ll be very surprised. Will be kind of win/lose, i have the Preds to win the cup and Rinne to win the smythe, but will take a considerable loss tonight in my betting account lol.


I tell you this is the game we waited for a long time. After 2nd period. 😉 And yes you are right -it brings out the best!


The Preds definitely have the momentum but IMO ‘last change’ gives the ‘upper hand’ to the Pens and Crosby, Malkin & Kessel will probably play against the Preds 4th D pairing and that strategy could result in points, shots and wins for them in ‘player props.’ Think Preds will focus on Defense & wait for opportunities as they come. Hope the Preds come through for you G but I believe the Preds (with last change) will take Gm 6. Good luck! ?


Nashville win %65

I ll put small units on draw and score 1-3 Nashville

Good luck!


Err. Things are going as expected. Home teams did their jobs as they had to. I wasted some units for those Pens, because – like others say too – the ODDs were really welcome. But in the end the bookies tricked us again hehe.
So Game 5!
To make it shortly
Pens reg & Guentzel to score (small)
Pens ML (big)

Western RattlersD

Nashville for the win tonight. Expect Pittsburgh to come out strong in Period 1 and try fast rushes in Period 3, but Nashville has more talent at all positions, more relentless speed and better defense all around, a better goalie and has shown more emotional power and control. Will we see another parade of Pens players to the penalty box? It’s all on the line.


I don’t know why u say that Nashville is more talented in all positions and also I don’t know why you say Rinne is better than Murray. 😛

Western RattlersD

Watching the game, it appears I was wrong in every regard. Maybe Nashville just isn’t ready to play in other cities and is only the charged up winner at home?


Hello friends.

I hope Pens will win tonight, stake has went there, no OT.

Nice match to all !!!


Hey Graeme, whats up with the wnbatips??


There just hasn’t been any plays for the last week – nothing the system liked. Hopefully soon!