avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Friday, April 15th, 2016

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All but 1 of the NHL Round 1 Playoff Series have begun, and last night saw a lot of interesting games.

The Capitals and the Stars, as expected, got off to a dominant start. Both teams controlled their games and looked extremely solid both offensively and defensively. It’s going to be a hard task for Philly and Minnesota and we’re probably going to see those two teams get a lot more physical in Round 2.

Islanders vs Panthers saw the Islanders come out on top in an amazing goal fest. Both teams looked like they were playing without goalies with every shot on net looking like it’d cross the line. Roberto Luongo is going to have to step things up if he wants to help the Panthers move on to the next round.

There was also a surprise in the final game of the night, as the Sharks got a massive 4-3 win over the Kings. The big thing for the Sharks there was beating Quick multiple times. In his playoff history Quick has proven to be rather erratic, and based on last night it looks like we may see similar form to the 09/10 and 10/11 season so the Kings will be hoping he can turn things around.

From now on we will be providing betting tips for each individual game. These tips will NOT reflect our playoff series bets in any way. What that means is we don’t take the Flyers in one game to “hedge” our Capitals -1.5 bet or anything like that. For all intents and purposes, when it comes to these betting tips it’s as if our series predictions didn’t exist.

The reason for that is we get over 30,000 visitors per day many of whom are new visitors to the site. It wouldn’t be fair on them, or anyone who didn’t follow our series betting advice, to do tips that are based on those.

The Predators vs Ducks series begins tonight and we’ve got your Predators vs Ducks Tips right here.

Red Wings vs Lightning Game 2 Betting Tips:

Scott:Game one was a close one.  The Wings outshot the Lightning but the Bolts came away with the 3-2 win.  At one point a Lightning goal was disallowed but they came right back and scored.

I still like the Lightning to win this series and I called 5 games.  I think the Wings can pull out a win though but I think it will happen in game 3 or 4.  The Lightning got some huge production from Kucherov, Johnson and Killorn and they will need to continue that in this round with Stamkos out.

Lightning win

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Graeme: Tampa come into this one as pretty decent favourites after the first game. However it was an extremely tight game that I felt either team could have won. We saw quite a few penalties in that last game and I think we’re going to see even more this game. Those two looked ready to brawl right from the off. Last time out I actually bet exactly 5 goals in regulation at 5.00 odds and profited there. That line is now 6.00. However I see the special teams having more luck this time out, and am going to take Over 5 Goals.

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Islanders vs Panthers Game 2 Betting Tips:

Graeme: No doubt after the first game, the most popular bet of the night is going to be over 5.5 goals. While I don’t hate that bet I’m not big on it. Instead I think we’re going to see a much more solid Florida Panthers team. Despite the loss I felt they were the better team over 60 minutes. It’s going to be important not to be down 2-0 when they go to New York, and I’m taking Panthers to win. However I’m going to go for some extra value here and take Panthers in Regulation.

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Scott:Last night was a great game.  They traded goals up until the 3rd where the Isles scored 2 straight and came out with the 5-4 win.

The Panthers played a solid game and I like them to win tonight to even the series at 1 and make it a best of 5 series as it heads to Brooklyn.

Panthers Win

Canada: 1.65 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Blackhawks vs Blues Game 2 Betting Tips:

Scott:.  Game one was insane. 

They entered OT tied at 0 until an ugly goal was scored by Backes as he had his pass bounce off of a Hawks defensemen and go past Crawford.

The Hawks out played the Blues and out shot them 35-18.  I think they will continue that tonight and they also get Duncan Keith back which is only going to help them as he’s a freak who’s capable of playing 30+ minutes a game. Over their recent success in the playoffs,  the Hawks have found ways to win and bounce back after losing a game.

Blackhawks win

Graeme: The last 20 minutes of the Blackhawks vs Blues Game 1 is something that is going to fire up the Blackhawks. There was a couple of brutal hits against them and then a goal that was really against the run of play. I think we’re going to see a fired up Blackhawks team tonight and if they play like they did in Game 1 they should have no problem tying this series up. Blackhawks to win.

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Everyone Else: 2.05 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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Nashville to win 100 %

Dennis De Hunter

What’s your thoughts about Ducks?


Yesterday I put money to NYI and today I ll put it to Nashvilles!


Why to Nashville and not to the Ducks?


Because they are better than Ducks 😉 I think they ll beat Ducks out


Great tips S&G and thanks for the insight!

Man I love the intensity of playoff hockey. Most games so far have indeed been great. I’m actually backing the Blues and the Sharks this year despite all the history. I don’t know why but I feel like this year could finally be different. I’m probably wrong though and both Hawks and Kings will go far again – we’ll see.

I agree with Tampa bay winning tonight. I thought they would struggle with their injuries but they are playing good. Last game was fun.

