avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Monday, June 5th, 2017

The Nashville Predators came back in style in Game 3 with a resounding 5-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It was the dominant performance that they needed although it didn’t start well. The Penguins actually took the lead early on and went in at the end of the 1st period up 1-0.

It makes for an interesting game tonight. It’s Game 4 and the Predators really need the win. They can’t go to Pittsburgh 3-1 down as it could be over based on the last two performances there.

The Preds logged 5 goals from 5 different players while the Pens saw not one shot on the net from Malkin or Crosby.

Makes things very interesting tonight. Here’s our thoughts:

Predators vs Penguins Game 4 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Preds won game 3 and made this a series.      They managed to get to Murray when they scored 5 goals on 15 shots during a stretch.  The Preds held both Malkin and Crosby without a shot in this game.  Obviously this is something they won’t be able to do each night.

The Preds have outplayed the Penguins for  a good chunk of this series and the maniac Nashville fans provided and huge boost for the Preds.  With the Preds still at home for this game we can expect another strong effort tonight.

I would like to think that after that convincing win at home the Preds will follow that up with a win but the Pens won’t be dominated like that for 2 games in a row.  So I’ll go with a player prop for Subban to have more than 2 shots.

PK Subban to have OVER 2 shots on goal at Bodog for Canadians, Bovada for Americans and everyone else check out 888 Sports.

Graeme: I’m very conflicted on who wins – I think with their pedigree the Penguins will do it but I just can’t take it.

Instead I’ve studied the player props and I’m going to back Roman Josi. His best performances are at home and he looks one of the hungriest Predators. I’m a bit conflicted. Theres back him to get a point which you can bet at 888 Sports. For Americans, over 3.5 shots at Bovada would probably work too.

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Guentzel to score & Pittsburgh reg

Western RattlersD

I see Nashville winning tonight, presuming they put out another self-controlled low-penalty and 60-minute maximum effort, on the heels of the confidence of the playing so dominantly in the first two games, winning by a clear margin in Game 3, and adjusting to Pittsburgh now on a mission they are absolutely committed to achieving; taking the silver home. Pittsburgh looked in disarray and at a horrid loss for emotional self-control in Game 3, and this is Nashville’s game and series to take. I can see Nashville winning 6-1 tonight. It will be tougher back in Pittsburgh, maybe!, but Nashville has put out the winning effort and self-driven magnanimous attitude in all three games. Pittsburgh hasn’t, by a wide margin, and is relying on about three of their forwards to skate like the wind, which is not the team depth required to win Lord Stanley’s party mug.

Geir Aage R Jensen

Pittsburgh win 100 %
C. Kunitz to score 60%


Like you guys, I’m not making a wager on this game.
After watching Nash in gm 3, I thought I’ll bet on them in gm 4 but history favours the Pens: They’re 7-1 & Murray is 7-0 after a loss. Hard for me to ignore. On the other hand, having last change is huge for Nash as Sullivan can choose the D he wants to play against Crosby & Malkin. The best players attract the most D and the logic I used to pick under “3”SOG for both. Could happen again tonight, probably not “0” shots but at worse, a push. Picking Josi at over 3.5 could work. Last 2 gms, he’s had 4& 5 SOG. Should be a great game. Good luck!?

Arto Reinikainen

Impossible to know what happens tonight. The game itself is simple, best team will win. Pens want to bounce back, Preds want to tie up the series. What i mean by that is there should be no emotional edge for either team, both will leave everything on the ice and we’ll see what happens. Game 3 is often the hardest for the road team to win after going up 2-0, because it brings out the best in the home team. That’s now done with. Both teams are into the series now.

Generally the better team bounces back here. Pittsburgh did it last year to the Sharks for example.

The problem is, are the Pens really better than Nashville ? Preds have impressed me in so many ways in these finals. Johansen’s absence barely shows at all. Rinne got a big confidence boost and the Pens should no longer get easy goals where the Preds own d-men bounce it in their own net in panic.

There’s a real possibility Nashville ties up the series based on what i’ve seen from the previous 3 games. However i think going for the Pens made sense (got 3.15 in regulation earlier) mathematically.

But i wouldn’t be bummed if the Preds won. Still have that Preds to win the cup and Rinne conn smythe bets i made back when Rinne had like 7 odds and the Preds were only up 2-1 against the Blues, so those babies will give me comfort whenever i choose go for the Pens from here on out 😀

Good luck with whatever you go for, honestly this is one of those games where the best bet is probably to pass, considering there’s so many freakin variables, and i feel like the Pens haven’t really showed their true colors yet (if they have then they’re in trouble).