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Yesterday I offered up analysis of the Atlantic and Metro Division, and where things will be at the end of the season.

Today I’ll be covering the Western Conference, which of course features the Central Division and the Pacific Division.

The Pacific Division is very open.

The Canucks are top by exactly 1 point while the Oilers, Flames, Coyotes and Golden Knights are all just one point behind them.

The Central is a little less close.

Very curious to see your opinions on who will win the Pacific. We’ll be sure to run this poll in tips posts for a couple of days to get a bigger audience to vote.

Let’s get to it:

Central Division Winners Futures:

The Blues are surprisingly not as heavy favourites as you’d expect. The Capitals are bigger favourites to win the Metro than they are, and the Bruins are tied with them to win the Atlantic.

St Louis Blues 68pts (1.50)
Colorado Avalanche 62pts (4.00)
Dallas Stars 58pts (7.50)

In 2018-2019, the Jets and Preds were tied on 64pts. The Preds ended up winning by 1pt. This was the notable season where the Blues went on an incredible run, coming from 2nd last in the Central to finish tied for 2nd.

In 2017-2018, the Jets were 1 point above the Preds and 3 points above the Blues. The Blues ended up collapsing somewhat and the Preds took it by 3 points.

I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility to see a Blues collapse. However they have been doing an incredible job even while missing Tarasenko. Every time they pick up a couple of losses I think “this is it” then they go on a big winning streak again. My money would be on the Blues.

If you were wanting to bet one of the underdogs? I’d say the Avs. Of the Central they have had the toughest schedule. If you go by Power Rankings Guru, they have the easiest schedule of any team in the NHL for the remainder of the season.

Before you get too excited – the Blues have the 5th easiest schedule. These two teams play on April 4th where it could be a key game. Last time they played was January 18th and the Avs won.

I can’t personally ADVISE betting the Avs, but I do enjoy a future bet like this for entertainment purposes. It’s just one bet, and it entertains you throughout the rest of the season. That one bet on the Avs will have me cheering for them every game while rooting against the Blues. Always fun to do that.

If you want to bet the Avs, the best odds are at BetOnline..

Pacific Division Winners Futures:

Canucks 58pts (4.00)
Oilers 57pts (5.00)
Flames 57pts (4.00)
Coyotes 57pts (5.00)
Golden Knights 57pts (4.00)

In 2018-2019 it wasn’t as tight. Flames had a 6pt gap which they held onto finishing 5pts above the Sharks.

In 2017-2018, the Knights were on 68pts and kept on marching to win the division with 109 pts.

Boy is this a tight one. Any one of the 5 teams can win it. Going by strength of schedule out of those teams, the Flames have had the most difficult one but even then it is ranked the 11th easiest. They also however have the easiest schedule remaining.

Looking at games just BETWEEN these teams, here are the records for each side:

Canucks: 5-4
Oilers: 5-5
Flames: 5-4
Coyotes: 3-7
Knights: 5-3

The Flames generally seem to have been performing better with Ward in there. The Canucks are one of those teams who are actually really damn good but still hard to back. Oilers should honestly be sweeping with their quality but we know how they are. Knights are great but have goaltender issues at times. Although you could say that for most teams on here.

My money is on the Canucks. I think coming out of the break they have a good schedule. They almost immediately go on a road trip and will be geared up for that after the break. Then a long homestead before another road trip in the East. They play some difficult teams but a lot of them are at home.

What say you?

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