avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Thursday, June 9th, 2016

The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs could be over as of tonight.

The 5th and potentially final game takes place in Pittsburgh, with the Penguins taking on the Sharks. In the previous two games in Pittsburgh, the Penguins won both.

All of the games have been tight although the Penguins did win by 2 goals in the last one in San Jose, and you have to wonder if that’s going to be it for the Sharks. They had a great chance to get momentum on their side.

It’s going to be a very interesting one. Penguins have progressed through each round by winning the home game in every single final playoff game. The Sharks road form has been hit or miss and they have to come up big here.

Will they? Or are the Penguins taking home the cup?

Scott The Penguins have  a chance to win the Cup on home ice for the first time in team history.  I want the Sharks to win but the Penguins have momentum on their side.  The Sharks have been a strong road team and if they can regain their recent form then this could go their way.   If they win tonight that would turn the tides.  But with the Cup on the line and the Pens having a chance to win at home this looks to be their game to lose.  I hope I’m wrong on this but I have to go with the Penguins to win

Graeme: I also want the Sharks to win – but I just can’t see it. Over the course of this series only one team has really stood out which is the Pittsburgh Penguins. They look like…well…better. They just look better. They’re hungry, their team chemistry is at an all time high and everything is working out for them.

I hope I’m wrong and the Stanley Cup finals got extended – but the Penguins look like the winners. Penguins to win.

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