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Round 2 in the NHL Playoffs has got off to quite the interesting start.

The Ducks destroyed the Flames 6-1, which is what we predicted yesterday. While we’d both love to see the Flames continue the fairytale – they just didn’t look in the same league as the Ducks last night.

In the other game – Washington beat the New York Rangers in quite the intense ending! Honestly – even if you hate Washington or have money on the Rangers – this was the PERFECT result, as it really livens up that series. If you were on the fence about betting the New York Rangers to win the series due to the low odds – NOW is the time. They’ve jumped to 2.20 which is a huge price and one that has to be taken advantage of.

Before we give our thoughts for the Wild vs Blackhawks and Lightning vs Canadiens series, it’s time for our weekly catch-up with Sports Interaction.

For new readers – what we do is sit down and get the online sportsbooks perspective of things all things hockey.

This was conducted prior to last nights games.

BetNHL.ca: The second round is ready to begin. How big of a factor do you think fatigue is? I mean teams like the Capitals and Lightning went to Game 7s, while others wrapped their series up quicker than that.

Sports Interaction: We don’t think fatigue will really matter at this point. However it’s at the end of THIS round where the fatigue normally kicks in, and becomes a factor. Even the Capitals – who had a tough series and are a very physical team which they need to win games – you won’t see them tired, or the heavy legs etc early on in the series. It’s usually not until the latter games of a series where it can wear them down. If it goes past Game 5 – that’s where it will be a factor. In regard to the Lightning – they’ve kept up the pace all year – you won’t see their speed vanish.

BetNHL.ca: What’s the most popular betting action at Sports Interaction going into round 2?

Sports Interaction: The New York Rangers remain the favourites, and have actually jumped up from +400 to +320 at this stage. People are still betting them steady. Next up is the Ducks who are at +400. In regard to the Canadian teams we’re really not seeing a lot of action on the Habs – at least not compared to last week. It would have been different if Red Wings were in. Lightning were the better team by a lot in the regular season when they played – so that’s a factor.

BetNHL.ca: How’s the daily prop action?

Sports Interaction: Great! That’s one of the fun things about Sports Interaction – the wide variety of daily props we offer. Patrick Kane is getting a lot of bets in the props and has come up trumps so far with aa hot opening round. Tyler Johnson is also making a lot of people money at the moment, as it seems with teams going for Stamkos, he’s capitalizing.

BetNHL.ca: And finally what do you think about the round 2 series?

Sports Interaction: It’s going to be interesting. Two big favourites with the Ducks and Rangers – and people are betting them heavily. However the other two series the action is pretty much 50/50. Habs are getting slightly more action – but that’s usually because of our Canadian audience.

As always – thank you to Sports Interaction and seriously – go there and check out their player props. Super fun.

Onto the tips:

Lightning vs Habs Series Betting Tips:

Scott: The Lightning are tired after having played 7 games against the Red Wings. The Habs had 5 days of rest after beating the Sens 4-2. The Lightning swept the Habs 4-0 in the season series. This series will come down to the ability to score goals. Stamkos didn’t score once in the 7 games in the first round. Montreal was tied, with the Penguins, for fewest goals scored during the regular season and only scored 5 goals in the final 4 games of round one. But Carey Price is unbelievable and will continue his strong play in this round and will be the difference maker in the series. They will need more production from Subban and Plekanec but they will snap their cold streaks. Habs in 6

Graeme: One team that really stuck out to me in the first round was the Habs. I said it a couple of times – but they just looked elite, and on another level. Scoreline wise the games were close – but the Habs just looked like a team that were on the road to the Stanley Cup. As opposed to Tampa who struggled, were shut out in a couple of games and were also dominated. The big negative on Montreal is their offense. I don’t even think they cracked the top 20 teams in terms of goals in the NHL this season – or if they did, they barely did it. Yet that didn’t hurt them too much, did it? Unless Stamkos lights it up in spectular fashion, I like Habs in 5.

Wild vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Scott: Hawks won the season series 3-2. This is the third year in a row that these teams meet in the postseason with Chicago winning both of those series. But this is a much better Wild team then the ones from years past. And after the first round and all the goal tending headaches, the Wild have the edge in that department. But the Hawks have lots of experience in the playoffs with many of their players owning 1 or 2 cups. Hawks in 6

Graeme: I can’t decide whether Minnesota deserve to be here or not. In that bizarro world playoff series did they win it? Or was it more the Blues lost it? I’d probably go for a bet on the Wild if their odds were say in the 2.50 range. But as it is, Hawks are playing extremely well, don’t seem to be under any pressure and with playoff experience, I say Hawks in 6 as well. 1.80 odds for that one at Bovada for Americans and http://www.Bet365.com for everyone else..

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I am hoping same thing happens tonight with Tampa as did with Wash last night….gift odds on NYR, if the same happens with Habs I jump on it.