I also went with Panthers win. They played well last night and if they keep playing that way, I think they will have a good shot at this. It all comes down to Luongo.

Same goes for the Blackhawks. They pretty much dominated last game and when it got to overtime I placed a small bet on them because of how they usually step it up in those situations. Plus they were the underdogs. I think they could’ve ended up winning if it wasn’t for that lucky bounce but that’s what hockey is all about. I’m very curious to see how the Hawks will react to this and I’m very excited for this game. Taking them to win aswell.

Staying away from Ducks/Preds for now. Good luck to all!

Arto Reinikainen

Im actually 100% with you on the Blues and Sharks. I’ve been calling the Sharks a dark horse all year long and i really like their team, me and my friend have speculated on Caps-Sharks finals which would be something fresh.

Another 1st round disappointment for the Blues just feels too ridiculous, and their goalies have played really well this year. Besides, teams never win 2 cups in a row, so i haven’t thought of the Hawks as a favorite this year.


Yeah, even though the Sharks have lost to the Kings in the first round so many times, the series have always been close. The Sharks do have a great team this year and I think it will give them the edge. I’m expecting a close 6-7 game series here. And Caps-Sharks finals would definitely be amazing.

Also, the reason I got the Hawks tonight is because I got them at 2.05 odds last night. I think with Keith coming back it could give them a boost to win this one. But like you said, the Blues look strong this year. It is often the goalies who give teams the success in the playoffs, and if Elliott keeps it up, with the skill and physicality of their players, I think they can get a good run. Once again, expecting a close one from this series.

Dennis De Hunter

I take Panthers in regulation – For mexample odds @1.68 don’t have any value! Just a thought…

Arto Reinikainen

Fantastic start to the playoffs. So far i’ve picked Tampa ML, Pens ML, Blues ML, Caps in regulation, Stars in regulation, Isles ML and Sharks in regulation. I hope i can keep it going.
Red Wings to win
Before the series even started i had this game 2 circled for the Wings. And now that they lost game 1, i like the Wings even more here. They’re going to leave everything on the ice and compete harder than last time around. When this is the case i like the better roster to win the game, as i do think they’re a bit better, Stamkos and Stralman are such key players for Tampa.
Now there’s one thing that concerns me – Detroit has now lost 3 games in a row. if they feel like they have no confidence at all and bad things keep on happening then they probably lose this one and the series alltogether. But i still like the value a lot with the Wings tonight, and going to give it a shot.
Panthers to win 1.68
You have to think the Panthers take this one. Butterflies from last night are gone and they should be on their toes for this one. There’s no question they were the better team – i don’t expect them to make the same type of defensive collapses they did last night.
From watching yesterdays game, it just felt like this series will go to 7 games.

I need to see how this series goes before making any more bets. I got lucky with the 1st game, and im tempted to go for the Blues again, but i just can’t justify making the bet with the odds available. There’s just so many players who can come up huge and make a difference on both sides. Marginals are very small. Funny enough i have no idea about goal totals either.
I did make a prediction of the Blues advancing before the series started, so i can’t really go for the Hawks either, as if the Blues win i’d be telling myself “damn it i knew they’d take the 2-0 lead”.
Predators to win & Over 5
I see this game similar to the Sharks-Kings game. Great game with a bunch of goals. Im taking Preds mostly because of value, their odds are ridiculously high IMO.

Good luck !


I was thinking about Detroit aswell, but they just can’t seem to win much lately. They played pretty bad under pressure during the last couple of must win games and were very lucky to get into the playoffs. If Kucherov, Johnson and Killorn keep it up, the Lightning have a good shot. Drouin was also pretty good. That being said, Detroit still played well last game and they could actually come out of this one with a win.

Congrats for the great start. Good luck!

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks man !

Yeah i agree, Detroit isn’t a sure pick here by any means and i was actually close to backing Tampa – until i saw the odds.

The way i see it (and the way they should see it) this game is kind of a make or break for them. They can’t expect to turn that ship around at home after losing 4 in a row and being down 2-0 in the series. Urgency is the word im looking for and they should have plenty of that tonight. Whether that translates to a win or not is another question, but considering they did outshoot Tampa last time around and showed some good emotion towards the end, i do like them to play their best game in a while.

Dennis De Hunter

I take Panthers in regulation – For mexample odds @1.68 don’t have any value! Just a thought…


Had a good night last night..
Stars, Caps regulation in a combo plus I straight bet both teams to win by 2.
Tonight I like:
Panthers regulation
Hawks in regulation (good value)
And a combo of both teams ML

Eduardo Caldeira

Panthers in RT
Chicago ML

And I know it’s controversial but I do like and see an under for the ducks and predators… Even if there has been lots of overs I think it’s going to be slow this time.. And I don’t like there offensives lines , these are more defensive teams but just my opinion

Hard to say who is gonna suprise tonight but Nashville could be one of them ..

Let’s see the rest is live