NHL 2013 Season Betting Odds


If you’re here looking for live betting odds for the NHL, then you’ve came to the wrong place.

You can find the NHL Live Betting Odds on our Tonights Odds page.

This section of BetNHL.ca covers betting odds for NHL Futures Betting. Online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of futures betting where you can bet on the division winners, conference winners and of course the Stanley Cup winners.

Within this section we cover all of that. We provide the initial betting odds from the beginning of the season, update the odds every couple of weeks and provide analysis and tips.

NHL 2013 Stanley Cup Winners Betting Odds:

NHL 2013 Stanley Cup Betting Odds: Betting on the Stanley Cup Winners may seem like a crapshoot, but thankfully the Vegas odds make it worthwhile. The Penguins for example are priced at +700 to win, the favourites but a nice fair price. There’s always a lot of value on betting the Stanley Cup winners, with lots of great prices here.

NHL 2013 Conference Winner Betting Odds:

NHL 2013 Eastern Conference Betting Odds: With a healthy Sidney Crosby, the Penguins are the favourite to take the East at +320. However there’s a lot of value like the Bruins at +500 for example. Check out the vegas odds for the start of the season, and then see up to date odds based on current standings.

NHL 2013 Western Conference Betting Odds: The St Louis Blues are the surprise favourites to win the West, prices at +520 above the likes of the Canucks, Kings, Blackhawks and Sharks. Check out all of the latest Western Conference winner odds in that article.

NHL 2013 Division Winner Betting Odds:

NHL 2013 Atlantic Division Betting Odds: To no-ones surprise, the Penguins are the favourites to win the Atlantic Division although a good price at +150. The Rangers and Flyers are close behind with +300 odds for the Rangers and the Flyers at +375. Check out our article to see the latest betting odds for the Atlantic Division winners in 2013.

NHL 2013 Central Division Betting Odds: In this article we analyze the Central Division Vegas odds. The Blues started off the division favourites at +150, with the Blackhawks at +200 and the Red Wings at +300.

NHL 2013 Northeast Division Betting Odds: There are no bigger favourites to win their division than the Bruins, at -140 odds. The Habs and the Leafs make up the bottom, with both teams priced at a healthy +750 to win the Northeast.

NHL 2013 Northwest Division Betting Odds: Vegas think the Canucks have the Northwest wrapped up, with +100 odds. The Wild and the Oilers are next with +350 and +500 respectively, while Vegas expects another bad season for the Flames, pricing them at +1500. Read our article for all the analysis.

NHL 2013 Pacific Division Betting Odds: Vegas doesn’t have much hope in the LA Kings repeating, nor even winning the West, but they do have them as the favourites to win the Pacific at +150. Going to be a tricky division there though with the Sharks and Ducks both solid contenders.

NHL 2013 Southeast Division Betting Odds: If the Capitals would get their act together this wouldn’t even be a contest – but as it is, it’s the tightest division in the league. Just +200 separates #1 from #4 according to Vegas odds, and the Jets are the 2nd lowest underdogs at +800.

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