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Hi guys,

Just a reminder for the December conest we are running – you have until just before Saturdays games to enter. If you haven’t entered yet – do that now.

For all of those who have sent in their entries and so on – the leaderboard will be updated very soon. I apologize for the delay it’s all on me – a lot of entries to add, and I’ve had a few personal things the last few days keeping me away from the computer. It should all be updated by tomorrows tips.

Also the awesome guys at Sports Interaction have added 3 $20 free bets to the contest. The top 3 people in the contest, in addition to the cash prizes, will also get a $20 free bet at Sports Interaction. There’s T&C attached to it on the aforementioned contact page, and I thank Sports Interaction for sponsoring the contest.

On that note – we’ve mentioned the free $20 bet for Canadians before at Sports Interaction. I spoke to them and it expires TONIGHT. So if you are Canadian and want that $20 free bet, CLAIM AND USE IT TONIGHT.

On that note – Sports Interaction just recently added Calder and Hart Trophy odds, and also the following props based on Brodeur:

Brodeur Goals Against Average for the season: Over/Under 2.2.
Brodeur Save Percentage for the season: Over/Under 91.
Brodeur to give up his first goal tonight.
Brodeur to get pulled in the game tonight.
Brodeur total saves tonight.

If you want to bet on all of those, head to Sports Interaction (Exclusive: $20 Free Bet for Canadians) or for Americans try out Bovada and everyone else Bet365.com..

Right let’s get to the tips – late today, sorry guys. I’ll be back in a regular routine tomorrow:

Leafs vs Devils:

With a full team, we’d still tip the Leafs over the Devils. However with Jagr and Larsson out we like the Leafs even more. Leafs match up well with the Devils and have won 5 of the last 6 encounters.

Leafs have been playing some great hockey since that Buffalo/Nashville back to back saga. That woke them up – and we love them tonight against a Devils team whose offense has been running warm and ice cold.

Take Leafs -1.5 at 2.67 odds.

Flames vs Avalanche:

After some struggles, the Flames are back on the winning track. 3 straight wins, dominant over the Coyotoes and a massive 2-0 win on the road in San Jose. We’re going to take the Flames tonight in regulation at 2.10 odds.

Blue Jackets vs Panthers:

We had a big discussion last week prior to Bobrovsky coming back. We talked about how while he won’t be winning the games on his own – he’s a huge inspiration to the team, a great leader and that will help.

He comes back, and they pick up that big win over the Panthers to snap that losing streak.

It just seems common sense to bet the Blue Jackets tonight based on that previous discussion. Forget any further analysis – we felt Blue Jackets would do better with him back(as did many) and despite the fact that they’re still ravaged with injuries – we’ll ride them tonight.

Take Blue Jackets over Panthers at 2.30 odds. That would be a great one to use the $20 free bet on.

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can i ask you, tips you’re giving us, are you playing them all together on ticket or singles? ๐Ÿ™‚


Singles. We did the math for the last couple of seasons and singles was much more profitable than when we put them in an accumulator. We’ve also messed with accumulator models before and found nothing that really worked for long term profitability due to the variance of the NHL


thanks for the reply. i’m betting for long time now and acctually i havent placed singles often, but when i count all correct picks on one ticket and one missed with zero profit, makes you think ๐Ÿ™‚
and one more question, what’s your opininon on betting on bruins tonight? ๐Ÿ™‚


Don’t just take our opinion on it – write down all your bets, write down the odds for both singles and then the accumulator odds and do the math yourself. Then you have the cold hard facts in front of you and know what’s best ๐Ÿ™‚

Need better than 2.10 odds to back the Bruins.

Shayne Durocher

when you mention this 2.1 are you doing it in a three way where you have to pick in regulation or just a straight moneyline? i’m used to american odds where 2.1 would be +110 ish


A 3-way where it has to be in regulation yeah. We do decimal odds just because that’s what the majority of our audience is used to. We’ve also got an odds converter on this page http://www.betnhl.ca/betting-odds/nhl-live-betting-odds.php

And I think you meant the Flames call. We’ll always specifiy if it’s going to be in regulation time when we provide a tip. If we don’t mention regulation time then it includes OT/shootout.

M. (Thelonious)

Hey from Spain, just want to tell you…congrats!! I really enjoy reading your opinions and other stuff from the site. Keep the good work!! Also, one little question. How do you see Blues options today? 2.3 for the ML seems like nice odds to me, despite they’re playing in Nashville where Preds looked almost invincible (but St.Louis has won the last 5 there).


I thought about the same line, but it comes down to goalie matchup for me. I don’t know what Brodeur were going to see and Pekka is just a beast right now. Just my opinion, I stayed away.

M. (Thelonious)

Yeah, you are right on that point. Brodeur’s performance should be a key point on the match. I took them, I have good feeling with that one, but the risks are there, for sure. Always nice to read different opinions, thanks.


It’s an iffy, iffy game. You just never know if Brodeur is going to gel right away etc or not – and as Flyers28 said Rinne is terrific at the moment. It’s the type of game where betting the Under is probably the best move. Of course watch it end up being an 11 goal game or something. But yeah Under 5 is what we’d recommend and 2.3 probably has some value too.

M. (Thelonious)

Thanks for the opinions! With odds at 2.00, for example, on Blues side I won’t take them. But this 2.3 is what made me took them finally, because of the value and expecting a tight match. Hope Brodeur get some help from his new partners! And now let’s see the Preds winning like 5-0 or something. By the way, I also took TML today in regulation. Seems nice and it’s great to think the same way you do about that one. Good luck!