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If you’re looking for our daily NHL betting tips, please check out our Tonights Tips section of the website.

This section is reserved for betting tips for anything OTHER than the daily NHL tips that we provide.

What this section covers is betting tips related to NHL futures and props. Basically if you’re looking for NHL Futures Betting Tips or NHL Props Betting Tips this is the section to get it.

In each article we provide detailed analysis of these futures and props bets, along with our own betting tips.

Stanley Cup 2013/2014 Winners Betting Tips: Who will win the Stanley Cup in 2013/2014? We analyze it here, as well as provide the best betting tips.

Western Conference 2013/2014 Winners: In this article, we discuss who is going to win the Western Conference in the 2013/2014 NHL season and provide you with betting tips based on that.

Eastern Conference 2013/2014 Winners Who will win the East? We provide betting tips here and analyze the top teams.

Atlantic Division 2013/2014 Winners: Who shall win the Atlantic Division? Or who are the best bets based on the odds? We analyze it here.

Pacific Division 2013/2014 Winners: One of the tightest divisions of all, with the Kings, Canucks, Ducks and Sharks all making a play for the winner. Read our betting analysis.

Central Division 2013/2014 Winners: Stanley Cup Winners the Chicago Blackhawks are the favourites to win the Central Division. But at 1.63 odds are they worth taking? Check out our analysis, and see who we recommend as a good bet to bet on the Central Division this year.

Metropolitan Division 2013/2014 Winners: Such a stupid name.

Below are the 2013 Season articles we wrote:

Stanley Cup 2013 Winners Betting Tips: The big one – who will win the 2013 Stanley Cup in this short season? We provide a lot of betting analysis explaining all the factors you should consider, then provide our own Stanley Cup Winner Betting Tips.

Eastern Conference Winner Betting Tips: So who is going to win the Eastern Conference? We look through some of the highly touted Eastern Conference winners as well as a few underdogs and provide betting analysis and tips on each of them.

Western Conference Winner Betting Tips: And we also do the same for the Western Conference! Will the Canucks or the Blackhawks take it? Or how about the Stanley Cup 2012 winners the LA Kings? We go through the main teams and analyze their chances, as well as list the betting odds and whether they represent value.

Who Will Make The NHL Playoffs: In this article, we analyze who is going to make the NHL playoffs, and who actually represents value for betting on who will make the playoffs. There’s a couple of bridgejumper bets, but also a couple of underdog bets that represent great value.

Team Regular Season Over/Under: You can bet on whether the points total of each team will be over or under a certain point estimate. So for example – the point line of the Edmonton Oilers is set at 53.5 regular season points. You are able to bet whether they will actually get OVER 53.5 points or UNDER 53.5 points. In this article we pick some of the best bets to make for a teams regular season points amount.

Art Ross Trophy Winner Betting Tips: You can bet on who will win the Art Ross Trophy every season. In this article we look at who will put their name up with the greats like Wayne Gretzky, and pick up the Art Ross Trophy. We go with one “sure thing” bet, and then an underdog value bet that offers great odds.

Hart Memorial Trophy Winner Betting Tips: You can bet on who the winner of the Hart Memorial trophy will be online, and we’ve got together to debate on who the best bets are for this one. We’ve went with one favourite, and then one underdog who represents sick value. And that underdog? Jonathan Toews at +2000 odds, so we’re not looking too shabby there.

James Norris Trophy Winner Betting Tips: The best defender in the league gets the James Norris Memorial Trophy, and we’ve sat down to look at who the best defenders to bet on are to win the trophy, based on the betting odds.

Rocket Richard Trophy Winner Betting Tips: It’s one thing to argue about who will pick up the Rocket Richard Trophy – it’s a whole other ball game to bet on it. But that’s what you can do – put your money where your mouth is. We’ve got two recommended betting tips for you in this article.

Vezina Trophy Winner Betting Tips: So which goaltender will be picking up the Vezina trophy? In this article we task ourselves with picking a strong favourite to win and then an outside underdog to win, to help give you the best chance of winning and the best value of money.

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