avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Another 1-1 night for us last night.

The Bruins were up 2-1 against the Preds but after Josi scored his 2nd of the game to tie it at 2 the Bruins seemed to give up.  The Preds dominated the 3rd and picked up the 3-2 win.  Boston only had 17 shots for the game vs the 33 the Preds had.

We had Over 5 in the Sabres vs Canucks game and this came through for us when the Canucks won 5-2.  Vrbata picked up the hat trick for the Canucks.

The other game of night saw the Colorado Avalanche beat the Minnesota Wild 2-1 in OT. Big win for the Avs against a division rival who had had their number lately.  The Wild won 4 of the 5 games they played last year and twice already this season.

We are already 1/3 of the way through the season and if you had told me that the Penguins, Lightning and Ducks would all be  out of the playoff picture at this point of the season I would have laughed in your face.

A slow night with only 3 games to a much better night tonight with 9 games. 

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Hurricanes vs Stars Betting Tips:

Well I’m sure you know already who we are going to tip for this game.

The Stars are in 1st place in the West and the league.  The Hurricanes are having troubles again this year and it’s only a matter of time until they start moving their star players onto new teams and focus on the future.

Over their last 10 meetings, the Stars are 7-3 against Carolina.  Lehtonen is expected to get the start and he’s having a great year and has had success against the Hurricanes.

Stars in regulation

Islanders vs Flyers Betting Tips:

Islanders win is the tip for this game.

Both are coming into this game after a loss after winning 4 straight.  On paper and the ice the Islanders are the better team.

The Flyers have a problem in the 1st periods of games this season getting outscored 25-12.  They’ll have the hands full tonight without Luke Schenn who will be replaced by former Isle Andy Macdonald who has spent all season in the AHL. 

Great games between these two so we will be in for a treat but I like the Islanders to pick up the win. 

Coyotes vs Blues Betting Tips:

St. Louis has owned Arizona over their last 10 gamea going 8-1-1 and have even won the last 5 meetings by a score of 20-5. 

Both teams are on a stretch of bad hockey: Coyotes on a 4 game skid the Blues a 3 game.

The Blues are the better team and they’ll look to this game to turn things around

Blues in regulation 


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My pick:
Blue Jackets, Blues, Senators and Leafs in regulation.

Mr Dj 613

Good luck
U came in last night
How much u win ?


I win nothing, because i play only in regulation.:))

Mr Dj 613

In regulation u still win money lol $ not as much

Do u just gamble online ?
What sites ?
I just play proline at the corner store lol


Winmasters and netbet. Bet 365 is banned in my country. Usually i play combos with 4 games and bet one ore two euro. Final odds somewere between 12-30. And yes, my balance is positive , i win one or two tickets per week.

Mr Dj 613

I never bet online or used theses sites
Are they easy to use ?

Any advice would help …


Yes, is easy to use.
If you don’t have patience and temperance stay away from they!:))

Mr Dj 613

Lol okay

Mr Dj 613

Advice ….
Tell me your thoughts

Mr Dj 613

I never played online so I dnt knw
Thanks bro

Any other advice ??

I’m old school that’s why I do proline lol

Mr Dj 613

Which online sites are the best?

Always Canadian funds
American ?


If you really want to win money you shouldn’t be playing proline. It’s tough enough to get 1 pick right let alone multiple. The odds they give you too are always extremely poor compared to online. Sometimes you can get as high as double the odds for a 3 team parlay online versus proline.

Mr Dj 613

But I have won $1500 in to weeks just off proline

I do max bets with 3 teams and haven’t have a issue yet

But online sounds more exciting that u brought it to my attention with the link u sent me

I have to find the time to read n learn it imma pretty busy guy !!!


Read this article on bankroll management as I talk a bunch about sportsbooks you can use there, bonuses you can claim etc. http://www.betnhl.ca/blog/no-tips-today-bankroll-management-other-topics.php

Mr Dj 613

Thanks bro !!

Jozef Štefaník

great work in last two days :), congrats

Mr Dj 613

My thoughts are gonna be:


Let’s bring home the BACON !!

Aksels Jancis

what you mean with regulation ?!

Mr Dj 613

Regulation means
A win in the 3rd period

So no over time or shoot out

Aksels Jancis



Definitely agree with the Stars. Upsets are always possible but everything goes against the Canes tonight. Playing 3/4 nights, stating Ward for the btob and a terrible road record….Isles/Flyers should be a good game but hard to call this divisional game. Hope the Isles come through for you Scott. Good luck tonight!

Eduardo Caldeira

Chicago looks also good for a win… But I would take the moneyline… Could go to OT

Nice bets, good choices for today

I recommend Betfair who does a lot of pre-live it’s a good place to get good odds also
Good luck to all


US players?

Eduardo Caldeira

Not sure because I live in Toronto but it has also currency American dollars so… I think so … It’s Betfair.com


jumped on Isles ML early for -115. They are going to eat up Flyers. Got Stars over 2.5 +140 at alt site.. my regular site had them at 3.5! Also like LAK/CBJ o5, NYI/PHL o5, Ott/FL u5, NJD/TML o5, DRW/Caps o5, AZ/STL u5.5, Canes/Stars o5.5. If you’re a big salami guy, I’d go over tonight.


just for fun, playing 1U single parlay: Isles, Stars, Blackhawks, Blues. pays about 5:1


Yeah going for Chicago as well..so far on the longest losing streak ever with the picks…think it’s like eight losses in a row…money management kicking in..

Mr Dj 613

LOL !!


Stars win in regulation.
Islanders to win.
Capitals win in regulation. Better price than moneyline, but a bit riskier imo.
Over 5 goals in the Capitals game.
Over 5.5 goals in Coyotes game.
Half unit value bet @ 2.9 on Coyotes to beat the Blues. Suppose I’m a bit biased, fan wise, but I think it’s a huge price. The Blues are a good side, but Arizona have been scoring a lot even despite their slump and the Blues have struggled a bit of late


Hi Guys!

Why dont you choose sometimes the OT?
There are so many teams, who looks like playing for that. (NYI,ANA booth previously, DET, FLA, nowdays DAL the new OT king, thats why i think a little bit risky this STARS in regulation picks)
More money, and if you check the previous weeks money line picks, you realised, its worth it 🙂

Eduardo Caldeira

Had no value with OT… Less then 1.50 in NHL is not very profitable in a long term… But it’s a choice


I mean Draw.

Eduardo Caldeira

oh ok it makes more sense but the draw is not a easy market 🙂


It’s something I have looked into over the years and have been working on a betting system for. However it’s a very high variance system and I’m yet to nail a system down where I feel confident enough about the probability. Maybe some day 🙂


Hi i play islanders Vs. Phily draw after 3 period
And same on Detroit game and godt 15 times my money back..


Thats what i’m talking. Great.
I was greedy, i picked for draw the FLA games too. That 3 was too much now.