avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

It’s a massive, massive game tonight for the Nashville Predators.

They lost the first two games to the Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh. They were both tricky games. In the first one they held the Penguins to a ridiculous low amount of shots and in the second one it was a 3 minute burst for the Pens that was the major difference between the teams.

Tonight sees them go to Nashville where the Predators really have to win. I mean there’s just no question – to see them lose here then come back and win would just be bizarro world stuff.

So – can the Preds to it?

Here’s our thoughts on the game:

Penguins vs Predators Game 3 Betting Tips:

Scott: It’s do or die time for the Preds.   They can’t afford taking a loss at home to the defending Cup champs and going down 3-0 in the series.  They have to score goals to have a shot in this.  4 goals over 2 games against the NHL’s best offensive team isn’t going to work.  But during the series they have outshot the Pens 64-39 so figuring out a way to beat Matt Murray is a must.

With the series now in Nashville the Preds are going to have to get their game back on track.  They are 7-1 in the playoffs this year at home so I expect a better effort from them tonight and to make a series of this.

Predators win incl OT/SO

Graeme: This is one of my favourite bets to make – backing a team in a must-win situation. I said it when teams were trying to qualify for the playoffs – I feel it takes the onus off me and onto the team.

The Predators have shown throughout the playoffs that they belong. The two games so far have been just plain weird.

Murray isn’t invincible.

I’ve gotta go with them. However their serious with the Ducks was close enough that I won’t do in regulation.

Predators win incl OT/SO

Go Preds!

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Western RattlersD

If Nashville is going to win any games, it surely starts tonight, and I am quite certain Nashville has it in them to win against Pittsburgh in any arena. Pittsburgh simply isn’t so great that they should accomplish a sweep against Nashville and Nashville has dominated a great percentage of the time played so far, they just need to do two things better, which should be quite simple: 1) stop taking stupid penalties by putting up with the pressure instead of giving in to it, and 2) get the tick-tack-toe of the puck going in front of Pittsburgh’s goal, so that their goalie isn’t sitting there reading the shot easily, and some chance of chaos entering the action is highly likely, which can throw off the defense and open more chances.


I think those Preds won’t play well under pressure. Hehehe
Pens reg 1 unit (nice odds)
after lose, next game: Pens reg 2 units
after lose, next game: Pens reg 4 units
Go Pens, destroy them! 🙂

Geir Aage R Jensen

Pittsburgh win 100 %

Good Luck!

Arto Reinikainen

Preds TT O2.5 (incl. OT)

I like the Preds to come up big in this one, and the atmosphere will be just awesome, but i just can’t put my money on a goalie who is struggling this heavily and hasn’t won a game against the Pens ever.

I still like the Preds to score some goals tonight, but to avoid getting pissed off by any type of breakdown gonna roll with the TT instead of Preds to win.

GL !